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  1. Were the scouting reports right? - Marcus Maye

    imo maye played better then adams this year.
  2. this is good. some thurs night games were only on nfl network which i currently do not have.
  3. Conference Championship Games (F the Pats)Thread

    myles jack is good at football
  4. Conference Championship Games (F the Pats)Thread

    gotta give credit to the jags. they have nailed the draft the last few years. they are doing this without robinson too. hope they keep it going
  5. Kiper's Mock 1.0 (JN server would crash)

    punter baby!
  6. yikes. id have brick higher. some of these guys were better on other teams (key, riggins, farrior, moore).
  7. Any interest in Jarvis Landry?

    ive been hoping hes been a main target in fa all year. hes a bit of a head case but i think hes great imo. catches everything. pretty much has gotten at least 100 catches and 1000 yards each season since being drafted. i think being in NY would appeal to him and he would be in the same city as his best friend odj. only thing im worried about is how he has clashed with his coach in miami. dont want another locker room cancer.
  8. Non QBs you want to see the Jets draft

    not in round 1 but sonny mitchell or rashard penny at rb.

    because he is bowle's mentor. doesnt want to be a head coach but maybe help his buddy develop a young qb for 2 years. my guess is it prob wont happen but he has shown to be a great qb developer with big ben, luck, and making palmer a decent qb in his older years. prolly be hailey tho

    wow. this is baffeling but i wont be too upset if this mean arians is our guy
  11. gholuston is gotta be number 1 or 2.
  12. Movies We've Seen Thread

    i get that but vince vaughn was such an odd choice for that role
  13. i am no revis fan but he did make a critical int against the chargers in the playoffs. without that and their field goal kicker wiffing i dont think we make it to the afc champ game against the colts. that missed pick was huge but he did make plays in big moments
  14. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    saw it yesterday and feel disappointed. im not a huge star wars guy i enjoy them. i think empire strikes back is a top 5 sequel. the comedy was way over the top. the floating leia was laughable. rey escapes after the snoke killing scene and all of a sudden shes in the falcon? like how did that happen? i might of missed it but that was weird. i thought the whole luke story line was boring and terrible. and the worst part was definitely the rose finn saga. that was painful. i did however like the whole rey/ren thing. def the best part of the movie. that fight scene was great against snokes soldiers. i give it a 5 out of 10. still think rogue one is the best one since empire