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  1. One of our opening day starters in 2014 at cornerback was a converted 7th round strong safety who also had just converted from linebacker in college. I love Antonio Allen, but that group was much worse than this years.
  2. Ummmm don't remember saying Sanchez was ever a good quarterback, just that he had a solid veteran corps of receivers who he developed chemistry with. Please don't misquote me to harvest upvotes.
  3. I still think the thing that doomed that era more than anything was replacing Cotchery and Edwards with Mason and Burress. Cotch and Braylon weren't world beaters, but having solid guys who have a good rapport with a young quarterback is imperative.
  4. A lot of BS calls, but that PI on Johnson was warranted and a total back-breaker at that. I'd just as soon see them send Darrin Walls back out at CB.
  5. I was in 6th grade in 1998 when my parents brought me to Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo to watch the Vinny-led Jets beat the Flutie-led Bills, 17-10. I still have the Chrebet Jersey I wore that day somewhere... Oh, and wildcard choice? The first two games of 2009. The home opener was great, but watching the Jets smack the Texans in the mouth seemed like a statement for years to come. I'll never forget Kris Jenkins throwing down that 300 pound center with just one arm...
  6. Holy sh*t. 11 percent of his passes are from 3rd and plus 10?! I knew we sucked on offense but I didn't know it was THAT bad. Is it to late to bring back Schotty?
  7. Morton got fired. That's pretty much the biggest difference. In hindsight, the guy looks like he was a real find at offensive coordinator. That man somehow got this same offensive unit of JAGs and a ramshackle offensive line to play competently. Too bad he didn't believe in running into a 9-man box on 3rd and 5...
  8. Adams was a damn good pick. Yeah, it sucks that Mac didn't have the foresight to grab Watson or Mahomes at 6, but that wasn't an oversight on his part. Juding by the general consensus on this board back in the spring of 2017, the guy would've been crucified for "reaching" if he picked another QB besides Trubisky. Instead, he got the safest pick in the draft and a playmaker at the number 6 spot. Bitch about Mac all you want, but drafting Adams that year was far from his worst decision.
  9. Solid starter, and probably will be for the rest of his career. Might never be a playmaker, but he is the compliment that allows the playmaker (Jamal Adams) to roam.
  10. Rex was a good coach...but he never evolved. If the game was still played like it was in 2008-2010, he'd probably still be a good head coach. One thing I'll give Rex over Bowles, Rex's players never stopped playing. I've never seen a team more resigned to their fate than those sad sacks on the sidelines yesterday. And Rex got similar production out of Antonio Allen and Darren Walls as Bowle has gotten out of Trumaine Johnson and Morris Claiborne.
  11. I want Dave Toub. I think the guy is one the legit best head coaching candidates.
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Morton was good. Was the offense fantastic under him? No...but it was a long cry from every pre-season expectation of the 2017 Jets offense setting records for futility. Watch highlights from the 2017 games. Anderson and Kearse were regularly open where this year they seem to always be covered (especially Kearse). That's just good scheming on the OC's part.
  13. Seeing that pic of Holmes, Edwards, and Cotchery makes me wistful. Seems like just yesterday I was screaming at TV for David Harris to beat Alge Crumpler in a foot race.
  14. I would love an outside the box hire like Dave Toub. Or better yet, Dino Babers.
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