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  1. He’s def got the make up of a franchise Qb. Won’t know if elite until they give him an offense and the games mean something
  2. He’s been dealt horrible rosters but he’s also highly unlikable so it makes it easier to judge imo. There’s always a chance of maybe it’s that. Slim piece of hope
  3. Williamson, Enunwa and Herndon kinda screwed the season from being interesting. Maybe Cannon too
  4. LT: first round pick LG: resign Lewis OC: third round draft pick RG: Sign Scherff RT: resign Beachum and move him/Edoga
  5. It was worth it to me just to see him in a Jets uniform. My favorite player all time
  6. Rex lost his moxy when he lost weight. If he puts 50lbs back on I’ll sign
  7. Nobody cares about Enunwa. Of course he can go pound sand. You’re missing the point That there’s a larger cultural issue going on mostly due to piss poor ownership
  8. I doubt Gase knows or cares a thing about it and it probably isn’t even a Douglas decision tbh. I’m not sure but would be surprised.
  9. Too many specific details none of us are privy to, but the macro feel to all of this is narly. This isn’t a normally bad character guy who does stuff like this. There’s a bigger picture problem with this ownership/fo imo. Not like I really care but I’m bored and just stating a gut reaction to another what seems to be typical day in Jets land.
  10. Yeah, kinda my point that we don’t know what‘S really gone on behind the scenes but the culture most be really bad if sh*t like this happens. It’s not like anyone has ever said anything but positive things about Enunwa’s work ethic and character since he’s been in the league and prior.
  11. Your false equivalences make me sick you defiled beast
  12. I’d agree based on different circumstances with maybe a different lower character player. I get it’s the NFL and cut throat but there’s ownership that does it the right way and the wrong way and the Jets always seem to do it the wrong way, hence it seems to go public a lot more w this team.
  13. Pretty sure it happens with most teams, whereas things like this tend not to go public. It’s always mismanaged w the Jets FO. It’s not about supporting the player, it’s how the organization seems to lack any tact on how they deal with internal issues. Is talking to player the right conduct? I dunno. Making sure you don’t have a respected high character player on IR so irate he’s taking to Twitter is most definitely a cultural issue within the Jets organization. I have no doubt bout that
  14. We don’t even know where the fines come from. I doubt it’s a GM decision tbh
  15. Nobody cares if you show up for work. Nobody cares if he showed up for his one rehab given he’s out for the season. The player/fo relationship is so bad he took it public. Whether he’s right or wrong it’s the culture that stinks. Given he’s one of the more credible players in terms of character on the team speaks volumes to what a sh*t organization it is
  16. The issue for me is tact. The Jets FO has zero which is why things always seem to happen w their players. It’s not about right or wrong it’s how they handle it, which inables the players to take it public. The culture is sh*t on and off the field
  17. It’s a typical polluted Jets FO inability to relate and mange their players/organization w any kind of tact. I’m sure the first he heard of the fine was reading it on the tv. I dunno maybe talk to the player first, have some tact. Create a culture players want to play for. Stop making inexcusable bad decisions like mic’ing your second year QB on the worst offense in football against the best team in football on Monday night for ESPN. They’re business IQ is below substandard. The Johnson’s are sh*t.
  18. Worse ownership/FO in the nfl. They just suck at everything

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