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  1. I thought he took big strides last year. He was completely lost in his rookie year, but by the end of last year he was playing pretty well. Not everyone can be Revis, I still believe that Wilson will be a starting caliber CB in the near future; which is pretty cool when you think about our future at the position...
  2. In this case, the Jets are being very quiet. Since we have reports of Dr. James Andrews claiming his knee is fine, I am hopeful that this is a conditioning issue. They have been very careful to not say anything since the trade isn't official yet, but if he flunked the knee part of the physical I bet we would have sent him back already. They are probably trying to prevent a media storm by pretending that he isn't just fat.
  3. Isn't the conditioning drills part of the physical?
  4. While I will admit that I have not seen enough of Powell to know that he can't play, I have seen enough of Cedric Benson to know that he can. I don't know about you guys, but I am not comfortable at all with the idea that we are basing the offense in the hands of Shonn Greene; a man who has yet to remain healthy throughout a season.
  5. I just want to go back to the days of Shonn Greene pounding on tired defenses in the second half. With Benson slamming people as well, both back are likely to remain relatively fresh throughout the year. We still have plenty of cap space remaining to make a play for Benson. I question who else is available at this point that can potentially help us as much as Cedric Benson.
  6. I've gotta say, other than drafting Stephen Hill, this has been my favorite move of the offseason.
  7. That is great for him, but there is a reason why no one has offered him more than the vet minimum. I think we are quietly in a nice position to steal this guy with a 1 year, $2.5 mil type of offer. If we are really building our offensive strategy around the running game, it is essential that we have more than one truly credible RB.
  8. No way he beats out a healthy Otah, but if he does god bless him. Not going to happen though. Sounds like this deal is contingent on Otah passing a, likely quite rigorous, physical.
  9. I have not been a big fan of him for a while, but adding him to a backfield of Greene, McKnight, and Tebow is a very intriguing proposition. His market is reportedly pretty dry. If we can get him cheap, and still be able to sign a half-way decent blocking TE, WE ARE READY FOR WAR!
  10. This has the potential to be a huge move. If healthy, we have a young run blocking RT to add to our young core of O-Lineman. Anything that credibly makes Wayne Hunter our 6th lineman is good in my book.
  11. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm over Jim Leonhard. I get that he was a cerebral player, but having two white safeties back there used to drive me nuts. We will not be worse off for having more athleticism and size back there.
  12. I didn't initially want Benson because I hate starting caliber running backs who do not average 4 ypc, but seeing how his market has really dried up is intriguing. If we can get him on the cheap, I feel a lot better about our traditional style running game. I don't love either Greene or Benson, but together they combine for one at least half-way decent back. Also, I am terrified of how vulnerable we become with a Greene injury as currently constituted. This lengthens out our RB depth, and keeps question marks on the sideline. This is the biggest, still fixable, concern I have with the roster. I think we can easily find a quality blocking TE on the cheap when camp cuts come.
  13. I love that no one is giving us any chance this year. I really thought that New England played well above their talent level last season. We, and the rest of the league, will be better prepared for their TE's this coming season, and 13-3 won't come as easily. Barring injury, I do not see why the Jets defense isn't near the top of the league this year. Also, we turned the ball over like a bunch of drunkards last season. I think that with the addition of Stephen Hill we will finally have a player that can legitimately spread out defenses and keep Safeties out of the box. We will be very interesting this year if we can average 24 or so points a game. I think we go 10-6 and duke it out for the wildcard. As for the Bills, color me unimpressed. I know they spent a lot of money this offseason, but other than Mario Williams (who we have successfully blocked in the past) there is little about that defense that scares me, and it isn't as though Ryan Fitzpatrick has done much against our defense in the past...
  14. This would only have been a story if he decided not to go. Probably would have been more productive if he had just gone to the OTAs instead of Germany...
  15. You guys are really ridiculous sometimes. How anyone can look at anything said in this interview as anything but a positive baffles me. Sanchez was stuck in the stupidest offense ever, with marginal weapons, got the sh*t beat out of him. He hasn't made excuses, just observations. Sanchez is still young and has a chance to be a good player in this league.
  16. Vegas has our o/u line at 8.5 wins. I think that we safely go 9-7, unless you believe that the Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez thing completely blows up in our face. I do not foresee that happening, and I actually think that Tebow will be a big positive for Sanchez as far as providing an everyday push. Who knows...
  17. Roger has way too much power if he can suspend Ellis transgressions committed prior to his time in college, particularly if he has already served what society has deemed an appropriate punishment...
  18. On what basis can he suspend Ellis? I know that Pryor was suspended last season for violations committed during his collegiate years, but this is a much different situation. Pryor was being suspended by the league for blatantly trying to circumvent a punishment already handed down by the NCAA. Ellis never even had his day in court, he took the plea deal before then, and he is actually serving his penalty to society...
  19. I think that the Jets are quietly jumping through hoops at this ruling. The only reason he was on the board in the third round was this assault charge hanging over his head. Having this situation done and finished by the time training camp rolls around is a win for all parties; except perhaps Ellis who actually has to do the time...
  20. As much as I want to make Cromartie baby momma jokes...This is serious and should be treated as so. I hope all parties that need help seek it.
  21. Lol. I hope that this kid realizes that the light needs to turn on now. If he still can't pick up the blitz, we can always find another kick returner...
  22. We still have cap space. Training camp isn't around the corner just yet, and it isn't as though anyone else is really coming off the board right now...I still think, in the end, we sign Vernon Carey and a Safety.
  23. I think that we will see him move around this season, to get him more snaps, but his eventual every down position is Bart Scott's...
  24. In any other year I would view this as a positive, but with a brand new system being put in place I think that outweighs the continuity aspect.
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