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  1. 1. B. Smith 2. J.J. Watt 3 R. Seymour 4. H. Long 5. L. Selmon You are wrong and I am right
  2. So fresh. So clean. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2022/7/14/23216273/bengals-new-white-uniforms-nfl
  3. It basically ruined football imo. That and the new/changed rules and the refs and ESPN, and social media.
  4. 1. Wesley Walker 2. Nick Mangold 3. Joe Klecko 4. Aaron Glenn 5. Victor Green
  5. My two favorite Who songs are on this album, My Wife and Love Ain’t for Keeping
  6. Camera angles and professional trainers during a short lived point in her life she was almost hot besides the giant forehead
  7. I actually think Jets finish 2nd in the division and might make a wild card this year. I like their you skilled players
  8. I don’t really care. They’re all richer than me and even the practice squad dudes get to live a life style that will be more memorable than my first job resetting soda shelves in supermarkets all day.
  9. I’m hoping single digits. They look cooler to me
  10. Does Sauce have a number yet? Gonna get one for my son.
  11. So they ended up with arguably the #1 TE in the draft too? https://sports.nbcsports.com/2022/04/14/chris-simms-2022-nfl-draft-tight-end-rankings-why-ohio-states-jeremy-ruckert-is-the-top-te/
  12. They arguably got the best RB, WR, CB and edge rusher in the draft. Damn
  13. Dude…they had an all timer and blew it every single year
  14. They honestly don’t deserve to win a SB…ever. It’s embarrassingly almost mathematically impossible to be this bad at the NFL draft
  15. This is weird. but the Jets just had an amazingly good draft
  16. Ravens are the luckiest + coolest draft team Packers are the team you hope never wins another super bowl for eternity type of draft team
  17. The Packers are legit the worst organization in football. They’re so bad. I can’t even lol
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