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  1. The NFL has a big problem

    It's literally unwatchable for me. No joke. Even the Jets games I actually watch. I almost feel bad for people who still take it seriously. It's like borderline WWF but without the funny characters.
  2. The NFL has a big problem

    True story. i watch zero NFL now unless it's just happens to be on in the background. I do still watch Jets games but can't say I really care about it too much. I try to still watch some college football but nothing close to what I used to fantasy football is a nice distraction from real things so although I don't play I get why people do. It's also the only reason the NFL is still relevant imo
  3. Because Misery Loves Company...

    I remember when half this board was partying at 4 wins. I think some of you were even brash about it. It was adorable.
  4. But those 6 wins will be such pure gold. And that time the whole D danced on the field. It's so awesome being a real fan.
  5. Tampa game HUGE test

    shivers down my spine so exciting
  6. The Walking Dead

    did the new season start? I don't even know. my god what happened to this show
  7. I'm holding off judgment on this pick for a few more years. I want to see what QB they draft this year and how he compares to the Watson's etc a couple years from now...along with how Adams develops.
  8. Petty starting = 0-8 jets

    He's just adorable.
  9. Petty starting = 0-8 jets

    Kevin is the cutest poster in JN
  10. 3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    Shoulda been 1-6 F this team.
  11. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Every time Kevin posts I want to pinch his cheeks and baby talk him.
  12. Whatever Youre being duped. Just bc some people are seeing what's blatantly obvious, that the league and sport is a joke, don't get mad or throw sarcasm at No Bowles. Gambling, Fantasty Football, and the general population that loves their routines is the only reason why the NFL is still relevant
  13. Even when I try and watch other games that I don't care about it, 10 minutes in and it's just completely dictated by penalties. I genuinely just don't care anymore.
  14. This is why I don't care anymore. I still watch Jets games but don't watch any other NFL anymore. I'm close to giving up on the whole thing. I seriously don't put any energy into it anymore.