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  1. Gabriel Davis. I liked him coming out. A YAC monster. This draft had a few of them and they seem to be panning out pretty well.
  2. 1) Trevor Lawrence has an elongated step in his throwing motion. It’s very Mark Sanchez-like. That’s why he underthrows long balls. He needs the space to get his feet in position for further and harder throws. 2) Deshaun Watson is not a premier QB.
  3. If you’re definition of fun at 18 is protesting an NFL coach then you’re doing fun incorrectly.
  4. If there’s a certified QB1 it’ll take more than that to complete the trade. Probably this year’ 1, next year’s 1 and then the 2nd, 3rd and maybe we give back a 4th to make it seem less crazy. At that point you take Fields at 1.3, Surtain at 1.30, Wyatt Davis at 2.1, Chris Olave at 2.3. 3 Buckeyes seems like overkill but whatever.
  5. Damn sorry, I’ll be working a job or making love to a bunch of women whose husbands went to protest a football team.
  6. This is rough because Darnold is questionable on several of these throws and he misses several step up lanes and a few receivers. I’m encouraged that he’s starting to trust the line and I though he did okay. I think Gase is trying to protect Darnold until Mims/ Vyncint Smith/ Crowder come back but it’s so hard to watch.
  7. Didn’t sound like a jab at Gase. Sounded like he was saying that the team lacked intensity and meant it about the players. That being said it still feels like the coaching staff failed to be ready this season. That’s the indictment of Gase that’s gonna carry the most. Last season the team was bad but not often penalized and rarely unprepared (sans maybe 3 or 4 games.
  8. Even the women (and fembots) are men because men tend to be stupid, we just also have uncommon valor and loyalty.
  9. I mean both of those positions were upgraded and those two contributed to the problem for years. I’m good with Becton and Fant.
  10. Imagine seeing what Doug Pederson has accomplished in his career and thinking “he’s not that great.”
  11. Oh his mechanics suck but he’s been engrained in the QB creation process since before his sophomore year of high school.

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