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    Been going games since before I can remember. They will be apart of me till the day I die.
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    1999 AFC Championship game against Denver
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  1. With both first round picks next year the New York Jets should 100% draft O Line. I don’t want to hear anyone say a thing about “edge.” Tom Brady dismantled Charges dynamic edge duo in the last Super Bowl run with New England, not to mention he was able to handle Donald in the super bowl as well. Our primary success with Sanchez, a below average quarterback, was entirely based on the 2006 draft where we aggressively attacked the O Line. It made Shonne green a washout look respectable, gave Thomas Jones a career year and made Keller a threat with a threading run game. This is a passing le
  2. I thought this was about J. Cole’s upcoming tour or maybe kohl’s latest discounts, only they spelt it wrong.
  3. Glad to see you guys are open minded around here. I will as you say, “GFY.” Keep up that “community” vibe you rave about so much. As a member of the community asks that we just reel it in a bit with the posts.
  4. Maybe that’s it. Seems worse than usual, only time will tell. Im optimistic if Wilson is the real deal we won’t hear about anything other than him and drafting O Line
  5. We have to scroll though the jets forum looking for jets content. Nobody cares about the backup QBs twins, board members in the hospital can move to another section, and direct TV? JETS FORUM
  6. I know the irony is palpable. But can you guys stop with the non jets posts in the jets forum?
  7. Can’t imagine any team in the last 10 years a has been able to beat this with a younger class of CB starting on defense.
  8. Okay, but we also got their coach fired. Which led to the hiring of Adam Gase which got him national attention and eventually ended with us hiring him. We started our own demise really.
  9. This is weird. Has nothing to do with “feelings” the nfl has a money tree to protect. They players negotiated the commish’s right to levy punishment without legal precedent. Deflate gate covered this pretty well. Remember when he suspended Brady for 4 games? No law was broken.
  10. I think it’s the cap space gained by his release. We’d free up 10Mil and likely prorate or structure the JuJu deal in a ways whic my it gives us more flexibility for players who can offer depth at our weaker positions. Another option is we could deal crowder for a 5th and use that as ammo to move up.
  11. You say that. But IMAGINE we traded for him and a few days later this Bomb dropped!?
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