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  1. F him F you F my 3rd grade teacher F my neighbor F the government F Aunt Barbara
  2. Holy **** the loser doesn’t get credit for hitting on one or two productive mid rounds picks while squandering every top pick and sh*tting the bed in free agency. Just stop. You’re grandmother could have done better closing her eyes and playing pin the tail on draft picks. The guy was a ******* loser
  3. Yep, been saying that forever. Not even meaning to be a knock. He’s a legit asset. But he’s been trying to do the Jets #1 thing for too long
  4. Finally draft premier QB prospect....ruin him within two years....NY Jets
  5. It’s just not gonna happen it’s not his thing. My main gripe about Anderson but it is what it is w him.
  6. Let me start by saying, I hate the Jets. But you are on some different kind of mental hate plain, like it’s so dark and cold and bitter where you are. The birds have all dropped from the sky, an angel is crying, the sea’s turned red...
  7. Spending big money on any vet back is and always will be a waste maybe unless you’re a SB contender w a missing piece. Maccagnan was a hack
  8. Liked him didn’t love him, but loved the lefty bat
  9. On a somber note the Johnson’s are still somewhat young
  10. Only weird thing about this team is they might not have a lefty bat the whole lineup. Stanton is the biggest cock block ever, Id be willing to give up a couple proper prospects to unload him west somewhere. 2020 should be Frazier’s time imo...even tho, still righty bat. Sign Smoak at first?
  11. Some people are weird as sh*t with the threads they come up with
  12. I “pounded the table” for Mark Andrews just saying. Actually I only posted like once or twice the Jets should draft him but still
  13. You have now just crossed over into, the Twilight Zone

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