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  1. realistically proyb 20-25 tds 13-18 picks. 59 percent . 3200 yards. buttttttttt im gona say 32 tds 12 ints with 4100 yards
  2. i love the enthusiasm but 12? no way. especially with the schedule. im thinking 6-9 wins. but i am also super stoked
  3. i kind of like the clemons pick. dude played pretty good in the sec. overall this has been a great draft. good work now lets sign some vets, udfa, stay healthy, and go get some wins
  4. that was the most predictable pick. of course skyy goes to kc. hes hill lite
  5. just to be clear, we have one pick in the third and two in the fourth and we are done? not complaining this draft has been everything i could of wanted
  6. wow our offense will be watchable. what did we give up?
  7. I know we probably need help at other positions, but i dont have much faith in mimms and davis will probably be gone after this year
  8. f it. sky moore or wandale robinson. our receivers would be set for the next decade
  9. f it. sky moore or wandale robinson. our receivers would be set for the next decade
  10. is he in a gang or something. lol. i doubt he falls to us but also if thibbs or sauce are still there i take them. i like hutch but he is actually a one year wonder (unlike deboo)
  11. i could be totally wrong. i did not watch many usc games this year. but from what i see is drake london similar to mims? if we dont get deboo i think i want williams, wilson, or olave. but again i tend to stick to east coast college games.
  12. is this what that one guy on twitter meant when he said it would be a jizz moment lol
  13. if san fran does not trade him i wont be upset. but if we lose out to the freaking lions bc we didnt offer the 10th pick i will be off the jd bandwagon.
  14. crap i heard its 10 and mike white but i guess u gotta do it.
  15. im all for getting deboo. been refreshing every few minutes the last few days. i dont mind giving up the 10 and a second round pick. i just hope that moore is not involved. like many have said davis is not guaranteed to be here next year and then what? deboo berrios and who? smith? if its deeboo davis moore and berrios along with the tight ends we got in free agency along with carter and maybe a late round rb that is the best offense we have had since 2010
  16. chaz shillens and clyde gates baby. those two were like carter and moss
  17. welp damn i thought this might get done today. hopefully it still does but ive been refresing every 15 minutes or so for the past couple hours. i should probably check on the wife and dog lol
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