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  1. Ken Shroy

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    High praise from a very good player that didn't want to see him do well. The liitle kid has IT.
  2. Ken Shroy

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Best wishes to Joe. I am deeply saddened now as my sister is in hospice dying with brain cancer at the age of 53. Very difficult for everyone.
  3. That's what I was thinking. But if he shows zip during this pre season, he's not even worthy of that for me. PS should be for guys that have a possible future and have showed SOMETHING. Don't be shocked if they IR his ass again.
  4. Man did we get lucky.
  5. Many thanks to all for their contributions on the Camp reports, especially PK. I just read it all and I am ecstatic about Sam the man. I cant remember the last time a pre-season game was so highly anticipated. Can't Wait!!
  6. Sounds about right to me Phil.
  7. Ken Shroy

    Jets Training Camp - 8/6

  8. Ken Shroy

    Jets Training Camp - 8/6

  9. Ken Shroy

    Jets Training Camp - 8/6

    Going thru progressions? Noice.
  10. No apologies. You are doing fine.
  11. I guess he was being sarc but in this day and age.......