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  1. Roger's doesn't have Covid toe. He was on Pat McAfee show and joked that he had covid toe. They both laughed about it. He fractured it while working out while he was out for covid. But of course, our fear porn media ran with the covid toe story. And some of you live in the media bubble and still believe them.
  2. Pete Prisco is wrong all the time so if he says something believe the opposite. I stopped reading him years ago.
  3. First time posting after years of reading this site. Been a die hard Jets fan since that fateful Christmas in 1976 when I was 6 and mom got me a Jets sweatshirt. This topic is infuriating. Why hire another coach who is possibly getting fired? The suffering from Kotite and Gase isn't enough? Look at Pedersons record without Reich. Look at Wentzs regression. So many other choices so why risk it.
  4. I'd take this draft as long as the Jets get Clevelands #1 next year. Turn that into Christian Hackenburg.
  5. My QB solution is to use Fitz as a one year bridge. Trade with the Eagles and get their 1st round pick next year. Hopefully, it becomes a top 5 and you draft Christian Hackenburg from PSU.
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