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  1. If Rex thinks that he can be a scary elephant backer, I believe him. Even if he cannot cover well immediately, which we do not know because he was never asked to really do that at SMU, despite having some workout numbers that suggest he may be able to. Margus Hunt has every single tool you would want in a pass rusher except experience. We can mold this guy into anything. Also, if we do intend on playing more 4-3 this year to mask our linebackers, having Hunt on the other side of Coples, with Wilkerson moved inside, is very formidable. I know DL is not really an area where we need to spend an early pick, but there is a good chance that he is the best player available at our second round spot...I would be excited about Margus Hunt.
  2. This is a very solid RB draft class. There are at least 6-7 RBs that will be taken between rounds 2-4 that can really help bolster our running game. Right now my RB rankings are: Bernard, Lacy, Franklin, Michael, Bell, Davis.
  3. We will be better for losing him. We probably get a decent comp pick for him. Our running game will also remain at least the same without him by simply spreading his carries out to Powell, McKnight, and likely drafted RB. Shonn Greene was an interesting thumper when he first came in the league, but the explosive runs dried up quickly and his failure to break tackles as a power runner was alarming at best. He was just another guy Rex pimped to try and raise morale.
  4. If we are tanking for anything we are tanking for Teddy Bridgewater. He is going to be the best QB in next year's draft. If you are a team without a QB, us, you cannot pass on a QB in a tank year. We can try and improve the rest of the roster as best we can via the draft, but until we square away the QB position it is all window dressing.
  5. I don't know how I am overstating how bad they are going to be. Our schedule should be at least as difficult as this year, probably harder, and our roster is not going to be as good. Unless you are expecting huge contributions from a ton of rookies, probably unrealistic, I do not see how you can think this team will be more talented than last year. We do not have any receivers under contract that scare anyone, and Holmes may be gone. We have no safeties under contract that have proven anything at this level. We do not have any OLB under contract. We have no Guards under contract except Ducasse. We have no cap space to fill this holes. And that says nothing about our QB situation, which is unarguably one of the worst in the sport. The Pats will be good again, the Dolphins will be better than last year, and the Bills will be the Bills. We are not winning more than 6 games next year, and if that is the case we might as well win 3 or 4 and get our QB of the future.
  6. Darrelle Revis should be a Jet for life. He should take a contract that pays him the highest salary of any CB in the league for 4 years at mostly guaranteed money. His leverage with over the Jets is not nearly as strong as it has been in the past. He is coming off a major injury, and the secondary did not completely disintegrate without him last year. If the Jets aren't going to give him the $16 million per that he wants, which we won't, no one else is going to either. His asking price is going to have to come down if he plans on playing this season. 4 years at $12.5, mostly guaranteed will get a deal done tomorrow, and it is more than reasonable for both sides.
  7. We are tanking next year anyway, who really cares? This is more about Teddy Bridgewater than anything else.
  8. If Tom Brady is willing to take a less than market value deal, Revis should drop this vanity project of his. This isn't entirely apples and oranges when Revis is arguing that his play transcends the pay rate of his position and directly correlates his value on defense to a QB on offense; which is of course ridiculous. Revis should come back to the Jets and take their, I'm sure more than reasonable, offer. If Revis is willing to be the highest paid CB in the league for the next 4 years with mostly guaranteed money, we have a deal tomorrow. This $16 million stuff is what is driving all of the madness, and surely created the trade posturing by the Jets. Revis wants to be paid this offseason, so he has insurance against injury this coming year, and the Jets want to be able to put together a semi-responsible cap situation once again. Revis and Cromartie can both fit on this team if we trim the right kind of fat and hit in the draft. Next year is not a playoff year, but if we are able to land a QB in the next 2 years with a rebuilt roster we can be good again with Revis in his prime.
  9. I am pretty positive that the Eagles are going to keep their pick at 4 and draft an OT. The proposal in this thread is not the worst I have seen for Revis, but doesn't really satisfy the Eagles needs at this point. They need help on the O-Line or their entire season is going to crumble once again.
  10. I like the idea of a trade down, but I don't know how much interest we will be able to generate at 9. Most teams that try to trade back into the top 10 are looking for a QB, and I don't see one that a team would cherish enough to pull the trigger on a deal. Another 2nd rounder sounds great, but we are going to be in a spot where a terrific player is on the board when we pick...
  11. Osi has been terrifyingly overrated for years. Color me uninspired with the idea of turning a 10 year 4-3 DE into a 3-4 OLB, especially when you consider that he isn't going to make nearly what he wants...
  12. I don't remember ever watching an OG have as much of an impact on an offense as Warmack had for this Alabama team. He was by far the best player on the field in BCS National Championship game. We are rebuilding next year anyway. Fixing the offensive line needs to be done no matter who the QB is. This is our best shot at having a real game changing OL in the near future when you consider our cap situation, and all the resources we will need to allocate to skill position guys...
  13. To get his awful cap number off the books. If we somehow unloaded Harris and Revis, we would be looking at the mother load of cap space; more holes to fill though...
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