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  1. Just now, Saul Goodman said:

    I’m not a big fan of Saleh’s cover-3 zone. So many soft spots for offenses to exploit. I’m no expert but would think you need an elite defensive line that can get into the backfield consistently for it to work how it is supposed to. And I’d like to see Gardner and Reed in man coverage. 

    Agreed, I’m thinking the coaching feels weak  more than the players, Jmo. I will say Joyner is a big sore spot and someone needs to step up as a pass rusher 

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  2. Here’s the truth. Jets are loaded w talent and a lot of young talent at that (most since 08’ish teams) The GM did his job imo. The only question is the QB and staying healthy especially at OL. Not sure about the coaching but the GM gets a solid pass from me so far. 

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