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  1. HessStation

    Immovable Wall/Unstoppable force

    Most dominant defensive player I’ve ever seen for a season and what was it four games. That includes HOF all time greats. Bo on offense and Jenkins on D for that timeframe
  2. HessStation

    Immovable Wall/Unstoppable force

    Broken tackles, amazing catches and good luck
  3. Was that before or after John Lynch? I feel like it was back to back years of getting the pipe to knees w the two. Maybe I’m wrong tho
  4. I like your pic filter oops not you was talking about his picture
  5. Glad to see fans are still overreacting
  6. I’d give most of it to Bates/Dennison
  7. Yeah you obviously want to look at it collectively and they could def use some upgrading during the offseason. But you mostly have 5 solid jags who seem to be gelling together within the scheme. God forbid if they kept it together for 16 games and they could just target weapons in the offseason...would be awesome. Good for Bates
  8. Wow. Need to start giving them some respect and Bates some credit. I’m still all in on all offense next offseason
  9. HessStation

    Tid bit on Darnolds pick vs Colts

    Watching a home game is literally Dante’s inferno
  10. HessStation

    Tid bit on Darnolds pick vs Colts

    So Arizona is the new Florida
  11. HessStation

    Tid bit on Darnolds pick vs Colts

    Just terrifying? Apparently you’ve never sat on one mid day in 120 degree weather.
  12. HessStation

    Tid bit on Darnolds pick vs Colts

    Neither was Sam. The players have nice, cool fans blowing on them, plenty of water and cooling packs at their disposal. Farmers tans blow tho
  13. HessStation

    Tid bit on Darnolds pick vs Colts

    If you just linked me to some porn virus I’ll never forgive

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