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  1. Banked hard on the metaverse coins this week. They all just dipped fwiw GALA, MANA, SAND, ENJ ….bit coming back to life so not sure if they take a backseat short term or not now…LRC hot too… as they all cool off if you can find the floor/support as they consolidate…great buys long
  2. Namath, Maynard, anyone else from that team. McNeil, Wesley Walker, Shuler, Klecko, Victor Green, Glenn can’t say Toon bc it was extremely Jetsy concussions killed his chances from becoming all time great.
  3. In a lot of ways Johnny Lam Jones in a lot of ways Ken O’Brien In a lot of ways Blair Thomas in a lot of ways James Farrior in a lot of ways John Abraham in a lot of ways Kyle Brady in a lot of ways Mark Sanchez in a lot of ways Mike Nugent in a lot of ways Justin McCareins In a lot of ways Neil O’Donnell in a lot of ways Trumaine Johnson in a lot of ways Darelle Revis
  4. Oh just checked I carried scum to another win go figure
  5. I’m Cherry’s ex boyfriend. Waste the speedy on my if you like but it’s the truth. I also have a very powerful weapon that could destroy the world. It’s serious stuff
  6. Take your beef curtains and shove them up your ass slut
  7. We need to paternity test first paternity test greenseed
  8. Pac accidentally killing himself by shooting the bomb would normally go down as all time Mafia folklore if anyone still cared. I’ll relish in it for a day at least.
  9. Bc it makes the game more sh*t w stupid penalties that controls the game more than the plays
  10. It’s a joke it’s a penalty. Like a serious joke
  11. Chiefs just got a taunting penalty for pointing the finger. And the commentators agree…bc they’re instructed by the league to. The NFL is a joke.
  12. Fact: rooting for whoever plays the Seahawks is more fun than rooting for the Jets
  13. Vote speed test JiF for everything seems legit
  14. I snorted Coke w them last night and they hate you too
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