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  1. Basically where I’m at. I think Gase and Darnold are starting to gel and we get extended glimpses of it now and it’s the best Jets football I’ve seen since 2010x
  2. I feel about as good about the team as I have all year. Gase and Darnold tried and almost were able to keep the game respectable. Darnold made a bad mistake but was solid throughout. It’s unreasonable to expect him to be perfect in order to avoid a blowout.
  3. Everyone here is doom and gloom but I see a team put into a spot against the best team in the league that gave it all but came up short. Team played hard, QB played well, the coach called aggressive plays because he had to compensate for a huge talent gap.
  4. We win this game if we have Adams, Mosley and Griffin.
  5. He was good today. Give him a solid B. If he was an A we keep the game closer before the half.
  6. Also good for Darnold. Showing some fire is exactly what he needs to take the next step.
  7. Good lord who watches this post game. Lucas just said the Jets like to run block, this OL is the worst run blocking OL in the league. They say that Bell doesn’t get touches but he gets about 20 a game. Bart Scott didn’t know why the Jets were playing cover-2 even though we’ve been playing a lot of cover-2 since our CBs proved worthless.
  8. Who hates Sam? Sam missed a pass. It happens. He was pretty damn good today. The OL is awful. The secondary is awful. The LBs are beyond injured. I hate Mike Maccagnan because this is his fault. But my issue is with the simple analysis that “it’s a bad play call,” it wasn’t a bad play call because the guy was open. It wasn’t an easy pitch and catch but Sam needs to be great for this team to succeed.
  9. It could be an audible. It could be that Crowder was open but Sam threw it behind him.
  10. Team stayed in the game through half time. The team played hard and gambled because it wasn’t gonna win a slugfest. The team had moments of success but a bad secondary, back up LBs, lack of pass rush and lack of OL success sunk them. Almost as if the areas the team sucks at continued to suck against the best team in the league.
  11. Sam missed an open receiver. It’s Sam’s fault but it’s not egregious. The problem is putting the blame on the play call when there was an open receiver and the QB got the throw off.
  12. That was a roll out. They got 1-on-1 and the guy was open because the Ravens had 8 in the box. Sam missed his throw. If he’s accurate with it it’s probably a 10 yard gain.
  13. But what if Sam throws the ball in front of the open receiver.
  14. Ugh... that’s the kinda annoying thing that Darnold does. Crowder was open.

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