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  1. Oh, God. I shake my head every time I hear that hahaha. Anyways, all sillyness aside, good luck to you guys. Hope you enjoy the game. And those of you who are coming to the game/are already in Cincy, don't stay too long. This city is ****ing depressing. I'm only 20, but I cannot wait to graduate and get outta here haha Good luck to you fellas and good night. Gonna try to catch some sleep before I wake up all nervous as **** tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, our O is pretty bad this year. Kind of sucks to see a talent like Carson get wasted by this organization. They've been able to click it on when it really matters though. I have complete faith in this team if we need to score near the end of the 4th quarter. I forget that stupid nickname they gave us early in the season, but we've definitely pulled some rabbits out of the hat on O. And don't underestimate Andre Caldwell. he's disappeared the past couple of weeks, but he is the one who got open and won our first Ravens and Steelers games for us.
  3. Throwaway games aside, you haven't beat a winning team since week 2. I could go all night, DarkLady. haha
  4. I click it off before I get on the internet. haha. You guys are actually a good group of fans on this board. If you DO beat us, let me tell ya, I'll be rooting for ya against the...Colts? Would it be the Colts? Being about an hour and a half or so away from Indy, it kind of sucks how many fairweather fans in Cincy I've seen become Colts fans overnight. I guess 20 years of suck will do that to a fanbase.
  5. you know what we have?

    Wrong I am, Jetsfan. You win this one, buddy.
  6. Which is why you'd think your fanbase would stop jerking off so hard to that game's footage. We don't get dominated up front. Like I said, you don't go undefeated in the AFCN by being a bunch of pussies.
  7. you know what we have?

    Home team is basically spotted 3 points. Even matchup according to them.
  8. Nobody said to "fear" us. The Steelers and Ravens both have more impressive victories than you though. It's silly to say one is stupid and that the other are pussies. I could easily post something about your team. We swept our division. You lost to the Dolphins twice and the Bills once. The Bengals tied with the Saints and Colts for the league lead in "quality wins". You don't scare us, either. Our run D is stout and has been all year. Shut that down, and you have nothing.
  9. you know what we have?

    I'm at a Jets message board. One of the better ones I've looked at. I'm not going to be "excited" on here. I will be drunk as hell at the game tomorrow, of course. Not unruly, of course. I wouldn't be surprised if we lost though. 20 years since a playoff victory kind of throws those sort of expectations at ya. I'm just proud of our guys for holding on with the type of rough season they've been having, ya know? I didn't know the ESPN picks were like that though. My bad. All I saw today were the SI ones and Bill Simmon's picks at ESPN (which I enjoyed haha).
  10. You guys don't like em either? Ugh..don't even get me started.
  11. It was a Super Bowl year for us when it originated. Um...sorry? And 2nd playoff appearance since then. Sad, isn't it? Nobody is acting like we're a "dominant force". We've played good football this year when its mattered, however. You don't go 6-0 in the AFC North by being a bunch of pussies.
  12. I liked the Jets before this week. Your players remind me of the Steelers after this week, however. Not a good thing. I like how your coach has handled the team the last few weeks, though. Nice playoff push. I'm hoping for a good game. I'll be there in the cold.
  13. Who Dey- 1981 Who Dat- 1983 Try again
  14. Yeah, my smileys are rather lacking. I apologize.