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  1. ^Yeah, they really need some new designers... this things suck.
  2. 0, I was watching the movie Big Fan and when it was over I came to the site and it was back.
  3. Yeah I'd probably be interested in that but like I stated all I can work with right now is a trade.
  4. GoNY525


    I'm going to withhold extreme judgement for now but the first 4 episodes haven't hooked me.
  5. I'm offering a Size 44(which is basically a medium) Home New York Yankees CC Sabathia authentic jersey for trade. In return I am looking for a Jets replica jersey size M, preferably a Revis but I'd take a Sanchez or Greene and something additional. The Sabathia jersey is a legit authentic, not the cheap ebay crap and has the 2009 Yankee Stadium Inaugural season patch on it. I can provide pics of any part of the jersey if anyone is interested. Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in, please move it if so. Reason I am trying to trade is because I don't have money to buy a jersey so this is my best option.
  6. That's awesome... wonder why it took this long?
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