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  1. The funny thing about Joe Flacco is he was easily one of the most unlikeable players even as a legit star in the league w Baltimore.
  2. Few teams can pick up the blitz and it still turns into an INT….
  3. I hate the penalty but how isn’t it called there is sorta beyond me given this pussy league
  4. I don’t know when that changed but it must have bc NOBODY does it anymore
  5. So this is why I don’t care anymore. Although in todays NFL that is a flag
  6. Maybe besides Herm have I ever rooted so hard for a Jets coach to be good however much it looks like he isn’t
  7. Yeah I’m waiting to see a moment where Saleh out coaches someone.
  8. Opinions off the last drive kind confirms psycho. I’d consider this a good looking team 2-3 years out but they might need a better HC
  9. Agreed, I’m thinking the coaching feels weak more than the players, Jmo. I will say Joyner is a big sore spot and someone needs to step up as a pass rusher
  10. Most of you are psychos. Nothing about this team is terrible. They look average w a bunch of young talent.
  11. Only way Payton comes to Jets is Woody sells team (in a wet dream) and new owner gives him Parcells type control.
  12. I don’t know about how this sh*t game went but I just watched South Florida vs Florida and football has genuinely become one of the dumbest, most overrated forms of garbage entertainment maybe ever.
  13. You’d think the idiot would have learned the rules of humility at this point but ah well
  14. Here’s the truth. Jets are loaded w talent and a lot of young talent at that (most since 08’ish teams) The GM did his job imo. The only question is the QB and staying healthy especially at OL. Not sure about the coaching but the GM gets a solid pass from me so far.
  15. Until I buy the team from the Johnson’s this is what you’re gonna have to deal with, sorry guys.
  16. Never understood getting mad at the GM for injuries. If the player sucks on the field then cool, blame the GM. Douglass has done a really good job w this snakebitten garbage franchise imo.
  17. Wait did dude just kick a 68 yard FG and like whatever?
  18. The Titans will go 13-3 and win their first Super Bowl
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