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  1. That’s not accurate because Cannon played on the kick teams and led them in tackles. He also saw the bench because he played behind Andre Roberts who, for one glorious season, was the best return man in the league.
  2. A Ph.D candidate in Legal Studies and Women’s rights movements... so she wasn’t that much of a catch... unlike the Adam Gase New York Jets... im lonely
  3. Do not fret. Time heals a broken heart but it does not forget freaky goodbye sex.
  4. “A company makes money from branding” is not news.
  5. He’s somehow less of a homer than a lot of parts of the country. When I was in the Carolina’s (visiting an ex in hopes of maybe resurrecting love lost to circumstance), I was shocked at the radio broadcast for the Panthers. It’s worse in Boston, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Nashville.
  6. The Jets did a great job finding the sweet spot between Kelly green and hunter green.
  7. Looks really good on the mobile site.
  8. Jets fans fear that the guy they were supposed to get is better than the guy they got and it creates this weird energy. Chill guys... Mayfield is going to be the best QB from the draft class but maybe Darnold can be the most successful.
  9. Both of those seasons by Meyers and Roberts were aberrations. I understand not wanting to spend money on either. I don’t think Cannon will be cut after how much Boyer spoke about him today.
  10. He completely cut down Cimini for that question.
  11. CB - Johnson - Jones- Clark CB - Roberts - Brown - Austin Slot - Poole - Nickerson S - Adams - Miles - Clark S - Maye - Middleton - Bryant
  12. The point is to try and avoid a HUGE payday and give him a one relative to his performance currently. He’ll be 25 years old soon. He has talent around him and he’s considered good but not great at his position. His compensation on the open market will be at least the deal that Richardson got 3 years/ $37 million. Give him that now and avoid having to give him the Kawann Short 5 year/ $80 million deal. You’re not worrying but it IS Joe Douglas’s job to set us up to succeed before Darnold’s pay day. Next year we don’t have an offense to field because of Macc’s incompetence.
  13. And then what? Leo gets 12 sacks in a contract year... what’s the smart move? Pay him at least $16 million a year? Franchise him and prolong the process? Let him walk and recoup a 3rd rounder next year? The time to make a move is now. Cap space will matter in a 2 years when Adams and an entire o-line needs to be signed. Heck, even next year we might have 5 new players on the o-line. The money we save now is important because Macc’s rebuild left us with a window that is literally only this year. After 2019, we’ll have $60 million in cap space but no o-linemen, 2 average NFL receivers and a bunch of expiring contacts.
  14. Because you phrase it as “a 3 year extension including $30 million guaranteed,” and it sounds better than taking a one year pay cut. The idea that you wait and see if Leo can demand more money and hold the team hostage for an offseason is... bad.
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