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  1. Chiefs sign Revis

    He will pull a hammy chasing down a WR going long within 2 games.
  2. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    Screw the Pats. I want some of these teams to beat them to help our draft position. I read that article and it's silly to think this team will even sniff the playoffs. After we get pounded by the Panthers at home you could that puppy to bed.
  3. Bowles is creating a market for Petty by not playing him because he is worried he would get injured by this porous OL. He's too important to risk. You see that Todd is a sly one eh?
  4. There a few teams that won yesterday that are now at 5 wins. I don't think we win another game. I can see us in the top 6.
  5. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Are you bored?
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    Pats are so damn lucky recovering their fumbles.
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    Now I will root big time for Da Raiders.
  8. Sunday Games Thread

    Tampa Wins.
  9. Sunday Games Thread

    Great catch. Giants will win.
  10. Sunday Games Thread

    RB for Skins is done. Knee injury. Looked very bad and carted off.
  11. Sunday Games Thread

    Exactly my point.
  12. Sunday Games Thread

    I want nothing to do with Alex Smith.
  13. Sunday Games Thread

    We are definitely moving up in draft spot today.