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  1. I don’t like you. you don’t like me. we’re cool just not engaging with each other.
  2. Joe Douglas is not Jesus. Joe Douglas is not the greatest magician to ever live. ...the rest we’ll have to wait and see since the dude just took over the titanic
  3. Gase is a Bonafide turd. Nobody likes him, including his wife and kids, except you.
  4. I heard TOm is the overweight UPS driver who has his own show.
  5. Will win 3 out of final 4 games after 2-10 start book it friend
  6. I like, Sever for Trevor with some emo bitch crying In the background
  7. Why are we giving him the cool initials/nickname? It’s Chris Johnson, rich silver spooned nerd without a clue. Chris. Johnson.
  8. Nor wins. Perfect microcosm for Jets fans
  9. OMG really???? Really? Yes dude, them AND 90% of the population knew Gase sucked before his giant psycho eyed acceptance speech. They get zero points

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