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  1. Your starting front 4 are all 300 lb DTs, the WRs are paper thin and OL is mediocre. 1 starting caliber Cb. Good job w the roster Maccagnan.
  2. HessStation

    Takeaways from this draft so far

    Gettleman is the worst GM in the league
  3. Hi all, been a while. This is why I don’t bother with this sh*t anymore. K thx bai
  4. Man that’s some stupid looking sh*t but I don’t think I even care too much anymore. Pink’s cool. Whatever
  5. HessStation

    Robert Quinn to be released.

    But that wasn't the scenario. He said if they signed him it would be for depth. 😂
  6. HessStation

    Robert Quinn to be released.

    depth? How does Robert Quinn not start and become the most immediate best pass rusher on the team?
  7. HessStation

    Jets suck

    It’s like this guy reads my mind
  8. HessStation


    Glad to still see this on page 1 f that guy
  9. He’s frustratingly at times but he’s a solid #2 for a couple more years. Underwhelming career tho given all his talent
  10. HessStation

    Danny Amendola

    Him sucking is prob a good reason not to
  11. No. You just like to break it down like a wildcat yo
  12. She really is something else let me tell ya
  13. It’s more the HC but yeah those two
  14. This stupid question speaks to my inner nerd. If I had time I’d enjoy making the team
  15. Crazy stupid to trade him. Have to give him a year in this new scheme first

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