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  1. Rodgers on the 09 team would be juicy!!!
  2. First you have to make some assumptions that there’s no diamonds in the rough bench players from last year like a Cameron Clark for example, whom I’m still kinda excited about seeing. But ok: 1. LG 2. RT 3. RG 4. WR 5. TE 6. RB 7. EDGE 8. EDGE 9. CB 10. CB
  3. It was an embarrassing call in an embarrassing loss. They didn’t even look interested the whole game.
  4. he had receivers who couldn’t make a catch or big play and an OL who couldn’t give him time.
  5. It’s not even a football game and they almost always come down to weird, unusual circumstances that decide it.
  6. Yep. Look what Tampa put around Brady and what the Packers did for Rodgers. Can’t take anything away from Brady at this point but dude just falls into the best situation w the best luck of all time.
  7. I could deal w the lame rules for reg season. It’s just embarrassing seeing them allow zero passion in the playoffs
  8. The lack of effort from the Packers all game was awe inspiring
  9. I live in CT. all the Patriot fans im friends w on FB pretending they’re Bucs fans is 😂😂😂😂😂
  10. These games are all rigged anyway. Yes first the ball wasn’t catchable and they’ve been mugging all game .it’s laughable the NFL is a joke. I honestly barely watch anymore and this is why. I hate Rogers as much as Brady...didn’t care who won but this stuff is just comical

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