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  1. he must be an a hole beyond repair. my 2 cents. he looked good year 1 but last year he was bitc hing during a winning streak. i guess obj? hes an alltime ass hole but maybe just maybe he will be ok if arod is here (assuming hes healthy). id still like to draft one in the first 2 rounds or trade for dhop but i dont think we have the ammo to pull off rodgers and dhop
  2. schefty is clearly mad he has no idea whats going on. if a rodg does come here its a great troll move by him
  3. i cant have this and march maddnesss going on at the same time
  4. come on rodgers. this is giving me too much anxiety. i havent walked the dog in a week because i keep refreshing lol
  5. comon announce it today! its my bday it would be the best gift i could ask for (other than the socks my wife got me)
  6. as a florida fan he has the physical tools but he kinda sucks. maybe he will turn it around with a decent oc and coach but i wouldnt touch in the first round. hes a big time gamble. i respect anyone who has the moxy to take him top 10 but if im a gm it is not the risk especially that pretty much all 1st round qbs play right away
  7. lamarr rodgers carr tanny jimmy g vinny testerverade glenn foley mike white but i do wonder if is jarrod goff is available? i would throw a pick or two for him. id think he would thrive with this offensive. also wonder if dak is available but the first two on the list are no brainers
  8. im very confused about the negative idea of him coming here. the dude would instantly be the best qb since namath on this team. hes my number 1 target. rodgers 2. carr 3. jimmy g 4. after that who cares bring back sanchize
  9. this actually makes sense if hes going to the jets. ive taken isolation breaks in the dark for 30 plus years watching this team
  10. i voted whoever plays best in practice but i assume it wont be a fair competition. start zach if he blows early turn it over to anyone i dont care if fireman ed is out there
  11. I think we finally got a wr in Wilson terrible play call btw
  12. I’d like to see moore in the backfield like deeboo in sf every once in a while
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