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  1. Now there's nothing to compete with the Manning ball washing, though.
  2. I hate that. These BS rules favoring the passing game have ruined the game, IMO.
  3. I'm sure Fatcesspool will say the Colts got lucky breaks with Feely missing those 2 FG's, right? I mean, he's completely objective like that, right?
  4. We thought this after we lost to Denver too, one blown Achilles later, it was SOJ. Until this franchise proves it's not cursed, I'm gonna think the worst.
  5. Turning point was only getting 3 from that fumble towards the end of the 2nd quarter
  6. Is it too much to ask for one of my teams to win a ****ing championship once? Jesus!
  7. Hear, Hear. During the rebroadcast of SBIII last night, Snell was definitely the MVP over Namath. But let's face it, SB MVP is always a popularity contest.
  8. Even if we lost the popular vote, we can win in the electoral college
  9. Ok, so I'm a displaced NYer living in the DC Suburbs. Last Sunday morning, for breakfast, I went and got half a dozen donuts at this homemade donut place near me. The guy behind the counter had a Jets hat on, so, being as psyched as I was for the game, I struck up a convo. I took it as a good omen. The week before, for the Bengals game, I didn't get donuts. Here's the question: Donuts or no?
  10. I hear ya. Last weekend was awful having the last game of the weekend. I'm already getting antsy at work, I can't really concentrate. I'm checking Newsday, the Post, Daily News, ESPN, JN, JetsBlog, etc. all day. The only downside is if they lose, I'll be in no mood to watch the next game. Hell, if they win, I might be too psyched to sit down and watch a game.
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