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  1. What is mafia?

    1. CTM


      the only place on site where personal attacks are not only allowed, but encouraged

    2. The Crusher
    3. Jetsfan80


      Trebek: Correct.

      Hess: Same category. Things that are gay for $400, Alex.

  2. Man, I don't get the 49ers. What a great team that sucks

  3. AAAAnd the Canes drop another INT...

  4. Gavin Matthews is awesome. His music is great and he even sucks donkey dick. High 5 to the NFL for having that guy kick off the year.

  5. I'm...I'm just so. Happy. I'm crying.

  6. LOL at that Miller Light Home Draft commercial. Well, it made me laugh.

  7. Sorry but I am a frantic mess right now, aka Jets fan

  8. WTF??? I'm still seeing Seahawk colors!! :(

    1. Jbro22


      yeah, place is beautiful.

    2. Jbro22


      clear your cookies and cache.

    3. Jbro22


      clear your cookies and cache.

  9. Rob Zombie RULES!!! Living Dead Girl LIVE with flashing boobies and mega hatred running rapid but w/ groove in teh t!ts, no pun,

  10. FYI My computer is too slow for this new site set up, it doesn't even show peoples avatars, too much to download or something.

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    2. Matt39


      some of us are at work with old IE.

    3. war ensemble

      war ensemble

      Just to clarify: it's not your computer, it's your browser (IE 6 or 7). Max has some fixes in the works...

    4. Jbro22


      Get a new job.

  11. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory >>>>Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, when will people learn...

  12. WTF is up with the crazy colors?

    1. StraightCash


      Oh so you can post JN status updates but not play mafia?! I miss you in a no-homo-k-kinda-homo way

  13. Hey man sorry you had to be the nerdy elf in my metaphor. I was running out of misfit toys. :)

  14. Hey TX. Nice to see you over here. May be a minority but always a fan. :)

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