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  1. it sucks to say but it looks like it. our upper management did him no favors tho. no skill position players (outside of crowder). terrible o line. multiple coordinators. im starting to think we can never develop a qb. even farve was a mess before he told shotty to go f off
  2. if doug pedersen leaves philly he would be my pick, but thats not likely
  3. im a gator homer but pitts is a monster. not loving their defense tho. they need to be better on d against the big dogs in the sec. if they can correct the d they have real natty hopes
  4. yes absolutely. guy is a proven head coach. i doubt this happens tho
  5. we could of had kliff kingsberry but because gase is buddy buddy with manning here we r
  6. well the whole mims situation is bad luck. i believe next year we will go big on wr's in the draft and free agency, but with this franchise you never know. i hope we reunite sam with his old pal ju-ju
  7. I want to be positive but there are so many holes on this team. 6-10 or 7-9 is my guess. Hope I'm wrong but JD needs at least one more off-season to right the ship. Our receivers, secondary, and pass rush is no bueno
  8. nice, prob wont do too much early on, but this is encouraging news at least
  9. i have not read every thread as of late, but people hate darnold now? alrighty then
  10. both are great. i own both. i give T2 a slight edge prob due to the liquid dude. imo the franchise ended after the second movie.

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