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  1. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    1) Lincoln Reilly said it. 2) I didn’t say anything about playing under center except that neither Mayfield nor Darnold were asked to do it. And given that RPOs appear more often than ever in the NFL I’m not too worried about this. 3) So what you’re saying is that Darnold has more to learn than Mayfield or Rosen? That’s weird because that was my original point.
  2. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Yes... Darnold also needs to learn those things because USC runs a spread. Adjustments were made by the USC coaches via signs and hand signals while Mayfield made adjustments at the line and was trusted by his coaches to make changes. Mayfield also showed ability to go through progressions and take small losses in exchange for another down. Darnold did basically the opposite of that.
  3. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Ugh I’m so iffy on Darnold. I want Rosen or Mayfield, they don’t need to be taught how to quarterback like Darnold does. Nobody knows which of those 3 will be the best and I’d prefer the decision be made for Mac.
  4. Just a show of hands...

    I’m okay with those 3. I’d be ecstatic with Mayfield or Rosen. Darnold is a bit less excitement because he’s a bigger project than the other 2 and I feel like he’s less likely to start this season than Mayfield and Rosen.
  5. Can Jalin Marshall surprise?

    If I’m the agent for Marshall, Devin Smith, Stewart or maybe even Hansen I tell my clients to spend their off seasons fielding punts and kickoffs. That player is gonna be chosen based on special teams prowess. I also think we carry a 7th receiver. Anderson Pryor Enunwa Kearse Hansen —————————— 2 best special teamers out of Roberts Marshall Peake Stewart
  6. People also compare Rosen to Cutler and compare Mayfield to Brees. I pray we don’t have the option to take Darnold, he’s gotta sit for at least a year and right now he is not as good a qb as Mayfield or Rosen.
  7. I picked Rosen and Mayfield but that’s wrong. Mayfield and Darnold is worse because I’m not sure the Jets would pick Rosen over Allen.
  8. Look down a few threads and you’ll see why I wrote what I wrote. If there’s any truth to them considering a trade for the #1 then they should just ignore the “experts” and take Barkley. If their QB board goes Darnold, Allen, Mayfield, they’ll probably land Allen at 4 regardless of what the Giants do.
  9. If you’re announcing that the 1st overall pick is available then you’re not sold on any of them being something greater than the others.
  10. 0 reason for the Browns to pass on Barkley at 1. Take Barkley and force the Giants to make a decision. At 4 they’ll still have their choice of 2 of either Rosen, Allen, Darnold or Mayfield.
  11. Pretty sure this is the NFL saying “the Jets better play their damn rookie.”
  12. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    There was nothing more disappointing than thinking you were watching the best quarterback in college football and instead watching Sam Darnold. He looks the part and his arm is lively but USC’s spread controlled calls at the line of scrimmage, and even then he seemed more reliant on being a thrower rather than a quarterback. I understand the Darnold hype but when the season ended I felt like Mayfield and Rosen showed me more than Darnold.
  13. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    I’d prefer Mayfield. Darnold was consistently disappointing last season, he gets by on athleticism and arm talent. He could be great but Mayfield and Rosen are ready to play tomorrow.
  14. FFS

    I’m aroused.
  15. The Jets wait until the last minute to make their pick. Meanwhile, the Bills have traded up to 4. Darnold and Rosen are gone. The Jets card reads “Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma.” The card runner takes the card and with a skip in his step makes his way down the aisle. He trips and breaks his leg. The timer runs out. The Bills card runner sprints down to the stage with his card, “Josh Allen Qb Wyoming.” The Jets card runner drags himself to the stage. He hears footsteps. Terrell Davis is sprinting down the aisle with a card in his hand. He hurdles our card runner and delivers the card to Goodell. “The Broncos have selected Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Oklahoma.”