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  1. how do i contact PM panzer

  2. Hey buddy... just effin with ya... just trying to have a little fun to pass the time and get over the disappointment from sunday.... PM panzer... he might be able to do something if ya ask nice

  3. well i am not paying either of you 50 bucks to make me one. do you know anyone who will make one for free?
  4. yes, this is the second time i have tried this but i am not playing 50 bucks for you to make one. i thought people could be nice and make one for free, but people are greedy bitc*es and need 50 bucks.
  5. you want me to pay you $50 for a signature?
  6. i don't know how. do you know how?
  7. jets should select a defensive end or WR. i think golden tate would be good for the jets!
  8. can some one please make me a signature ?
  9. can someone please make me a signature?
  10. does any one know someone who can make me a signature?
  11. oh im sorry i mispelled a word. does it really matter? can some one please make me one?
  12. Can some one please make me a signgniture?
  13. he was a quarterback in college so he has experience and the ability.
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