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  1. Not at all. Shotty was terrible and never adapted to the game as it unfolded. What I am saying is that Shotty's system was a stepping stone but they need guys to fit within the system. I don't care what system it is. Look a Braylon, he fit well because he can block for the runners, but they wanted Plax. Why?
  2. Totally agree with this. There was not help whatsoever. I mean they are so clueless that when they had Wayne Hunter out there, they refused to help him out by putting an extra back for blocking help. Look at the QBs that Sporano has had and look at where they are now. All back ups, but started their careers with promise.
  3. He was functional within a system. If that system was followed, I still think it could have worked. It obviously did for 2 years.
  4. I might have to partially agree with Cimini. If they are great as Rex like to think, then make the stops when it is needed.
  5. I still think that he "could" have been a good quarterback for the Jets and Rex Ryan in the ground and pound system. It worked for 2 years and when they decided to change up the offense and have Sanchez pass more, they took his receivers away. Steve Young said it perfectly "He looks broken". Well the Jets broke him. He was progressing and instead of building the team around him and playing to the his strengths and helping his weaknesses, it was like they abandoned him. With that said, yes I think that it is time to give up on him. But here's the problem, who do you get to replace him? Also, Sporano has to to go, the "Genius Offense Coordinator that when Sanchez gets into any rhythm, he calls in his little toy Tim Tebow".
  6. I am with you now. I wanted him to be good and saw more potential than most but obviously the franchise does not care about him. The perfect example was Alex Smith. A bad QB but the coach and the franchise showed interest. I hate to say it but the plug may need to be pulled. However, what if they put in Tebow and he does great. He leads them to the playoffs, like he did with Denver. Elway didn't care and cast him aside but the Jets won't do that. We will be left with Tebow. Not good.
  7. Really? So we will have a QB be 8-20 with 89 yards. That makes sense
  8. That was not the argument. By they way, if that is the case why is there not an issue with David Harris or Calvin Pace or Bart Scott. They are not worth the cap space they take up. No one is complaining about them.
  9. No, what I am saying is that is not a good argument about being the top paid players in the game or what to expect from a top 5 draft pick.
  10. He would have had a better shot for a TD if the ball wasn't dropped by Hill. Or a pass play called at 3rd and 1.
  11. The highest paid in the last 7 is 2-5.
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