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  1. B4 calling it a gimmick offense so read the link at the top and you clearly wrong...it even gives u scenerios againt diff defense and all so b4 you try to rip the post read all the info And this was jus an idea to be honest with you im a sanchez fan and think he will do great this yr but it was jus an idea i had after teading that magic 3 article and thoight it would work great with tebow bc besides the 3 te having mismatches you now also have tebow who you have to account for which ypu will wear the defense dwn fast
  2. http://footballtimes.org/Article.asp?ID=218 Forgot to put the link n iphone doesnt show edit feature
  3. Read this article written about the 3te offense and its benefits
  4. Some team would give a mid round pick for holmes without a doubt...look at mike wallace asking for fitzgerald money???holmes and his contract is better then mike wallace ssking to be paid like fitz
  5. If anyone can make an offense like that run smooth it would be sparano and tebow...the jet love to be different and that would def. be different.. Positives would be -controlling the ball for longer times(taking the gsme out of the opposing qb.s hands -olinen love to run block so they would love that style of offense -also i do not know how any team would prepare for something like that and we never threw the deep ball with sh*tty shot wen he was here so y start now
  6. Thank you..i thought it was a good IDEA bc everyone pn this board always has something to say about holmes and sanchez and how they suck and now with tebow coming to ganggreen they say he cant pass but hes a winner,he finds a way to win..if u have him behind center with a beefed up oline and 3 TEs(like our favorite man bill b does over on the darkside with his 3 te sets)then jus let tebow make it happen like hes playing for the gators..with the 3 TE sets teams will load up the box snd then you have mismatches with size and strength where tebow can hit them on slants and comeback routes with one reciever running a deep route that can be hit every once and a while
  7. The jets say they want to ground and pound so how about this idea.. -trade sanchez for picks -trade holmes for picks -'no real need for a dominate recieve we can get young guys who r fast and can produce yards after the catch -those two moves will free up money to bulster the offensive line - start tebow Run an offense strictly with ground an pound and short routes that tebow can make the passes.. Run all power run formation with tebow having the option to run hand off or make the pass to the short routes.you can line up with 3 TE on the field at once. heres a link to an article about the 3 TE offense.its a good read so check it out. http://footballtimes.org/Article.asp?ID=218 (first post but ive been lurking for years)
  8. all i have to say is i hope the terminator gets into the game sometime tonight and hits little rayray right in the chin
  9. today is saint paddys dday ive been drinking since 9 thios morning and i come home to this newsss fomaminallllllllllllllllllllll
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