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  1. nothing wrong with that. i live in asheville and its awesome lol
  2. milliner, coples, hackenburg, devin smith, darron lee, all of the idzik picks other then sheldon. its been a rough decade
  3. joey d's biggest decision is this draft. he didnt draft sam so whoever he picks at 2 will define him. time to see if we actually have the right guy in charge. (god i hope so)
  4. so good he fell to number 3. the giants with a over the hill manning sis nor pixk him. i loved that we moved up to get him but and i cant believe i am saying this the browns and the giants had the wherewithal to not take him. and the colts traded the pick. hindsight is 20/20 like i said i wanted darnold but hes toast in ny
  5. i am in the majority that we should take a qb.....but if for some stupid reason we roll with sam pitts is the guy. he is not a traditonal TE. he lines up on the outside alot and his measurables are comparable to megatron. the dude did not drop a pass this year. think about that. its not like he had lawerence or fields throwing to him either and played against the sec
  6. i dont care if we take wilson or fields. watson aint happening anymore so i just want someone new at qb. sorry sammy u seem like a great dude but i cant stomach another season of that trash. wish u well in denver or wherever you end up
  7. actually the real answer is toney
  8. deshaun watson...take pitts at 2. wait nevermind. prob horn or hariss
  9. i know its not traditional to take a te in the top 5 but pitts is prob the best player in the draft. hes no tight end hes a monster that can do it all. if we trade out and hes still there i dont care. take him in a heart beat. only way you dont is if you fall in love with a qb. im a gators fan but that is not a homer take. the dude is that good.
  10. hey i will take your word for it. admittedly def uneducated about him or any jaguar at that matter but im just an a hole not a s hit head lol
  11. cole? damn underwhelming. im not the biggest ju ju fan but at least he brings some excitement
  12. i hope at least one wr, one cb, one olineman, and one pass rusher. they dont have to be blockbuster deals. i wouldnt be surprised that we sign one big name to make a splash now that woody is back tho
  13. I'm for it and also add another receiver either in FA or the draft. I think we need two more
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