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  1. 1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    It's just gambling on sh!tcoins. I have no problem w/gambling - I just hate the idea that some people think this is good technology. It's not, and it's taking the focus away from the real innovation that happened with bitcoin. It's the same devil bitcoin will destroy, just a different group of people behind the curtian.

    I don’t agree that everything not Bitcoin = sh*tcoin. I agree that the 1%/central banks are the real devil behind society…if that’s what you’re getting at. I agree a decentralized financial system would be best for the entire world/humanity. But at the same time, isn’t Bitcoin already, mostly controlled by the same institutional whales that control the central banks…in terms of ownership?

  2. 4 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    The legacy banking system, central bankers and government issued fiat can eat my entire ass. They have been stealing wealth from the people forever. Why take the very technology that was designed to remove the middle man from money and inject them?

    This post makes me weep.

    1000% with you fwiw!!!!! But…. Do you fight the corrupt system or try and use it to your advantage 

  3. 2 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Ethereum is centralized garbage with no max supply that was once rolled back to reverse transactions. I made a bunch of money on Ethereum and don't fault anyone for trying to make money on it but it's real garbage. Xrp is also centralized garbage.

    Do you understand what bitcoin solved? Like, do you really grasp the gravity of what it did and is doing? I cringe when you say it has no utility.

    I don't know what half that stuff is you're talking about is but I've owned xlm and amp. Amp is an interesting concept.

    Since you mentioned it, WTF even is web3? I see it referenced all the time but have never heard a good explanation.


    Please don’t take my comments as if I think I’m a know it all. I only began focusing on it this year. I do think Bit will remain the standard driving force, I’m just saying that paradigms are def shifting and I’d consider nothing set in stone other than I think digital currency is undoubtedly the future. And as a side caveat, I unfortunately don’t see it ever becoming completely decentralized as much as it would be great for 99%. I’m not an XRP fanboy and I don’t even own it  but I’d still consider it a strong hedge. Hence why I’m so bullish on Quant. The banks aren’t ever just going to go away and lose their immense power. Everything they’re doing rn is trying to figure out how control is as much as possible since they can’t stop it….imo. 

    All Web3 is basically the next evolution of basically layman interaction with internet. 
    web 1: I’ve used or use the internet, go online 

    web 2: I have/use a social media account etc 

    web 3: I own/trade crypto, use it for transactions, NFT trading, use dApps etc 


  4. 17 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    I've made some nice gains in sh*tcoins but that's exactly what they are. Bitcoin is the real innovation and gift to humanity. Most sh*tcoins are centralized garbage whose real purpose is to enrich the founders.

    Speaking of garbage, I made my first NFT.


    I’m not talking About sh*tcoins and agree 90% won’t make it but Bitcoin is basically just the first sh*tcoin with no utility and basically every Ethereum competitor has a stronger…faster utility etc. NOT saying Bit will become obsolete and will probably remain the standard but there will be a shift imo. Financial utility platforms like Quant, XRP, XLM, transactional/payment coins like AMP, ACH and COTI, then probably add Metaverse/NFT platforms like MANA, SAND, ENJ, GALA along with transactional platforms within the metaverse like REQ and FIL….and if ETH is to survive L2’s like LRC and MATIC…and new innovation not even here yet whether Web3’s Like HNT, GRT etc or Enterprise coins like ALBT, UDO etc…. 

  5. Just now, K Clue said:

    The Ravens have the best kicker in the NFL and then go for a 2-pt conversion instead of kicking it to tie it, lmao they deserve this loss. 

    I really really like Harbaugh too. And I’d consider myself ballsy and usually root for these types of calls….but just no here. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Russell wilson cant wins games for Seattle.  Deshawn watson couldnt win games for Houston last year.

    Yeah, lets trade 4 1st round picks for these guys.  This is genius I tell you.

    Barring the off the field lunacy Watson is the only guy worth getting in off season however much it’s not happening anyway…imo

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