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  1. Mike Evans might be suspended for that game too after his hit on Lattimore.
  2. I thought Kerley was suspended?
  3. I wish he was traded to the Browns as they are the real threat for Darnold. I always assumed Cousins would sign in SF.
  4. Alright Jamal Adams time to see how great you are.
  5. Why didn't Maye play today?
  6. Never thought our offense would look better than our D
  7. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    Peake is probably a goner
  8. Bowles, for once, has been brilliant

    I know it's popular to question Bowles' decisions here but this was actually a smart move. He gave 2 young QBs more reps than a 38 year old perennial losing journey man QB. It was the right decision. Now his decision to play Sheldon at OLB is another story.
  9. Welp on the bright side, we should definitely be in the running for Sam Darnold lol
  10. I love Marcus Maye so I wouldn't want him gone. I think the original plan was to pair Maye with Pryor before Adams fell to us. With that said, any rookie QB or RB would look awful behind our O-line. Next draft we have to get a RT and C in the first 3 rounds.
  11. NY Jets OTA Updates

    Connor Hughes @Connor_J_Hughes The #Jets starting safeties are Maye and Adams. Calvin Pryor is on the far field..
  12. NY Jets OTA Updates

    Connor Hughes‏ @Connor_J_Hughes Hack has bounced back after a really rough start. Couple nice throws here last two drills #Jets Connor Hughes‏ @Connor_J_Hughes Not a great day for Petty. Totally meaningless OTA No. 4 QB power rankings? 15-5-9 #Jets
  13. NY Jets OTA Updates

    https://twitter.com/Connor_J_Hughes/status/869584624170741761 https://twitter.com/Connor_J_Hughes/status/869586539709427716
  14. Jets 2nd Round Pick?

    Tyus Bowser