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  1. Okay, but we also got their coach fired. Which led to the hiring of Adam Gase which got him national attention and eventually ended with us hiring him. We started our own demise really.
  2. This is weird. Has nothing to do with “feelings” the nfl has a money tree to protect. They players negotiated the commish’s right to levy punishment without legal precedent. Deflate gate covered this pretty well. Remember when he suspended Brady for 4 games? No law was broken.
  3. I think it’s the cap space gained by his release. We’d free up 10Mil and likely prorate or structure the JuJu deal in a ways whic my it gives us more flexibility for players who can offer depth at our weaker positions. Another option is we could deal crowder for a 5th and use that as ammo to move up.
  4. You say that. But IMAGINE we traded for him and a few days later this Bomb dropped!?
  5. I would rather pay JuJu, taking the known quantity at the position vs a rookie who has to learn. Save 23 for OL or CB
  6. Don’t pictures of Tom Brady in a Buccaneers Jersey count
  7. If Jimmy G was the QB yesterday they don’t play because they have a bye
  8. 12 years Active today. Appreciate the post!
  9. So google the words “Dallas” and “Taco” and see what comes up. Just a thought.
  10. Mac neglected the O Line. Wait, is that not this thread?
  11. Well, there is a pretty obvious way to prove this. You take a photo this week of you holding a newspaper in one hand, and then written on the blank paper in the other hand is the “color and design philosophy” of the helmet in the other. and you just post it to this forum the moment the jets release the uniforms. That.....or you’re a filthy liar.
  12. The worst part about the patriot’s fans is they aren’t even good villans. Theyre spoiled, uneducated and don’t follow the other 3 division teams. They’re not fun to talk football with.
  13. Alright. What we know, or I as a 31 year old does anyway. Patriots Brass (Brady, Bill, Sex trafficker) hate the Jets (odd given dominance) Jets hate the Dolphins Dolphins always beat the Pats and neither have a forever burning eternal flame type of hatred. Jet fans hate the Pats Dolphin fans hate the Jets. Pats fan think Geno Smith is still our QB. Almost no no matter how we slice it Bills are nearly forgotten or not as important. Granted gentleman. I was 8 years old for the 4 peat in buffalo. But even as I watched the ESPN Doc I
  14. Very well written article. I don’t think you’ll find many that oppose it’s premise. When Maye is healthy and running around back there, on paper at least. Our defense has to be top 8. (Assuming we Draft an Edge)
  15. Big upgrade at the linebacker position. Can’t wait to see what Greg Williams can do with him.
  16. Its why they all seemingly regress. Cant sign special treatment.
  17. He’s got all the tools.
  18. That’ would be sick! 3 1st round draft picks all from the same QB Class in the same division. talk about instant rivalry.
  19. I’m old enough to remember when Matt Sims was like 34 for 40 against the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth pre season game.
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