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  1. HessStation

    Finally, a signing!

    It’s redic
  2. HessStation

    Steph Curry says moon landing is a hoax

    Bshhh, didn’t happen
  3. HessStation

    We Complain About Bad Coaching...

    Venturing to guess nobody else understands this post either?
  4. HessStation

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    Yep. Especially with a 53 man roster. Maybe if they base it on starters, but even so, the contract/life/window is so ridiculously small minus the QB and kickers, who cares.
  5. HessStation

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    Now THERE is usless stat for the NFL but maybe not the NBA.
  6. HessStation

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    I hate the Browns now. Nothing personal but since the Mayfield pick I'm completely out.
  7. HessStation

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    Whatever. I called that sh*t Day 1. YES McCown was ultimately gonna win a few meaningless games...which he did...which lead to the #6 which lead to 3 much needed second round picks unnecessarily traded away. I’m basically some kind General Managerial Kreskin. *shrugs
  8. HessStation

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    Time to tank was LAST year. ****nut GM signed McCown and ****nut HC started him. So then the team had to lose 3 second round draft picks bc this organization is a giant sh*thouse of ineptitude
  9. HessStation

    Who do we NOT WANT back?

    Besides the entire coaching staff and GM? 1. Tomlinson 2. Carpenter 3. Kearse 4. Peake 5. Skrine
  10. To be fair even if brought back it’d be far less than the 10MM he got this year and either as the third string or some kind of assistant QB job.
  11. It’s a good question. Could see it go either way. Sometimes it’s good to have that presence but sometimes the pupil needs to shed away on his own. Not sure but it’ll be semi-sorta interesting to see. Sometimes these things don’t seem as big a deal as they actually are, to fans, and sometimes they’re actually not a big deal. *shrugs
  12. The penalties are not by the Pats, it’s a signal from the league, this whole thing is controlled by NWO.
  13. If you’re one of the 20% of JN posters who wants him back you’re an actual real life moron.
  14. If not for horrendous Jets penalties and drops it felt like Darnold would have had a perfect game. Amazing performance by a rookie surrounded by absolute garbage.
  15. HessStation

    Stop reporting posts

    Hilarious. He’s the ultimate neg repper too.

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