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  1. Looking at OT as a need is painful w strong feelings of hopelessness
  2. People hate on Pauline not sure why, just human nature or bc they didn’t like him on JI but I’ve followed him for a long time and he is the closest thing to a real source Jets fans have.
  3. The entire roster is a cluster**** of bad to mediocre players
  4. That’s correct reporting and then Conklin was like **** the Jets they suck….prob bc he has a brain
  5. I don’t agree that everything not Bitcoin = sh*tcoin. I agree that the 1%/central banks are the real devil behind society…if that’s what you’re getting at. I agree a decentralized financial system would be best for the entire world/humanity. But at the same time, isn’t Bitcoin already, mostly controlled by the same institutional whales that control the central banks…in terms of ownership?
  6. 1000% with you fwiw!!!!! But…. Do you fight the corrupt system or try and use it to your advantage
  7. Current Coins on ISO 20022 Compliance List (because it is inevitable) 1. XRP 2. XLM 3. XDC 4. IOTA 5. ALGO rumored to next be on the list: HBAR, QNT, ADA
  8. Please don’t take my comments as if I think I’m a know it all. I only began focusing on it this year. I do think Bit will remain the standard driving force, I’m just saying that paradigms are def shifting and I’d consider nothing set in stone other than I think digital currency is undoubtedly the future. And as a side caveat, I unfortunately don’t see it ever becoming completely decentralized as much as it would be great for 99%. I’m not an XRP fanboy and I don’t even own it but I’d still consider it a strong hedge. Hence why I’m so bullish on Quant. The banks aren’t ever just going to go away and lose their immense power. Everything they’re doing rn is trying to figure out how control is as much as possible since they can’t stop it….imo. All Web3 is basically the next evolution of basically layman interaction with internet. web 1: I’ve used or use the internet, go online web 2: I have/use a social media account etc web 3: I own/trade crypto, use it for transactions, NFT trading, use dApps etc
  9. But I agree regardless, if you’re not embracing a new digital age upon us you basically became your dad and are a completely out of the loop boomer/fiddle playing-nero about to watch the world pass you by…
  10. I’m not talking About sh*tcoins and agree 90% won’t make it but Bitcoin is basically just the first sh*tcoin with no utility and basically every Ethereum competitor has a stronger…faster utility etc. NOT saying Bit will become obsolete and will probably remain the standard but there will be a shift imo. Financial utility platforms like Quant, XRP, XLM, transactional/payment coins like AMP, ACH and COTI, then probably add Metaverse/NFT platforms like MANA, SAND, ENJ, GALA along with transactional platforms within the metaverse like REQ and FIL….and if ETH is to survive L2’s like LRC and MATIC…and new innovation not even here yet whether Web3’s Like HNT, GRT etc or Enterprise coins like ALBT, UDO etc….
  11. 4th and 2 in OT and I just saw a Purdue LB take an angle on the QB like he was in 5th grade
  12. Tennessee vs Purdue is a flag football game. Seriously football has become flag football w track stars and elite athletes. Defense and tackling is officially dead
  13. I believe crypto is here to stay, that it will be part of a new financial paradigm very soon, but I’d invest in projects like XRP, XLM, QNT than dinosaurs like Bitcoin. Jmo
  14. I’m a Jets fan who roots for Draft position therefor not a “real” fan.
  15. I really really like Harbaugh too. And I’d consider myself ballsy and usually root for these types of calls….but just no here.
  16. Part of me thought it was cool last week. This week just weird. He got in his own head
  17. I think you have to think bigger than just your personal preference here. 1. Chuck Berry 2. Les Paul 3. Jimi Hendrix 4. Eddie Van Halen personal preference: 1. SRV 2. Ler 3 Jimmy Page 4. Jerry Cantrell
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