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  1. correct but not number 4 and they had the luxury of having a number 1 pick in garret that year. to be honest they both messed up not taking mahomes or watson
  2. as much as i think adams is a good player, peppers shows u why u dont draft a safety that high in the first. u can get a similar skill set later
  3. anyone remember when we got percy harvin at like 0-7 (i think)?
  4. dude gets hurt alot lets not trade any more picks . this draft has some incredible talent at wr. why trade for an often hurt 31 year old who might not even play this year? draft a 21-22 year old on the cheap
  5. hes been pretty silent but he did get hired after free agency and the draft. give him a full offseason. but it appears he wiffed on kalil
  6. we hired his boy at gm he will prolly get next year and the year after. i dont agree tho he sucks
  7. joker is dark but feels more like taxi driver/king of comedy then a superhero(villian) comic movie. Phoenix is incredible in it
  8. i dont think we have ever beaten philly. guessing that continues
  9. this guy will not sign another contract with the jets imo. not sure if that is a bad or good thing,
  10. aj brown another td wish we could take a reciever in the first two rounds who wasnt a bust
  11. this could be brutal. gotta hope we dont turn it over and bell has a day. side not jalen ramsey requested to be traded. not shocking. we have talked about it before but he would be an instant upgrade. him and trumaine and bad. id give a 2nd but i have a feeling they want a first

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