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  1. Seriously, Hansen is an outside receiver with size and speed rather than quickness. He was great at using the sideline to his advantage in college. Comparing him to slot guys is based only on his skin color.
  2. Darron Lee, Adams and Leggett look good and settle into their roles. Adams makes the pro bowl. Chad Hansen and Robby Anderson settle our WR 1/2 situation. Our o-line looks good but Long doesn’t stay healthy and the line fluctuates when he’s in and when he’s out. Buster Skrine loses his starting job after several bad games. Marcus Maye has a less impressive year.
  3. kdels62

    NFL Draft Bust Analytics: Vernon Gholston

    Honestly, that video did a terrible job of arguing the case for analytics.
  4. I have us between 7 and 9 wins.
  5. Lol. What the Eagles are good at is not overvaluing offensive skill positions and using 1 year deals.
  6. kdels62

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Yeah except what the Eagles did was use free agency and small trades to get offensive pieces. They signed cap casualties to fortify their o-line. They spend early draft choices on defense.
  7. kdels62

    Can we talk receivers?

    All of this really depends on how whiny of a fan you are. If you’re less whiny then you see a good receiving corp that could be one of the deepest in the league if all things break correctly. That means Anderson continues to develop beyond being an elite deep threat which he already is, it mean Enunwa returns to form, and Hansen and Stewart develop. If you’re average whiny then it’s an average set of role players that are good enough if the QB is good enough. If you’re super whiny then all the players are jags and individual talent not group composition matters. You see that it’s a group made up of later drafts picks and since you didn’t see these players in mock drafts you think they’re all maxed on potential.
  8. I got the opposite of an erection from reading this.
  9. Good lord people write articles with zero facts. In the article they cite Adams’ and Lee’s annoying campaign to get us new unis. Then they cite what is clearly an old Pepsi can given to Adams by Pepsi alongside his bobble head. It’s old because it’s the 90s NFL logo. Then they cite a tweet by a random tweeter who can’t grasp that there are helmets up for display in the facility including our 60s, color rush, current and 90s versions, plus that half-assed green Leon Hess throwback. Also our color rush is our best uniform we should keep it.
  10. How dare you? This guy is an advanced millennial thug. He erases court dates and has even made his attorney into a thug. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Jets fans are ready to turn on this guy.
  11. Jeez. I don’t see how you guys can take “only thugs have miscommunications” seriously.
  12. kdels62

    Petty Cut

    Bummer. One of the nicest and coolest guys I’ve met. I had a friend in the Jets organization and he said Petty was extremely well liked by the staff and other players. He was a bad fit for the offense we ran last year but he’ll probably catch on as a back up somewhere.
  13. “Only thugs have miscommunications” sounds like a serious statement to you?
  14. I was responding to the idea that they saved him until the end as some kind of smokescreen. They saved him until the end because he refused to visit until it looked like he might fall.
  15. kdels62

    WRs and Tight Ends in 2018?

    Best WR corp in the AFC East.