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  1. CotcheryifyouCan

    Aaron Glenn Possibly becoming a DC

    always liked him as a player. good for him.
  2. he wasnt a top guy on that team, it was their d, but i think he had like 6 or 7 catches in the super bowl. my memory sucks tho to,o so i could be wrong. i wouldnt trade for either of them. they are extremely talented but i just wish for once we could draft a #1 wr.
  3. CotcheryifyouCan

    What should be done at Backup Quarterback?

    bring back teddy.( actually think he might start somewhere. ) matt moore is someone who i always thought looked decent when the starter went down. i believe he was still with Miami when gase got there. wouldnt mind going cheap with him
  4. CotcheryifyouCan

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    i literally yelled no way like 5 times. those parents are the worst to ever procreate. just a bunch of dopes.
  5. CotcheryifyouCan

    D.K. Metcalf

    looks like landry
  6. CotcheryifyouCan

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    the doc on Netflix called abducted in plain sight might be the most batsh it story I have ever seen. def check it out.
  7. should be an interesting season with the gase and williams hire. hopefully sam starts all 16. my enthusiasm will increase as the offseason goes on. free agency, draft, training camp. etc. by preseason i know i will be hyped just like every year. then the season occurs and misery
  8. CotcheryifyouCan

    D.K. Metcalf

    i could be wrong but i do not see aj green in metcalf. just dont think there is much difference between metcalf and the other recievers i mentioned but im no scout
  9. CotcheryifyouCan

    D.K. Metcalf

    i would love a dominant 1 wr, but i do not see it with this guy. i would take him in the second but hell no at three. there are other good receivers we can take later (deboo, aj brown, hollywood brown, harmon, ridley, etc)
  10. CotcheryifyouCan

    Manish Maccagnan says Leo isn't getting traded (merged)

    man i like leo but he has def under performed especially where he was taken in the draft. hope macc doesnt give him a mo contract
  11. qb- healthy farve rb- LT , ricky williams, mccoy, marshawn lynch (not sure which one tho) te-dustin keller wr- sammy watkins healthy wr- santonio holmes slot- landry o line-2009 jets not sure about d but def prime revis, gilmore (in his buff days), jason taylor, zach thomas are all likely
  12. is he going in as a jet
  13. CotcheryifyouCan

    Le'veon Bell

    hopefully this isnt 100 percent true. im sure theres a number they do not want to exceed. if they do pass gotta hope they go after coleman
  14. jamals int was from a terrible trick play that adam theilen under threw for about 20 yards. glad adams is having a day but lets not act like that was a good int. looked like a punt that he caught. nice hit on trubisky tho.
  15. could see them take a flyer on flacco. he wouldnt have to move. is haskins really worth the three pick? hopefully he kills it at the combine

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