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    Fan since 1981. Moved from NYC to Charlotte for work in 2001.
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    Jets beat Pats in 2011 divisional playoff.
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    Four AFC Title game losses.
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    Yes, but didn't watch it. I was 4 yrs old
  1. We have sucked for 50 years.

    After the 2009 and 2010 deep playoff runs, I'm good to wait another 10 years. Such is the life of a bottom feeder.
  2. Okay, let's review the options... Losing while being given false hope, or losing while being realistic.... hmmm... there will always be some who will prefer the blue pill.
  3. ******SUPER BOWL Game Thread******

    Mods: please put up a "Patriots & Belichick & Brady GOAT" as this site's front page banner as a show of respect for the greatest NFL franchise of the 21st Century. Like many of us, I used to be in denial about this. Seeing the Pats win 5 trophies makes it hard to deny. Having the Pats in our division is the closest we've come to greatness since 1969. Bleh.
  4. Dan Quinn

    If the Jets hired Dan Quinn, then we'd be watching Todd Bowles in SB51 wondering why we can never catch a break.
  5. Super Disinterest

    After every disappointing Jets season, and we all know there have been too many of them, I at least look forward to some good playoff action. To see a hated rival be in the big game again and again is just a big turd on top of my ice cream Sunday. I will watch SB51 because it's the last meaningful football for 7 months. I hope to see the Jets make it one time before I die.
  6. This times infinity!! 47 years is way too long between super bowl appearances!! Think about how many Jets fans have gone to their graves thinking they would see another (or even their first!) Jets Super Bowl! If you are in your 20's then you are more likely to be impatient. As you get older, other things become more important. Before you know it you'll have very little hair on your head, and you'll wonder if being a Jets fan caused it! - Jets fan since 1981
  7. Report: Petty to Start vs Rams

    Here's hoping Petty provides a spark that brings this team back from the dead. 10-6 here we come!! </homer>
  8. Does anyone still give a crap?

    It's been tough to watch the product they have been putting out on the field this season. But as others have said, there's only 4 months of football per year, and I love the sport. And I'm loyal to this team to my own detriment. Perhaps once we are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, Bowles will finally give Petty and maybe even Hackenburg a shot.
  9. Well The Cubs Are No Longer Company

    Congrats to the Cubs. What a huge monkey they just got off their backs! But what about the few of us who don't enjoy baseball, basketball, hockey? I was stupid enough to put all my eggs in the J-E-T-S basket. Ugh.. 35 years I've been following this team. I was bored today, so I put together a list of all the NFL teams and their championship droughts. The Jets are in 11th place in terms of longest championship drought. Don't you feel better knowing the Cardinals have been waiting 21 years longer than us? I sure don't. NFL Team Most recent championship Drought in years Cardinals 1947 NFL Championship 69 Lions 1957 NFL Championship 59 Eagles 1960 NFL Championship 56 Vikings ---- 55 Titans 1961 AFL Championship 55 Chargers 1963 AFL Championship 53 Browns 1964 NFL Championship 52 Bills 1965 AFL Championship 51 Falcons ---- 50 Bengals ---- 48 Jets 1968 Super Bowl III 48 Chiefs 1969 Super Bowl IV 47 Dolphins 1973 Super Bowl VIII 43 Raiders 1983 Super Bowl XVIII 33 Bears 1985 Super Bowl XX 31 Redskins 1991 Super Bowl XXVI 25 49ers 1994 Super Bowl XXIX 22 Jaguars ---- 21 Panthers ---- 21 Cowboys 1995 Super Bowl XXX 21 Rams 1999 Super Bowl XXXIV 17 Texans ---- 14 Buccaneers 2002 Super Bowl XXXVII 14 Colts 2006 Super Bowl XLI 10 Steelers 2008 Super Bowl XLIII 8 Saints 2009 Super Bowl XLIV 7 Packers 2010 Super Bowl XLV 6 Giants 2011 Super Bowl XLVI 5 Ravens 2012 Super Bowl XLVII 4 Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl XLVIII 3 Patriots 2014 Super Bowl XLIX 2 Broncos 2015 Super Bowl 50 1 EDIT: What if you count AFC/NFC Championship wins? Then the Jets suck even more! We are then in third place in the list of suckitude... NFL Team Most recent championship Drought in years Lions 1957 NFL Championship 59 Browns 1964 NFL Championship 52 Jets 1968 Super Bowl III 48 Chiefs 1969 Super Bowl IV 47 Vikings 1976 NFC Championship 40 Dolphins 1984 AFC Championship 32 Bengals 1988 AFC Championship 28 Redskins 1991 Super Bowl XXVI 25 Bills 1993 AFC Championship 23 Chargers 1994 AFC Championship 22 Jaguars ---- 21 Cowboys 1995 Super Bowl XXX 21 Falcons 1998 NFC Championship 18 Titans 1999 AFC Championship 17 Rams 2001 NFC Championship 15 Texans ---- 14 Raiders 2002 AFC Championship 14 Buccaneers 2002 Super Bowl XXXVII 14 Eagles 2004 NFC Championship 12 Bears 2006 NFC Championship 10 Cardinals 2008 NFC Championship 8 Colts 2009 AFC Championship 7 Saints 2009 Super Bowl XLIV 7 Steelers 2010 AFC Championship 6 Packers 2010 Super Bowl XLV 6 Giants 2011 Super Bowl XLVI 5 49ers 2012 NFC Championship 4 Ravens 2012 Super Bowl XLVII 4 Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship 2 Patriots 2014 Super Bowl XLIX 2 Panthers 2015 NFC Championship 1 Broncos 2015 Super Bowl 50 1
  10. This is such sad news to hear. Byrd was two years younger than me. Another one of 35,000 deaths on US roads this year. Driverless cars can't get here soon enough IMHO. RIP
  11. At least once or twice a year someone brings up the topic of alternate jerseys. People yea or nay the ideas that come up, then the thread dies. I have a theory: Those that grew up watching the Jets wear a certain jersey become attached to that jersey. I started watching the Jets in 1981. Sack Exchange, anyone? I would not mind if the Jets wore the jerseys from that era once in a blue moon. It could not possibly suck any more than the Titans jerseys. I also think the metallic green on the helmets they tried last year with the "rush colors" was actually a nice change of pace. On a slightly related topic: Anyone know if it's possible to purchase a Jets cap like the one Bowles and Forte wore recently? It's black with the green Jets logo from the 80's. Peace out.
  12. Interesting punting style. I hadn't seen a rugby-style punt in american football before. It seems like it might have some success in the NFL, until teams start to game plan against it. It seems like the punt can more easily be blocked if the punter holds on to the ball for so long.
  13. Can someone explain how the Jets went from tons of cap-room last year to being in cap hell this year? - Was the GM's plan last year to win it all in his 1st year with Geno/Fitz and to hell with next year? - Did league rules require we spend every penny? Many of us praise Maccagnan for what he's done so far. But why is the poor cap room situation not on him? Granted, with Brick retiring, this topic may already be moot. But please humor me.
  14. I hope Bowles and Maccagnan make the right choice if they decide to trade Coples. Like John Abraham, Jonathan Vilma, and other past Jets trades, I don't want to find out Coples becomes an All Pro with another team.