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  1. Guessing Lebron wishes he stayed in the East
  2. I’d really like to see the retro 80’s Green ones.
  3. Weird how Giannis wrecked his knee, that looked horrible, and they just sorta let him walk off the court with barely any help. Like dude is an MVP of the NBA and 3 weak ass trainers just letting him walk off the court like that? Just seemed weird to me
  4. Also, I gave up on the NBA and the reg season is impossible to watch but I’m enjoying the playoffs. Also, Utah got the dopest uni’s and home court in basketball
  5. Watching Bruce Brown singlehandedly lose the game for the Nets tonight was interesting
  6. Life is an irrational exuberance
  7. That’s awesome 80!!!! and yes, verified
  8. It’s astounding. His well runs deep.
  9. Lebron would have maybe one championship if he played in Jordan’s era and went to college plus Jordan would be 7 for 7 if he didn’t want to go play baseball
  10. Takes himself out w 7 min left down at home in an elimination game then turns it over and misses layup in the clutch. Space Jam 2 should go over well..
  11. Don’t listen to me but I think Ethereum is the best crypto bet
  12. What? I advised to buy at $9-$10 and at worst case (ie if someone was nervous about it)...it’s a $15-20 summer stock, post shorting/manipulation and in case of the anomaly that it doesn’t squeeze.... Which it hasn’t even done yet. This is FOMO and shorts ie Citadel hasn’t covered.
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