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  1. Bc it makes the game more sh*t w stupid penalties that controls the game more than the plays
  2. It’s a joke it’s a penalty. Like a serious joke
  3. Chiefs just got a taunting penalty for pointing the finger. And the commentators agree…bc they’re instructed by the league to. The NFL is a joke.
  4. Fact: rooting for whoever plays the Seahawks is more fun than rooting for the Jets
  5. Vote speed test JiF for everything seems legit
  6. I snorted Coke w them last night and they hate you too
  7. Sorry friends giant foreheads aren’t my thing
  8. Seeing I didn’t even know Stark was playing would be weird if I killed him but carry on Vote greenseed
  9. You fire whoever is calling the plays after tonight
  10. Sorry Jets fans Falcons have the worst HC in football
  11. In the first half the Falcons ran no huddle backed up against the end zone while substituting players two zone runs up middle and a slant to a 6’6 first round rookie man to man vs a safety w no help over the top
  12. Playcalling wise…given they have a 14 yr vet (ex pro bowl/super bowl QB)…Watching the Falcons is much worse
  13. I’m thoroughly convinced being a NFL HC is more about connections and who you know than skill set. The most disorganized, unimaginable playcalling I’ve ever seen in my life given you have a 14 yr once pro bowl caliber vet Qb. Omg
  14. I’ve never seen worse coaching/play calling then from the Falcons. Never in my life I think. It’s truly embarrassing to watch
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