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  1. I wrote out the player announcement for Perkins and it was waiting on whether or not the trade would go through.
  2. Basically, I felt like I could get the same caliber player at 106 that I could get at 86. I lost value on the trade but based on what’s on the board and what I can do with 2 4th and 3 5th rounders, I’m very happy.
  3. There’s been a trade the Jets are trading pick 86, 186 and 226 to the Jacksonville Jaguars for picks 106, 118, and 170 @NYJetsVets91
  4. I don’t care for the Hawkeyes. I care about the first rounder on their OL next year. Bad pro day and his sacks coming almost exclusively on the inside reminds me of another ACC DE the Jets drafted in the first round.
  5. I’m still willing to trade this pick but I won’t wait longer than another half hour.
  6. Pick 86 is available. Send offers!
  7. Getting the best safety in the class in round 3 is excellent value. St. Juste has the traits, I’m not convinced he’s gonna be special but I understand the pick.
  8. My favorite bad QB was Mark Sanchez. He was so good looking and he ran around on models and actresses. Plus he was better than Darnold.
  9. Weekends tend to be slow so I guess it’ll be like this for the next few days.
  10. If I pick at 86 I’ll have made 4 picks in the top 100 and I’ll have 4 more in the later rounds. My thought is that as much we think this team sucks there’s only so many places for rookie starters.
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