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  1. f it. if we are gona suck we should go down throwing bombs ints or tds.
  2. i like how he talks in press conferences but i am very underwhelmed by him and his staff so far. they look like they are in over their heads. hopefully im wrong but i feel like a lot of the reasons we have not played well is due to scheme and calls. but again what do i know
  3. Hey everyone I tried to find an answer online but couldn’t. Maybe I’m dumb but my cable company doesn’t carry the nfl network. I have regular cable, the Sunday ticket app, and amazon. Will I be able to watch it on any of those platforms? Bars don’t open at 9 so I’m hoping I don’t have to find a stream. Any response will be helpful. Thanks and go jets
  4. i get that our coaching staff hates mims and thats why hes inactive (even tho i think its a dumb mistake, dude needs opportunities), but why is crowder inactive?
  5. rip i loved norm. best latenight and stern guest in history
  6. is it still possible to get tickets to sundays tailgate. im coming from asheville to the game. if so is it byob?
  7. the new suicide squad movie is pretty good. way better then the first piece of crap
  8. any way you can send me it as well? if not no worries. go jets
  9. sorry im late to this. thanks for always providing great content maxman. thoughts and prayers to your family.
  10. i know he kinda sucks but bortles would of been a decent option before he signed with green bay. mullens makes since as does foles, even tho i dont think we should trade for him. whats matt moore or chase daniels up to these days? they are my go to back up qbs
  11. i moved here in 2015 there are a lot of western nyers here. been to bars on sundays with a good amount of bills fans. hopefully by football season everything will be kind of normal.
  12. so am i. we should hit up a bar in town this season and watch a game. i didnt know there were any other jets fans here
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