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  1. Take Chubb, Price and Ronald Jones. In the first two rounds and just be happy with Case Keenum/ Sam Bradford/ AJ McCarron, a really good o-line, and a defense with a pass rusher.
  2. Malcom Butler

    We have to sign Butler and re-up Claiborne. I love the idea of an angry exPat in our defensive backfield.
  3. You had me until point 4. Fletcher Cox was dominant all playoffs until the Super Bowl because he was gameplanned against. Malcolm Jenkins is the strong safety for the Eagles. He plays in the box and is big in run support and a liability in deeper pass coverage. That being said, having a stud Center has become incredibly important for o-line success.
  4. I mean the whole purpose of getting Cousins is to allow flexibility during the draft. Plus the second Cousins signs his offer sheet they lose leverage and cap space. They’ll trade him for cap relief and a 6th rounder if they’re lucky at that point. But if the jets can convince the Skins to pay a portion of Cousins signing bonus in exchange for a higher pick (max 3rd rounder) then I’d look into it
  5. Kyle Lauletta

    I’ve watched highlights and I can confidently say he’s gonna be a franchise QB. But seriously, he’s really accurate but his throwing motion is very Mark Sanchez-esque - long stride, compact arm motion.
  6. Penalties swung the game for the Pats.

    I think Petty looking worse under Morton than under Gailey played a big role in moving on.
  8. He wasn’t on the list so he was left off my nostalgia trip.
  9. I see Moore, Faneca, Mangold and Brick and I just drift off to a happy place.
  10. Holy sh*t this was my dream last night. Except it was Case Keenum/Petty/ Falk
  11. Todays bowl games....

    On tilt... this is important for evaluation.
  12. Todays bowl games....

    You can’t hold it against a quarterback that the opposing team is getting pressure sending 4 down linemen? That’s the way any great defense has stopped any great offense ever.
  13. Todays bowl games....

    Mckenzie Milton is about as legit as a 5’11’’ qb can be. If he comes out and we take a flier on him I’d be happy about it.
  14. How many of Petty’s bad throws are lack of understanding between him and his receivers? It seems like it happens a lot and it’s incredivly irritating to watch.
  15. Yeah I think Sean Payton is being too cute and not throwing at our secondary. edit: yep