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  1. Lol thats the season I started watching the team so I remember this vividly.
  2. The Brown’s defense actually looked real good against two of the NFL’s best offenses. Add to the fact that we are going to have to try and defend against another mobile quarterback. Should be a tough game. Hopefully we can pull it out.
  3. Pryor hasn’t really done anything to really earn a spot. Macags tends to hold on to his draft picks longer than they deserve so Stewart or Hansen will probably make the team. However Cannon may have put Stewart’s (another failed returner) job security in jeopardy as Roberts seems to be to only viable returner option. So that leaves us with Anderson Enunwa Kersey McBride Roberts Hansen
  4. Seems like he always underthrows passes over 30 yards. I saw him air it out on his pro day so I know he has the arm. Hopefully it’s just a timing thing.
  5. Have him play a few games then trade him by the deadline and have Darnold start.
  6. It is so hard rooting for this team. Probably some in house BS.
  7. “Hey Petty looks good” Future of the franchise right there lol
  8. Mike Evans might be suspended for that game too after his hit on Lattimore.
  9. I wish he was traded to the Browns as they are the real threat for Darnold. I always assumed Cousins would sign in SF.
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