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  1. That’s not what happened. Kaepernick would’ve at least been the best back up in the NFL for a few seasons and he still might be. There was value in the guy as a player.
  2. Has nothing to do with their rookie seasons. Rookie years don’t tell you anything about a prospect when isolated as a data point. I didn’t think Lawrence wasn’t generational to begin with. My biggest concern with Lawrence was that his game was based on short throws throughout college and he needs space in order to generate real velocity in his throws. Those faults remained true after year 1 and that’s my concern with him. I think Wilson and Fields have higher ceilings and their issues are more fixable.
  3. Zach Wilson and Justin Fields are already better than Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence hype lacked substance.
  4. I’m just gonna point out… I didn’t do a mock draft. I just let these loser dig their own graves
  5. kdels62

    2023 QBs

    If we need a QB I’m feeling pretty positive about Sam Hartman. He’s like a better Sam Darnold to me. Honestly even if Wilson is good next year I’d draft Hartman in the 2nd round if he’s there.
  6. He means that Johnson hustles and his opportunities come from his hustle. So he’s opportunistic and hustles.
  7. Sure. Johnson still wasn’t good in that game. He also wasn’t good against North Carolina. Or when lined up against the LT at Miami. His half sack was a gang tackle when he was the 3rd player to get there on his team. Johnson might be a good player and he’s definitely not a 5th round talent like this blogger claims but his criticisms are valid up to a point.
  8. I mean did you watch that Wake Forest game? JJ wasn’t much that game. Not SI. It’s a fan site hosted by Sports Illustrated. It’s just a blog.
  9. Correct. I hadn’t seen that page. I confused a stat about his rating after he came back relative to the other rookies.
  10. The Eagles game? Zach put up the stats in first half, both TDs happened early and he snuck in another. The kicker missed 2 PATs and the Jets defense let the Minshew Eagles control the ball for most of the second and third quarters. The offense went cold after they lost Corey Davis to injury. Also I don’t think Wilson was 32 of 32, I’m pretty sure they had Fields at 32 and Wilson was 29 until the week where the Jets put him behind a 2nd string OL and 0 starting receivers in 40 mph winds against the #1 defense. Small sample sizes are weird that way.
  11. The weird thing with PFF is that until the Buffalo Game Zach settled into the mid 20s of their rankings with Trevor Lawrence under him. Then he had that Buffalo game and it dropped him below Trevor Lawrence, that’s often cited as “Zach Wilson so bad but Lawrence has upside.” Makes no sense and shows the flaw of small sample size. Wilson sucked last year. He did improve as the year went on. He was still not impressive. Give him this season and start to make plans to move on if he still sucks.
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