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  1. He was good. I liked it.
  2. Chuma Edoga was really good. Looks like a part of the future.
  3. But they looked good losing by a greater margin as their first round QB ended with a lower passer rating than our practice squad guy.
  4. Calling plays that get guys open isn’t enough? WTF else should the coach do?
  5. Wait Tom Brady looks not good when his WR corp is depleted, he’s missing his starting Tight End, and his OL is lacking talent. Imagine if he had those same circumstances but instead he was a second-year 3rd string QB?!?
  6. Honestly, best case scenario is that the Pats lose. But for my Jets fan ego the best case scenario is that the Pats win while both teams look bad and Daniel Jones looks like a turd. This is a good day for my Jets fan ego.
  7. Imagine being incredibly wrong at watching football and then posting all those wrongs things on a website.
  8. Pats O has looked pedestrian since the first half against us.
  9. I wanted a trade back and the chance to get Dexter Lawrence or Ed Oliver. No way QW ends up better than those two freaks.
  10. He’s a roster exemption right now so that’s probably why.
  11. Yeah, this only applies to balls that are thrown at a pass catcher. Meaning 2 things: 1) Falk only threw to guys when they were wide open 2) throws in the flat/ behind the line of scrimmage to Bell usually have good separation.
  12. I’d like to see Gruden come here as QB coach/ OC and work with Gase to fix his playbook and add new concepts.

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