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  1. Ray Lucas bothers me too, but not to the point that he makes the show unwatchable. But I find him annoying. I love listening to Bart Scott on football however. Glad he’s joining.
  2. I flexed my biceps when I read that too.
  3. HessStation

    Stephan A Smith: Don’t Jinx Sam Darnold

    Oh that was probably offensive, sorry to all fat people abound
  4. HessStation

    Stephan A Smith: Don’t Jinx Sam Darnold

    It’s like a fat chick party. At least she’s got big boobs
  5. HessStation

    Stephan A Smith: Don’t Jinx Sam Darnold

    They all have a schtick, it’s the same one. It’s a competition who can create the most drama we all feed into to create ratings/revenue. You actually help them by talking about how much you hate them. Why doesnt everyone understand this? That said Stephen’s characature is at least sorta humorous sometimes. Imo
  6. HessStation

    OL Ben Ijalana Out for Season

    All I care about is Darnold here. If they have a 3rd string or guy off the street playing LT I’d rather them not play the future franchise qb, ready or not
  7. I have anxiety about him getting hurt. That's about it.
  8. He's probably not on the spectrum though.
  9. What I’m saying is Both McCown and Bridgewater are great mentor/peers for Darnold, so keeping both will be great for his development. I’ll agree if they could actually get a 2nd for Bridgewater that’d be great but not probable
  10. Not to mention Bridgewater is beloved by his coaches and teammates, let that type of attitude influence rub off on Darnold for a yr. based solely on Darnolds development alone, I’d keep Bridgewater and McCown on the team vs a late rd pick
  11. I’d rather Bridgewater for a yr as a relevant back up w the small chance he’d resign given there wouldn’t be teams offering him a starting job next yr vs a 5th rounder and him not on the roster this yr.
  12. Would love if they stopped w the trade talk. If Darnold starts, they still need a good back up in Bridgewater and regardless of the 10MM McCown is there to coach/mentor/groom.
  13. HessStation

    And the 1st QB goes down (not Jets)

    How does that happen? You’d think they wouldn’t let anyone in a 5 yd radius of him
  14. Meh every team does this, only difference is they at least get 1 or 2 right out of the 20...