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    United States Coast Guard

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    Been going games since before I can remember. They will be apart of me till the day I die.
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    1999 AFC Championship game against Denver
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  1. So google the words “Dallas” and “Taco” and see what comes up. Just a thought.
  2. Mac neglected the O Line. Wait, is that not this thread?
  3. Well, there is a pretty obvious way to prove this. You take a photo this week of you holding a newspaper in one hand, and then written on the blank paper in the other hand is the “color and design philosophy” of the helmet in the other. and you just post it to this forum the moment the jets release the uniforms. That.....or you’re a filthy liar.
  4. The worst part about the patriot’s fans is they aren’t even good villans. Theyre spoiled, uneducated and don’t follow the other 3 division teams. They’re not fun to talk football with.
  5. Alright. What we know, or I as a 31 year old does anyway. Patriots Brass (Brady, Bill, Sex trafficker) hate the Jets (odd given dominance) Jets hate the Dolphins Dolphins always beat the Pats and neither have a forever burning eternal flame type of hatred. Jet fans hate the Pats Dolphin fans hate the Jets. Pats fan think Geno Smith is still our QB. Almost no no matter how we slice it Bills are nearly forgotten or not as important. Granted gentleman. I was 8 years old for the 4 peat in buffalo. But even as I watched the ESPN Doc I wasn’t nearly as enraged as watching Marino talk or a reading a patriot fluff piece. Curious as to what the men in their 40s and 50s have to say about the Bills. Could Josh Allen and Sam Darnold Stir the pot a bit? Rex tried but him fizzling out in true Rex Ryan fashion really kinda made that whatever.
  6. Very well written article. I don’t think you’ll find many that oppose it’s premise. When Maye is healthy and running around back there, on paper at least. Our defense has to be top 8. (Assuming we Draft an Edge)
  7. Big upgrade at the linebacker position. Can’t wait to see what Greg Williams can do with him.
  8. Its why they all seemingly regress. Cant sign special treatment.

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