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  1. As an LSU fan I can say that the talent he has been given made him look really good and probably maxed his stock the last couple years.. He came in 2011 and inherited the best punter and returner in the country that year. Not saying he won't be good but their are a lot of unknowns about the guy from looking at his career at LSU
  2. Probably would be best...they got 2 or 3 TEs that should be pretty good.. Personally I like the guy from Washington but he had a DUI and missed games this season could drop to the 2nd rd too..could draft Ebrom from North Carolina too he is a projected 1st rd
  3. That's tough man I don't think you can go wrong with either one of them both are really solid and will be good pros
  4. No I've stood next to Jarvis more than one time he is 5'11" at best... Idk who we could pick up at 18 if those 3 are gone.. Maybe draft another offensive need and try to get him Odell beckham or kelvin Benjamin a 6'5 wr from fl state in the 2nd rd...
  5. I watched every LSU game... The guy is gritty has a lot of heart Runs good routes and has great hands the only thing that concerns me is his height... Could be a mini Steve smith probably will better than kerley. But I'm not sure if we need a small receiver since we already have one I feel like we need big targets
  6. The real question is will they keep him... I don't think they will and it's a mistake bc there is no one that would do better that we can get
  7. He deserves another year with offensive talent around geno
  8. That's cool You from New York? I'm from Baton Rouge and have been a jets fan since a kid and I don't know why....
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