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  1. ill give him a chance. remember when we all were like wtf they picked the dude from brokeback mountain to be the joker
  2. not sure if its considered a tv show or movie but he series on netflix about the central park five called when they see us is great.
  3. im assuming u mean henry anderson? robby anderson is great but not a "character guy"
  4. nice. love bilal. bell, montgomery, powell is a great trio.
  5. hope they dont go through with this. he is horrible at evaluating talent. he is prolly the worst guy that covers the draft
  6. i kind of agree with this but adam mckay made comedies (which some were great, some were dog s hit) and made a pretty good serious movie in the big short. I hope this is decent tho. all of the dc characters have turned into a joke lately
  7. man, the bosas are insanely talented but they are really are injury prone
  8. brann is the favorite to win the throne according the vegas.
  9. i read a review that john wick 3 is the best one, which is exciting. I prolly will wait until i can redbox it, but if i continue to see good reviews i might just go. love the first two and keaunu is my spirit animal.
  10. there was no way in hell that this season was going to look like a success. this show is a cultural phenomenon. I have co workers who just started binge watching season 1 because they heard its the popular thing to watch. unlike others who have invested a lot of time and years watching. there was always going to be a let down. this season might be one of the weakest (except the one with dorne. that was s hit). but it is still better then 90 percent of the shows on tv. its gona go down as not only a top 5 show ever but probably the most ambitious show ever. i wish some things were different (mainly the jamie and cersi death, thought they could of done better with that, though I read some interesting points of how the redkeep where she always felt safe was the one to kill them). My guess is jon, danny, greyworm, and possibly tyrion die. sansa will prolly win the throne.
  11. i know he wasnt great and at times very bad but i love that he's having fun with this. seems like a good dude. him, oline, rbs, and d in 2009 and 2010 were my favorite jets teams ever
  12. i agree with others that he is one of the most underrated jets of all time. (cotchery is another). wish him the best. he was a really good player. his only issue was injuries.
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