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  1. No but seriously I hate this team
  2. I'm the jilted lover whom, well, **** this organization I'll believe it when I see it. But I'm also a whore who will gladly take them back into my arms if God forbid they ever get their sh*t together. Until then...I still love them, but I hope they die
  3. Getting that 5th win could be a real disaster

    I mean, I'm pretty sure I don't.
  4. Getting that 5th win could be a real disaster

    I don't think I even care anymore.
  5. This is getting ridiculous

    Together in chorus F THE NFL FOREVER
  6. Have we seen Petty's ceiling?

    No but I don't think his ceiling is winning any Super Bowls either sooooooo yeah. Shots anyone?
  7. This is getting ridiculous

    Follow me to Graceland. To a better world beyond the valley. F the NFL. Be done with it forever.
  8. This is getting ridiculous

    Join me brothers. F the NFL
  9. Goodell earning that $50 Mil

    I actually stopped watching. It's the first full game besides Jets I had watched all year too. So much for that attempt
  10. Nick foles?

    You love rooting for mediocrity
  11. And you know how I knew this. YouTube yo. Truth
  12. Coulda just drafted him like I told them to. He'd be throwing to Cooks right now. HS for GM yo.
  13. Thoughts

    Yeah, similar to Norman Bates as a hotel concierge.
  14. Thoughts