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  1. to me he is more romo. but in fairness romo was compared to farve. lets just remember hes 22, younger then eventual heisman winner joe burrow.
  2. jason biggs? what the hell is this pregrame? also reggie bush and strahan said the jets have a chance. clearly trying to keep viewers. no way they believe that
  3. lets all breath fellas. sam has his faults but lets get him a line. hes shown flashes shown happy feaet (so did peyton) but if we invest in an oline next year and he has not shown improvement we can start questioning him. lets give him a year with douglas in the off season. i still worry about gases schemes, but i believe he can be the man for the job if he has some time. maybe thats blind optimism but i feel more comfortable with him under center then any other qb we have had in the past 20 years (except for that favre run before he blew his arm out)
  4. i hope they dont get rid of bell. think he will do great with a better line but if they do i would target derreck henry and draft someone in later rounds
  5. ehh it was decent not great, wolf of wall street still holds up. (checks date) wow that was 6 years ago but that was a great scorsesse movie.
  6. gase made some terrible offensive calls. darnold missed a bunch...but we beat the phins boys lets enjoy it
  7. i know bell hasnt been the same player as he was in pitt but comon this line is horrid. gase should of def called some outside runs tho. also would like to see more screens and passes out of the backfield
  8. started the irshman the other night under the influence. didnt make it through. thought it was decent but the de aging thing kinda messed with me. going to watch again from the begining with a clear mind in the next few days. also rewatched cedar rapids. that movie is pretty underrated imo.
  9. damnit herdon. hope he can erase this season next year and stay on the field. he is a nice weapon
  10. hes been a pleasant surprise. if he can stay healthy he should stick next year. him anderson crowder herdon bell,, one of the killer wrs entering the draft is a real offense as long as they address the line
  11. the real question is if Burrow is on the board do you take him? Or trade for a s hit ton of picks and roll with sam
  12. jamal shouldnt be on there. victor greene, kerry rhodes, or even old man ronnie lott i would put there as of right now. this is not just cause hes a bi tch but hes only played a couple years.
  13. this guy maybe the worst free agent signing i can remember

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