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  1. My bad I forgot 06, D’Brick and Mangold. But besides that I had to go all the way back to Keyshawn
  2. Meh I’m trying to think of a slam dunk moment where I fist pumped to myself….Vilma?
  3. It’s one of those picks you have to be crazy not to get excited about but you’re also gonna be sorta silently holding your breath until you see it on the field
  4. There’s no in between for this guy. either total bust or he’s legit going straight to the Hall
  5. Reggie Williams, WR, Washington, 2004 Mike Williams, WR, USC, 2005 Taylor Mays, SS, USC, 2010 Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU, 2013 Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama, 2013 Marquise Lee, WR, USC, 2014 …that’s it I was absolutely right about everything else. That ever existed. HessStation for GM 2023
  6. Does everybody always start with the same word like me? Lol
  7. It’s sorta like signing Quinton Coples if he were 26 again
  8. Sorry DL who act like WRs usually bust but there’s always anomalies. Just playing the odds. Also, Warren Sapp had all the right characteristics of being a badass, he just smoked pot in the wrong era.
  9. I’ll say it, bc he shows all the quintessential traits of being a bust
  10. For you ******* losers that don’t believe ZackEY I challenged him to a RL arm wrestling match once and ended up with a snapped vertebrae and torn bicep. Those pics are legit.
  11. Yes, you’re doing what you’re doing when you have a lot of money. For people who have little they can’t really play that game. Once you’re rich it’s easy staying rich. A lot of people are/have been able to become rich starting w very little simply through crypto. You can through the stock market but it’s a lot harder imo. And yeah, if you’re able to play the real estate game you’re basically baller status. *Hats off
  12. Ross is the only owner I deem more incompetent than Woody Johnson.
  13. I’m solidly at: LT: Fant LG: AVT OC: draft or FA RG: draft or FA RT: Becton (he has to at least mount to this)
  14. The only WRs I want to see back next year is Moore, Berrios and Davis. I really don’t like Cole fwiw
  15. If Wilson sucks there’s no fix for another 2-3 years so I’ll side w no thx
  16. The money for him would be better spent on more Offensive fa’s
  17. The only reason he’s probably not a franchise qb is he can’t make all the throws. Everything else checks out tho on the right team
  18. Pathetically speaking they still need to draft offense w the first two picks. I’m still in denial about Becton. I mean it’s such an only the Jets story. HOF looking first pick who then completely combusts after his rookie year 1a. OL 1b. WR 2a. OL 2b. TE
  19. Cole was a horrendous pick up imo. Just a waste of money FA jag. Very typical Jets player imo
  20. Going into the year the only two (non-rookie) players I was excited about building around 1: Becton 2. Mims
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