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  1. Ken Shroy

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    He sounds fine to me. He shouldn't take any crap from the media bitches.
  2. Ken Shroy

    Jets will fail

    I think the darkside is affecting you.
  3. Yes, but failure is always a possibility with this team. But I am hopeful.
  4. That's what I was wondering? Like an athletic waterboy? lol
  5. You should be celebrating today Tommy. You got rid of Mac and Lee in1 day. Jeez, you should play the lotto. lol
  6. Lee was going to cut anyway and others have said, they couldn't get any team to bite on him before the draft. Also, I think this was more from Greg Williams than Gase. Lee never did fit the GW mold. He doesn't like small cover LB'ers that can't rush the QB.
  7. Ken Shroy

    Mac fired!

    Glad he's gone but it would have made more sense when Bowles was cut loose. Johnsons do things bass ackwards.
  8. With all that effort Tom, you are qualified to be a GM in the XFL.
  9. Ken Shroy

    Should the NFL install a draft lottery?

    NO. I think it sux in the NBA. WORST RECORD deserves to pick 1st.
  10. I am excited for you.
  11. I don't know who thinks he's just fine. I think his record speaks for itself and he seems in over his head. Unfortunately we are stuck with him, for now. At the same time, I'm not going to whine about it every 5 minutes on here either.
  12. Ken Shroy

    DECEMBER Jets Bills game

    Probably because its the beginning of igloo season then.
  13. I believe the kid is coachable and will be a terror at some point in his career.
  14. This should be a vastly improved team in all facets. If they can learn to win early, it will pay dividends later in the year. But I really don't care that they only won 4 games last year. Bowles was awful and the team didn't know how to win. I believe between the free agency and the draft we should see a very competitive football team, winning and an outside shot at the division.
  15. Ken Shroy

    Cimini podcast

    Maybe Cimini will charge $20 per month like Francessa. I hear that's a great business model.
  16. Ken Shroy

    Jets at 23 post draft power rankings

    8-8 is best case? What's worse case? 3-13? Not shooting the messenger, just think he doesn't know what he's talking about. Which is fine because you are in good company here.
  17. Ken Shroy

    Tom Shane is dominating

    Does it count that I butt fumbled him once? I'll take it back if need be.
  18. At 6 4 275, hes a load and he moves well.
  19. Not used? lol. Try watching the video above.
  20. Ken Shroy

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    My God.
  21. Ken Shroy


    I just watched it and Bart was slamming the combine/interview process. He said that Polite has talent and he doesn't care about that, and says his numbers on the field matter more. He also said he should be hungry. It was well worth the watch as they covered the whole draft.
  22. Ken Shroy


    I thought he was advised to gain weight for the combine, but who knows.
  23. A little to early for dumb polls.

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