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  1. CotcheryifyouCan


    I like it, but doubnt jon and sansa marry
  2. CotcheryifyouCan

    Frank Clark

    with all the rumors of macc trying to get his 2nd rd pick back i doubt he gives up one for him
  3. CotcheryifyouCan


    not my fav episode, but still enjoyable. jon and arya reuniting made me happy. bran saying hes waiting for an old friend who turns out to be jamie was great. euron sucks. also did not like the fact that jon just hops on the dragon and knows how to control it. i understand hes a targeeran and they have the ability but he rode that thing like hes been driving dragons forever. someone one Reddit did point out that there are a lot of parallels to the pilot. i wont post it all here but im sure you can find it on gooogle if you are intrested. hoping the next ones are better. if bronn somehow actually goes through with trying to kill the lannister bros i will be pissed. hes prolly my favortie character and that would make no sense
  4. CotcheryifyouCan

    Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Yea. fun time. I perfer DSO, but I go to pretty much any dead related show if its nearby.
  5. CotcheryifyouCan

    Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    darkstar orchestra on point last night per usual. if anyone is a dead head and has not ever seen them, its a must. my first time seeing them was 2001-2002 (cant quite remember the year) and they still sound the same
  6. CotcheryifyouCan

    Predict Week 1 Opponent

  7. CotcheryifyouCan

    2019 Yankees

    sanchez on a tear today 3 hrs. by the way im kinda over boone. maybe we can get mattingly next year
  8. CotcheryifyouCan

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    what a crazy game between uva and auburn. thought barkley was gona cry doing the post game
  9. i think he will have a breakout year with gregg williams and hopefully bosa or allen
  10. hes not great but we dont have much at the position right now. i hate to say it but cb might be in play if we trade out of 3.
  11. CotcheryifyouCan

    2019 Yankees

    little surprised wade didnt make the roster. this season all comes down to starting pitching
  12. CotcheryifyouCan

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    into the spiderverse was awesome. never thought in my mid 30s i would enjoy an animated super hero movie but that was better then most of the movies ive seen this year
  13. CotcheryifyouCan

    Gronk Retires

    hated playing against him twice a year but dude might be the only likeable pat in the past 10 years. he will prolly go to wwe
  14. CotcheryifyouCan

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    lets go cuse! gona be tough with howard out but hopefully they step up

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