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    Fan since 1981. Moved from NYC to Charlotte for work in 2001.
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    Hiking, Disc Golf, computers & gadgets
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    Jets beat Pats in 2011 divisional playoff.
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    Four AFC Title game losses.
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    Yes, but didn't watch it. I was 4 yrs old

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  1. LOL talk about cherry-picking. Tom Brady has played most of his playoff games at home: 23 versus Sanchez playoff games at home: 0
  2. pfilippone

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    Out of boredom, I was reading up on the Rams' past, and guess what? The St Louis Rams went from a 4-12 season in 1998 to 13-3 in 1999 and more importantly Super Bowl Champions. Twenty years later, can the Jets repeat this feat?
  3. Trying to be optimistic about this hire. I'm hoping Gase will bring his experience as HC and improve upon it with us. Kind of like Belichik getting fired from the Browns and having success with the pats.
  4. Opinions are like a$$holes. Everybody's got one. Here's mine (opinion, not a$$hole) New coach, new uniforms, franchise QB in his 2nd year. The decline of Brady and the Pats. Lots to look forward to in 2019 and beyond.
  5. pfilippone

    Raiders v Lions game on for 2 minutes

    The Raiders announcers aren't much better.
  6. pfilippone

    Where to watch? Kodi help?

    Those free streaming kodi addons get shut down often by the authorities, so you're constantly looking for a working addon. In addition to kodi, I try several streaming websites until I get a working stream. There's usually a bunch of ads you have to click thru.. https://www.stream2watch.org/ atdhe.us http://firstrowonly.eu/sport/american-football.html http://ilemi.co/football
  7. pfilippone

    Where to watch? Kodi help?

    I get "no video stream available" ... is it only good in the NYC area? Or are you choosing the audio only?
  8. This is the only reason left for this old timer to actually WANT time to hurry up!
  9. pfilippone

    Can Jax Beat NE & The Refs

    J-A-G-S Jags! Jags! Jags! The 2017 Jags remind me a little bit of the 2010 Jets. A dominating defense, a "game manager" QB... If the 2010 Jets could beat the Pats, then why not the Jags? [praying to the football gods]
  10. pfilippone

    If there’s a God

    J-A-G-S Jags! Jags! Jags! The 2017 Jags remind me a little bit of the 2010 Jets. A dominating defense, a "game manager" QB... If the 2010 Jets could beat the Pats, then why not the Jags? [praying to the football gods]
  11. pfilippone

    We have sucked for 50 years.

    After the 2009 and 2010 deep playoff runs, I'm good to wait another 10 years. Such is the life of a bottom feeder.
  12. Okay, let's review the options... Losing while being given false hope, or losing while being realistic.... hmmm... there will always be some who will prefer the blue pill.
  13. pfilippone

    ******SUPER BOWL Game Thread******

    Mods: please put up a "Patriots & Belichick & Brady GOAT" as this site's front page banner as a show of respect for the greatest NFL franchise of the 21st Century. Like many of us, I used to be in denial about this. Seeing the Pats win 5 trophies makes it hard to deny. Having the Pats in our division is the closest we've come to greatness since 1969. Bleh.
  14. pfilippone

    Dan Quinn

    If the Jets hired Dan Quinn, then we'd be watching Todd Bowles in SB51 wondering why we can never catch a break.
  15. pfilippone

    Super Disinterest

    After every disappointing Jets season, and we all know there have been too many of them, I at least look forward to some good playoff action. To see a hated rival be in the big game again and again is just a big turd on top of my ice cream Sunday. I will watch SB51 because it's the last meaningful football for 7 months. I hope to see the Jets make it one time before I die.

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