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  1. kdels62

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    The problem with Denver is that they’re not good, therefore it’ll be less likely that they give up too much of a premium for Bridgewater.
  2. I found this funny and informative.
  3. Disagree. The reason why Teddy, if he looks the part and stays healthy, would bring in a nice package of picks is that a team gains tools to keep him. Essentially, if a team trades for Bridgewater they can have a 25/26 year old starting caliber QB for 2 seasons at $36 Million which would be below market value if the team uses the franchise tag. Obviously, an injury to a starter raises his value but there are other teams that could use him as it stands. Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Denver don’t even need an injury and could all be landing spots for Bridgewater. If an injury occurs for the Saints, Chargers, Dolphins, Titans, Bengals or Giants then Bridgewater might end up in a place willing to pay more because they’ll likely try to keep him after the season. Teams like the Vikings (ironically enough), Lions, Panthers, Washington, Texans, Rams and Chiefs would also scramble for a starter because they’re in win-now mode if an injury occurs. My point is that Bridgewater is an asset and is trending towards being a starter in this league again. It won’t happen here but it might happen soon and I think a lot of people are underestimating how much he’s worth.
  4. It feels like the team is trying to avoid conflict that extends beyond the practice field and it’s leaking onto the practice itself. Given the behavior of those Washington players towards Pryor that team looks goonish.
  5. Everybody’s gotta relax. The defense probably heard it from the coaches last night and struggled to find intensity a day after getting too intense. It happens and it’s really not surprising.
  6. kdels62

    Jets' Depth Chart

    Just looking around the NFL and based only on 1 week of preseason football, it looks like our team might be deeper than most. Our game plan, especially defensively carried well throughout our depth and that’s a good sign.
  7. kdels62

    Around the NFL - Preseason Week 1

    The exact opposite of how I feel. The Titans looked great on screen and the Jags looked like there wearing practice jerseys.
  8. kdels62

    Around the NFL - Preseason Week 1

    Putting Mayfield against Webb shows you the gulf in talent between a guy ready to play and a guy that will never play.
  9. kdels62

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    Oh man... the JI exodus... I was a college freshman and I was watching my favorite website tear itself apart. I still blame it for my dropping out and for me cheating on my girlfriend.
  10. The best: Mayfield Rosen Darnold Jackson Falk Rudolf Lauletta Allen Most successful: Darnold (homer pick) Rosen Rudolf Jackson Mayfield Falk Lauletta Allen (cut after 3 years)
  11. Mayfield is gonna be really good and he’s gonna win over some people on this show. Should be a fun season of hard knocks.
  12. We’re definitely biased. Tweets early on were saying that Darnold was a bit off but those got ignored because the food was so good. I’m okay with brilliance intercut with average play, it’s better than we’re used to from young QBs.
  13. kdels62

    Jets Training Camp - 8/6

    My boner
  14. He did not participate in team drills. Harrison played the role of first team RG.