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  1. I’m hoping single digits. They look cooler to me
  2. Does Sauce have a number yet? Gonna get one for my son.
  3. So they ended up with arguably the #1 TE in the draft too? https://sports.nbcsports.com/2022/04/14/chris-simms-2022-nfl-draft-tight-end-rankings-why-ohio-states-jeremy-ruckert-is-the-top-te/
  4. They arguably got the best RB, WR, CB and edge rusher in the draft. Damn
  5. Dude…they had an all timer and blew it every single year
  6. They honestly don’t deserve to win a SB…ever. It’s embarrassingly almost mathematically impossible to be this bad at the NFL draft
  7. This is weird. but the Jets just had an amazingly good draft
  8. Ravens are the luckiest + coolest draft team Packers are the team you hope never wins another super bowl for eternity type of draft team
  9. The Packers are legit the worst organization in football. They’re so bad. I can’t even lol
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