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  1. Yes. He doesn’t work on the inside. He’s not stout enough. But he has bend at 290 and that’s wild.
  2. The uncouth in level 3 aren’t buying tickets and the PSL owners wouldn’t ruin their manicures. We’re destined for below average because of the FANS!
  3. Jets win handedly. Everyone goes “oh look at how the Jets are building” and then we look bad next week.
  4. How many pages do I have to read before I can make an informed decision?
  5. There is so much wrong with this post that I love it.
  6. I guess I’ve re-signed myself to reading taking this prose seriously.
  7. I get it but I don’t think I’m convinced of it yet. Have an opinion on Cade Otton? If anything he’s a legitimate blocker to me but damn that Washington QB is brutal and hurts the rest.
  8. I’m thinking a trade for Isaiah Simmons would be a nice trade for JD.
  9. I think physical testing is super important for Ruckert. It’s where his potential exist because his performance are mostly nonexistent.
  10. My issue is Kolar is that he can’t block/ doesn’t want to block. McBride and Likely are a great pairing with McBride as an in-line guy and Likely as the flex.
  11. I’m sure you did but the guy averaged 84 tackles a season as free safety. He was not averse to contact. Also holy sh*t 2006 4 Ints, 13 PDs, 3 Forced fumbles, 5 Sacks, 99 tackles
  12. Eh he was consistently rated just as good at run defense as he was in coverage.
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