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  1. Morton & Bates

    Anyone who doesn't admire the job that John Morton has done in his first year is either delusional or a cynic. The man has somehow constructed the eighth most efficient passing offense in the league out of a 38 year old journeyman, two undrafted free agents, and a tight end who was cut for boozing. Not to mention he's done it with the most ramshackle offensive line in recent Jets history. This offense has wildly outperformed even the most optimistic expectations and insinuating that Morton is inadequate, considering what he was handed, is one of the most profoundly stupid things I've heard.
  2. Wow, Fitz had thrown a lot of bad passes this year but that miss on the rollout pass might've been the worse. I'm not a football player, but that pass seemed like it should be day 1 stuff.
  3. Showed a lot of chutzpah on that read-option for the two point conversion. I know sometimes intangibles are overrated, but it showed the kid's a gamer.

    Kaepernick is 7 for 7. Carlos Hyde has 80 yards on four carries. About to go down 21-0 to a 1-11 team. Yet, our defensive specialist Head Coach is safe...
  5. Man, Giacomini is really bad. Good thing he only makes 8 million a year.
  6. Season alive!!

    Buzzards guts, man. Is the best part of your day when you get to sh*t on people that are just modestly excited over a win? No, we didn't beat the Patriots, or the Seahawks, or the Vikings, but we got a convincing win over a decent team entering the easiest part of our schedule. I never would be as audacious to guarantee a playoff birth for the Jets, but I'm also fortunate to not be cynical and joyless enough to sh*t on my team less than halfway through the season in what essentially is something I have no impact on whatsoever. It must be a miserable way to live. At the end of the day, this is a game and we should enjoy it simply as that. And no, I don't accept the fact that this win was because of the Ravens ineptitude. Say what you want, but Joe Flacco put together the most impressive Quarterback post-season in NFL history just a few years ago. We picked him off twice after he set a franchise record for longest interception free streak. In addition to that, we put up over 140 yards on one of the best rushing defenses in the league while limiting the opposition to just six rushing yards altogether. The Jets have surely sucked this year, but this was a solid win and not just the byproduct of facing an inept team. Fraudpatrick? Seriously? That's the best you could do?
  7. Cut his ass on the field. I wish I got payed that much to suck at my job
  8. Andrew 'just ran outta' Luck (guess who's his new QBC)

    I was never a Schotty fan. His offenses were far too predictable and oftentimes relied on being way too cute. I'm glad we've moved on from him. That being said, one thing I will give him credit for is that he helped establish an offensive identity for the Jets in those 09-10 seasons. And for every dumbass play he called, he would occasionally stun you with something brilliant. This is still one of my favorite plays to this day. Doesn't excuse some really mediocre years, but I do think he's a lot smarter than people give him credit for. Fantastic play call at the most pivotal moment of a big time game.
  9. Good Lord. You have single coverage on Marshall in scoring range. GO THERE! Sick of cute playcalling
  10. I was really hoping that Bowles would have the good sense to move Coples back to his original spot on the D-Line. Even coming out of college, he has always been much more effective when used as an interior rusher. Standing him up and using him on the edge is not suitable to his strengths, which surprises me because this staff has generally been doing a good idea of playing to their players abilities. This just strikes me as a Rex-esque fitting a square peg into a round hole.

    Actually no, I take that back. http://www.gifsoup.com/view/1048443/kris-jenkins-o.gif

    It's interesting to read Collision Low Crossers and see how highly Bill Callahan thought of Hunter. Said he was one of the best lineman he's ever coached. And then, this happened I can't ever recall a lineman getting so easily handled.
  13. At what point did you know the season was over?

    I had an inkling during the very first game when despite significantly outplaying an inferior team, the Jets still only won by one score. It was a strong indication that the team's tendency to shoot themselves in the foot carried over from the prior season.