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  1. I will say, besides the Jax game, the Colts game was his worst. I guess they think Lowery matches up against Collie better.
  2. Wow. I've thought Sheppard has played well as a #2 given the amount of man he plays. Lowery scares the sh-t out of me as a starter. OK though, in Rex we trust is right!
  3. Crazy talk. Easily one of the best movies of the year.
  4. I get it. It's like winning Lotto without the money. I want in.
  5. Ok, so I just banged out 5 bucks to this note-worthy cause and I pm'ed Phil and Max and told them how totally awesome they were. But who is this legend you speak of?
  6. I always thought of myself as a pretty easygoing person...but it is beyond nauseating. And the worst part is even if you try to tease the kid a bit, the moral compass of PMs begins.
  7. LOL, not yet. Now that you've said it though I couldn't think of a more passive aggesssive personality than Ham.
  8. Understood that I won't be getting any incremental vcash for points of originality.
  9. Well, there is this one amazingly annoying poster at JI... I couldn't take it anymore. Tried to explain to him why he sucked so bad. Next thing I know I'm banned, most likely by the savior and saint, Ham. Anyway, I like this place better already. May that Becks light be shining brighly from your basement wall, lol.
  10. Yeah. But his Completion Rate ALL YEAR was 68%. Pick your poison.
  11. People get banned here too? Oh, great...
  12. I remember I once tried to configure a way the Jets could trade up in position to get AP. This pipedream reminds me of those times. Like Berry, Suh is automatic and good enough to fit in any system. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of picks/players it would take.
  13. As good as Berry is, giving up all that is only worth either, the next LT like edge rusher or Deion Sanders like cover corner imo. Although it would be tough to hypothetically pass up. I would consider Berry about as automatic a star as it gets. He's by far my favorite player in this draft. However an edge rusher, imo, should be their #1 priority.
  14. And the topper, as he was carrying on last night about how, "this was all just in Jet fans heads," and he's so above all this, he openly stated that, "he has very good friends on the team that he talks to weekly." Ok Mike, please, tell us who these, "very good friends," are. It really is unfortunate that this stuff unfortunately only helps his ratings/career. He really is an awful, terrible all around person.
  15. LOL. That's a pretty good metaphor. Anyway, as an ex-smoker myself, I only support poor, helpless children not dumb, neglegent adults. But it's good to see you, no homo. EDIT: Unless this Vcash thing works. If so, I would like to donate 1114 dollars.
  16. Yeah, it's a question of lesser evils for me too. I think I dislike Kay just as much as Francesa. Even as a Yankee fan I find Kay almost impossible to listen to. Obvously as a Jet fan you would want to listen to 1050 as the flagship...but it's tough sometimes. Kay really doesn't know what he's talking about. Big fan of BT though!!!
  17. So apparently you're still fat but not as mean as you used to be?
  18. I completely agree with this. Collie is the dark horse of the game. I'm a Sheppard fan and think he's done an admirable job throughout the year as very good #2. However Collie is legit and gave him problems week 16. Unfortunately DC needs to be doubled at all times imo. They are gonna have to leave Lito on an island with Collie at least at some major, pivitol points throughtout the game. Collie's had an amazing rookie year. 60/676/7 Lito played a bend don't break game against him week 16. 6/94/0 If Revis can shut down RW and the rest of the D can shut down DC, I'll take another 6/94/0 from Collie on Sunday and give Sheppard an electronic high 5 to boot.
  19. Thanks 80! I believe I come from a long line of JI rejects? After 4 years of posting there I'm banned b/c of some douche-bag, attention whore spamming kid.
  20. Righty. There. First post out of the way.
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