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  1. I thought he was gonna be an awesome hire but apparently very wrong
  2. I said it a few times in game thread but the NFL should trade the Jets to the XFL
  3. I’m always digging this idea in a lost season w a long term rebuild…ie every Jets season
  4. That 3rd and 8 dump to the RB where Mims knew it was a dump barely ran the route and was still wide open w the punt= Fu k you pussies w no balls or heart
  5. Davis, Mims, Moore. But OC wants guys who know playbook over skill hence how you get Mike White as the back up
  6. Apparently so did the Jets. Fwiw not saying a vet back up per se but at least make the young back up exciting. Mike White starting for Maine is questionable
  7. Holy **** these announcers!!!!!! They were down by 24 points you dumb ****s. Stfu already
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