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  1. all in on watson but if we do stick with sam i'd say bring in jameis winston to compete. at least he can throw tds and is fun to watch.
  2. man that sucks so bad for the browns. always hated that rule
  3. id only take wilson if we trade out of 2 and get more picks. take him in the 8-15 range. i like his moxy but the fact he played at byu and didnt really play that tough of competition hesitates me from thinking he is worth the number 2 pick. but again who the f knows. i am no expert
  4. said it before but ill say it again. if they really are going to trade him we def should offer the number 2 sam a pick next year and i dont know maybe mosley. not sure that would even be enough. that is how good he is
  5. hell no to garrett. his clapping routine on the sideline would get old quick. he had a stacked roster in dallas and couldnt win
  6. still holding out hope that we give brady a second interview. i forgot the source but someone said he killed the first one. if not saleh would be great if he wants the job. still surprised we haven't heard anything on pedersen
  7. my number 1 pick is brady, and i am intrigued by daboll and pederson bc i think we need an offensive minded coach...but i dont hate if this is the guy. with the rumors of who he might pick at oc i might be all in. and also what the heck do i know compared to JD. if this is his guy i feel confident and if he sucks JD will follow him out the door in a few years
  8. hes should not be a oc. hes been fired by the jets, rams, Georgia, seahawks. nepotism at its finest. ive always hated that guy lol, but he will prob be an oc for like the lions or someone like that
  9. def get your point, but its a new gm. maybe he told him that was a bad offer and the franchise regrets not having him on staff

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