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  1. And you’re not even getting paid, a shame.
  2. Meh, I think it’s (world view) changed from... 1970-80’s NYC= tougher, stronger, bigger, cooler than anywhere else in the world to... 2000-10’s NYC= overcommercialized bunch of pretentious pussies
  3. What does any of this have to do with your original question?
  4. I guess: 1. The package is ridiculous with layers and layers and layers corrupt overreach from both parties 2. Transparency to layman citizens is Orwellian at this point, see: Corporate, government interest is so far past the lines of collusion with media. FW that is W though, government spending:legislation per citizens is still public, so there’s at least that. 3. Minus few exceptions each president has been pushing their boundaries of power since Roosevelt...I blame the aloof public for what you’re getting today, pending on what side you’re on, complaining about either of the last two presidents. 4. Masks in a nutshell... I wear a mask. I wear it for other people. I don’t mind people who don’t want to wear one. But I think it’s inconsiderate. I don’t like over dramatic shamers either but it’s their right to point and shame and be annoying. I don’t support the government, state or federal, using force to implement any of these laws. I also have to live with these laws along w the MANY other unjust, unconstitutional laws I already have to obey...bc I am a minority thinker.
  5. Referring back to your initial question, I don’t understand where you’re going. To me, you’ve made some odd correlations. I actually don’t know if half of it is a statement or question...or even, what’s the question. Sorry, not trying to be dick. I don’t think we could actually do this without both getting banned anyway. but to try and just vaguely answer this best I can...there is already so much federal government overreach (laws/spending/you name it) it’s revolting. Independent...as in Nonpartisan? Yeah like the news was suppose to be for the people once upon a time. Everything is bought/sold and agenda driven. State and federal governments already have too much power. Which is why we need a watchdog for the watchdog of the watchdog. anyway I still don’t know what example I accept losing our freedoms over.
  6. I’m probably as close to a libertarian as anyone around here so I’ll try and answer this honestly just ffs. First, what’s an example of my acceptance?
  7. First off, this is why nobody is actually able to find real life remains of Bigfoot. It also explains the dog melting red orbs found at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. How else do you explain cosmic rays arriving from outside Earth’s hemisphere?
  8. What you’re going to have to start realizing is that there’s a parallel universe that’s actually going backwards in time right now, as we speak.
  9. The New York Times Recoils at the Predictable Consequences of the Mandatory COVID-19 Precautions It Supports When mask-wearing and social distancing rules are legally enforceable, the potential for violence cannot be avoided. https://reason.com/2020/05/20/the-new-york-times-recoils-at-the-predictable-consequences-of-the-mandatory-covid-19-precautions-it-supports/

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