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  1. We go to the poles, find the dinosaurs first, then we ride them to victory. The satanic deep state will crumble in our grasp!!!!
  2. The rebellion starts today! Who’s with me???
  3. 1. Villian is now my favorite poster 2. Unfortunately we probably walked on the moon and the earth is probably more roundish than flat 3. Hollow Earth though
  4. Minus some probable huge character flaws, it’s like at your center you’re sorta woke but too retarded how to explain it w words
  5. Although I do feel a kinship to this psycho, you’ve pretty much nailed it
  6. That was the only time in my life I thought the Jets had a real shot at the Super Bowl. It was real...all the way up to when Jenkins got hurt. The rest of that season was a pleasant surprise as Pouha stepped up...but a healthy Jenkins would have put them over the top imo.
  7. It’s not worth arguing with you bc you have valid points. I just consider the best the guy I’m taking first overall based on the guy, not his career situation, surrounding team, head coach/front office/franchise. It’s just a matter of opinion. Brady and Montana would be down the list.
  8. Because it’s a losing battle. Historically especially when you add weight to Super Bowl wins it’s Brady and Montana. But those guys were not better QBs than Manning, Marino, Elway, even probably Rodgers and maybe a couple other guys. They were both still great but in much better career situations. Fwiw, to try and explain it really is my “unbiased opinion” this is a similar argument to Jeter. I’m a Yankee fan, he’s one of my favorites and an all time great. BUT his greatness is heightened a bit due to the “situation” “luck” of being on great teams with surrounding greatness. There are other SS better than him.
  9. Imo, Belichick was on a learning curve and in some bad situations until he got to New England where he was finally allowed to start building what became his system/culture. I don’t think Brady is “just” a system QB and the same goes for Montana. Both I’d still consider all time greats. They aren’t 1 and 2 however and probably more like 5 and 7 or something like that in my book. Fwiw, I think the best way to answer these kinds of questions, is if you started a franchise today, without a HC, surrounding team etc. yet, who would you pick first for your franchise...obviously suspending disbelief and leveling out the different generations they played in, which some people can’t do. No way in any shape/form I’m taking Brady or Montana over those 3 including probably a couple other guys.
  10. I agree Brady and Montana are now a 1, 2 slam dunk for historical references. But Manning, Marino, Elway are the 3 best QBs to ever play imo. You place those guys in the same systems/Patriot & 49er teams and those teams are that much better.
  11. Because none of you are fat slobs
  12. I’ll still watch and root for the Jets so this is cool or about right. But whatever
  13. The spirits just told me it will be Brooks and no one else

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