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  1. hey 124...myself and 2 buddies are also stayin at the sheraton fri,sat,sun nite. we are hittin the road from upstate soon. champs sounds like a good green party for sat nite, my name is jay maybe we'll run into ya at the hotel.

  2. hey indygirl...i was just kidding about the Jets bar. any recommendations on sites or things to do in the city during the day tomorow? we will be in indy by 8am if are travel goes smoothly thru the night and wouldn't mind seeing something in the city besides the bars. thanks and GO JETS!

  3. we were planning on bringing a smaller version of our ususal setup. grill,cooler,tables,chairs. does anyone know if there are lots?, we've only been to newengland and buffalo before, where they have a standard tailgateing scene. also if there is any other info on that $25 tailgate party that sounds awesome, we'll bring our own booze.


    ps. where the local indianapolis JETS bar?

  4. Hello Jets Nation!!

    My buddies and i will be arriving in Indy friday morning from upstate NY. We are looking to party with fellow Jets fans. we were plannin on just wingin it and finding people in green, but if there is anything organized and anyone here has any info we would def. be in for it. THANKS in advance! J-E-T-S jets jets jets!

    ps we are staying at the Sheraton within a mile of he stadium.

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