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  1. saw capone cant tell if it was horrible or decent. tom hardys accent threw me off the whole thing. the way back was pretty bad. the gentlemen was very enjoyable. might be hugh grants best role
  2. best game ive ever seen as a jet fan. granted im only 34 but i thought we were a team of destiny that year. the backflip after the game was impressive as well haha
  3. braylon was awesome here. had some weird drops but also came up big in big moments
  4. good point but holmes made so many clutch plays in games that mattered. most of robbies numbers were in meaningless games. just my opinion
  5. dont think robbie makes the cut good list tho. holmes even tho was an a s hole was much better
  6. lets get that price down some more and im all about it
  7. still think we pick up a vet receiver not sure whos still out there tho
  8. if hes cut takea flyer but dont trade

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