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  1. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    stre am? anyone

    so did lee punch someone

    this thread makes me think i need to watch wild things again
  4. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    aaron fing boone. not sure if i love or hate the hire. on one hand he is young and hopefully relate with these kids on the other he has never coached before. i guess we put our trust in cashman
  5. Submit your answers to the following...

    best- somehow someway petty shows to be brilliant in the last 3 games. draft stidham. petty number 1 stidham number 2, hack gets his third redshirt season haha acceptable- draft a qb (rosen, darnold, stidham, mayfield, jackson) dont care just pick one. petty starts drafted qb number 2. worst- bradford or mccown
  6. We're gonna end up with Sam Bradford

    this would make me physically ill. i dont get that people actually think this dude is good. checkdown master and made of glass. if he didnt play in a small market like st louis when he was drafted the media would of been all over him.
  7. Cotchery Tribute...

  8. Cotchery Tribute...

    as you can see cotch is one of my favs. miss that dude
  9. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    im in why not ? I mean i rather have rosen or darnold but hes not a bad consolation prize. would u rather roll the dice on him or draft another db in the first after we sign a vet qb
  10. Movies We've Seen Thread

    dark tower was pretty bad.
  11. Saturday College Gameday Thread -- Nov 4

    id be happy with either. no love for mullen?
  12. Saturday College Gameday Thread -- Nov 4

    makes me miss the ron zook days
  13. Saturday College Gameday Thread -- Nov 4

    my gators are just god awful. bring in mullen or frost
  14. Saturday College Gameday Thread -- Nov 4

    tight end for penn state is good
  15. this is going to be bad. no pass rush and run game. julio and freeman go off.