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  1. If he was a second round pick he’d already have a shrine. Maye is also pretty nasty btw. That draft was frustrating but at least both players are good.
  2. Agreed. I don’t mind ex players having a bias for their former team. They should it’s only natural imo. Nantz is nauseating
  3. The game wasn’t even fun to watch at the end. Complete crapshoot sh*tshow based ticky tack bullsh*t calls ...the refs are horrible
  4. He’s probably worth a 3rd or 4th so if you can get someone big eyed and desperate enough...
  5. Fales has a noodle arm too Then they should have just forfeited the game
  6. I don’t think Fales is necessary a better QB than Falk but just a better, safer option at the moment.
  7. Me too. Thought he’d make a good back up but to be fair, the moron Gase gave Darnold all the first string reps last week, Falk was/is basically a rookie with no first string reps and a sh*t offense w a sh*t HC. still might make for a nice journeyman back up NFL QB, which was always best case scenario.
  8. I’ve watched probably about 2.5 quarters of NFL total so far this year. Mostly was just in the background I’d pop my head up at some point every time and say this is sh*t and change the channel.

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