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  1. CotcheryifyouCan

    Whats your favorite memory as a Jets fan?

    i was at that game. great call. remember the stadium going nuts after learning Miami lost earlier in the day. the stadium was electric and i honestly felt the fans pumped the jets up after seeing the end result of the dolphins game on the big screen
  2. CotcheryifyouCan

    Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football

    lol prolly. hopefully they take the money over winning?
  3. CotcheryifyouCan

    Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football

    ill take dee ford and tyrell williams in free agency please
  4. CotcheryifyouCan

    Whats your favorite memory as a Jets fan?

    im 33 so its beating the pats in foxboro in 2010. it sucks there are so many bad memories then good. honorable mentions: beating jax in 1998, beating the colts in 2010, beating the chargers in 09, the cherbet revenge game where martin threw him the winning td, beating the pats in week 16 in 2015, and farve beating brady in a shootout in foxboro. oh and i guess the whole geno smith getting his jaw broken fiasco was hilarious
  5. CotcheryifyouCan

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    man enunwa cant stay on the field. really like him but would not break the bank
  6. CotcheryifyouCan

    Would you trade 1st round pick for Mike Evans?

    maybe in 2020. think we need all our picks this year imo
  7. CotcheryifyouCan

    Deebo Samuel skips Bowl, focused on NFL draft

    always got an enunwa vibe from this dude
  8. CotcheryifyouCan

    Who is your MVP as of today?

    goff should be in consideration, but its prolly mahomes
  9. i go to one game a year for the past 25 (live in nc but travel to ny in december for xmas to visit the fam) we are going to get killed. the last 8 years or so we are so out of the playoff picture that the stadium is empty and drinking is encouraged. if mccown is the starter i might finally break
  10. CotcheryifyouCan

    Reggie Mckenzie

    yea, but from all reports heimendinger is well respected and one of the reasons we got sam. as for mckenzie, why no? im not campaigning for him, but curious why you are quick to dismiss? he has a pretty valid track record
  11. i think we spend money on a pass rusher like dee ford or anthony barr. we sign bell. then draft o line and skill positions prolly sign or draft a corner as well since claiborne and skrine (thank god) are free agents
  12. CotcheryifyouCan

    Reggie Mckenzie

    yea he has a great eye for talent. a lot of great players drafted when he was in green bay. also turned around the raiders. gruden is obviously running the show in oakland now
  13. CotcheryifyouCan

    Reggie Mckenzie

    Just got canned in Oakland. Anyone have interest in him if we fire Macc. I am not saying we should but hes an interesting candidate if we are looking for a gm. personally i like the idea of promoting heimeridinger
  14. CotcheryifyouCan

    Jets vs Bills Game Balls

    andre roberts deserves some love too
  15. CotcheryifyouCan

    Herm Edwards or Rex Ryan

    Rex. how did herm do at arizona st this year btw? too lazy to look

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