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  1. There’s more of a case to let Enunwa walk. When both are healthy Robby is still more likely to win a game for you than Enunwa.
  2. The thing is I’m talking about Darnold’s situational awareness in a spot. I’ve praised Darnold all throughout this thread. I’m happy as a clam with tonight but also enjoying the ability to be critical.
  3. Lol you play this game where you talk but you know so little.
  4. Darnold was nice today. It felt good
  5. Yes it was a bad decision. Because Robby was double covered over the top and behind. You know what he could’ve known, that there was a potential 7 yard gain to the flat. He could’ve avoided the hit and set up a bigger playbook for the next play. He wasn’t prepared for the situation. It’s high pressure and it’s hard but it’s why Rivers won that game on Thursday. Darnold will grow into it but today he failed in that situation.
  6. It’s a bad decision anyway you slice it unless the throw is perfect. You wanna come here and defend all of Darnold’s mistakes be my guest but the fact remains he missed open players in favor of a bad decision.
  7. He wouldn’t have been in 4th and 17 if he didn’t throw a bomb to a double covered Robby on first down. He had Herndon open in the flat and McGuire open in the middle. He played it like he had 50 seconds on the clock not 2:30 with 2 timeouts. He was great today but he lacked awareness on that drive.
  8. Kearse has to make an adjustment on that. The turd.
  9. Darnold had two guys open when he launched it at Robby on first down. He bailed early on the pocket on fourth. He only wanted Robby which I understand but he had time to engineer a drive.
  10. Ow... Darnold beat himself on that last drive
  11. Watson is not very good. Darnold is better. And Jamal Adams is our best defensive player. So maybe it wasn’t terrible.
  12. The defense getting beat at the end of the game is a perfect scenario where Bowles gets fired but we feel good.
  13. I like Cannon, he’ll be a great compliment to Bell.
  14. Why is a tight end blocking Watt 1v1 on a draw play?

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