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  1. sorry im late to this. thanks for always providing great content maxman. thoughts and prayers to your family.
  2. i know he kinda sucks but bortles would of been a decent option before he signed with green bay. mullens makes since as does foles, even tho i dont think we should trade for him. whats matt moore or chase daniels up to these days? they are my go to back up qbs
  3. i moved here in 2015 there are a lot of western nyers here. been to bars on sundays with a good amount of bills fans. hopefully by football season everything will be kind of normal.
  4. so am i. we should hit up a bar in town this season and watch a game. i didnt know there were any other jets fans here
  5. Where do you usually purchase tickets? I checked stub hub and they are pretty pricey
  6. wanted him coming out of college. hasnt lived up to the hype, but im all for bringing him into camp. if he can show anything i think this means goodbye to berrios not crowder
  7. i live in asheville. prob make the drive not far at all for me
  8. no monday night game? i might be in the minority but thats awesome news if true
  9. dont mind a trade down but i would love if we ended up with one of the moores or marshall jr
  10. so far so good jet fans. im hoping toney falls to us at 34. lets get one more playmaker next round and then go defense i will be ecstatic.
  11. wtf was that. that was horrendous singing
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