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  1. Being super chaotic, man
  2. Barry. Called the game “gay” and everyone knows this game is super hetero.
  3. Honestly, there’s a fine line between limiting the decision and forcing a false choice. This is close.
  4. Why should I vote Barry? He tends to spray barbs as town. So I’m not sure we’re in uncharted territory for him.
  5. No I mean, What?! Like why did he flip out? There’s no real reason.
  6. Really? i’d rather there be a real vote on a suspicious player to gain info rather than more hiding was the driving force behind my vote. You’re gonna play it as “kdels had a forced vote” and pretends that’s good?
  7. I just caught up. What happened here?
  8. I voted Gata post deadline because, I don’t think a D1 death is anything but helpful. I voted Drums because maybe I shouldn’t just have reads on 1 guy and Drum’s game wasn’t doing for me. At least I voted and posted about my votes pretty consistently.
  9. As usual for me I don’t view bad reasoning as worthy of following. My late vote was a bad move but at the time I was not sure if there was gonna be a random kill or not so I hoped to mitigate the unhelpful. Tying that decision to my vote on Drums is weird because it’s literally the opposite action to avoid a 2nd no kill and more disinformation. Looking at it further I’d be down for another no kill today seeing as 3 town are dead. However, I’m keying on JiF because I don’t believe he’s really playing a pro-town game. I voted for him stated I don’t like his game. He then builds a weak case and ignores that I didn’t trust Drums. Then after I’ve consistently voted for him, he voted for me and claim OMGUS against me for the vote against him? At its best bad casings at its worst deceit. My read on town JiF is boisterous, loud and overly aggressive with his votes. This JiF didn’t even vote day 2 and remained low key until he decided to key on me. I don’t dig it.
  10. Another takeaway is that QBs drafted in the top 10 have a higher chance of not busting than 1st round QBs outside of the top 10. Basically all the stats point towards drafting Zach Wilson/ Justin Fields or trading a bunch for Watson. Add in the fact that a QB with Darnold’s stats through 3 years rarely (like 3 ever) becomes mediocre and it’s pretty clear what we have to do.
  11. So many good observations here about FA idk where to start.
  12. This OL class is gonna be super interesting. I’m really interested in Dillon Radunz and Spencer Brown. Two small school guys with big traits. Brown in particular is a mammoth of a man. The depth in this year’s draft on the OL is excellent.
  13. Wait but in that scenario, Zach Wilson is instantly good.

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