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  1. Donnie, wait till you see the results on the field, you will go from impressed to depressed. You are correct in its flexibility though. Todd is able to allow opposing defenses to accumulate yards through the air or on the ground, depending on their desire. Good luck Donnie.
  2. He might be the greatest QB to ever play the game, but he is NOT Tom Terrific! The patent office better deny this sh*t. https://sports.yahoo.com/mets-plead-with-us-patent-office-to-deny-tom-bradys-tom-terrific-claim-034624292.html
  3. True, but I don't recall any player saying how fired up they were after a Bowles practice.
  4. The real "stunt" is that this fool is still coaching in the NFL.
  5. NFL Players want guaranteed contracts like the MLB players have, not going to happen. I don't think owners go above the 47% they are at now. Owners will throw them the marijuana bone. If the players demand either of the first 2, long stoppage.
  6. He sounds fine to me. He shouldn't take any crap from the media bitches.
  7. I think the darkside is affecting you.
  8. That's what I was wondering? Like an athletic waterboy? lol
  9. You should be celebrating today Tommy. You got rid of Mac and Lee in1 day. Jeez, you should play the lotto. lol
  10. Lee was going to cut anyway and others have said, they couldn't get any team to bite on him before the draft. Also, I think this was more from Greg Williams than Gase. Lee never did fit the GW mold. He doesn't like small cover LB'ers that can't rush the QB.
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