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  1. CotcheryifyouCan

    Hard Knocks episode 2.

    been good so far. corey coleman part was interesting. told hue to trade him after being upset hes not starting and boom hes traded. the calloway stuff was good, as was the tight end whos father had a bunch of heart attacks. hue looks pretty dumb tho. not shocking
  2. lamar jackson has looked good as well
  3. agreed id be thrilled with that, i might of optimistically set the bar that high tbh
  4. these are crazy numbers for rookies. if sam starts im thinking 24 tds 16 ints.
  5. anyone watching succession on hbo? very entertaining. brian cox is great
  6. jericho cotchery, thomas jones, our oline in 2009-2010 were all underrated in my opinion.
  7. oh and genos four ints in the first quarter
  8. butt fumble fake spike doug brien late hit on kosar santionio holmes throwing the ball up in the air still in bounds after he got hurt mo lewis every time justin mccariens tried to catch the ball. especially against the ravens
  9. CotcheryifyouCan

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    just got back from infinity war. waited for the crowds to die down, literally only 5 people there in the theaters. imo one of the best marvel movies ever. toss up between this, civil war, winter soldier, and iron man 1. also saw deadpool 2 two weeks ago and thought it was hilarious. prolly not as good as the first but the x force scene along with cable was worth it. im also a huge xmen fan so the villian reveal was great
  10. tough to compare different positions. jim brown, barry sanders, montana, LT, etc are all up there
  11. CotcheryifyouCan

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    thanks pk. u keep this up im going to have to nominate you as captain this season. glad hansen is startiing to show some promise. liked him coming out.
  12. CotcheryifyouCan

    I need a new hobby. Any suggestions???

    started plaing disc golf recently. fun get to be outdoors. also joined a cornhole league that is a lot of fun.
  13. chad hansen baby! but honestly think cook will be a serious playmaker
  14. CotcheryifyouCan

    Can the Jets win the division this year?

    love the enthusiasm but our oline is not great. our d gets no pressure and bowles has shown to be clueless at times. dont get me wrong i sure as s hit hope i am wrong and darnold lights it up and our d suddenly becomes a d that turns the other team over but i doubt it. we are not far away from being a 9-10 win team tho. get some good receivers o lineman and a legit pass rusher and we are in buisness