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  1. So he’s taking more steroids? I think he can carve out a role on this defense especially since I think we’re taking Ed Oliver or Quinnen Williams.
  2. kdels62

    Matt Miller - QW is the top rated player in the draft

    Except Gholston was highly productive, had bad twitch metrics. And Quinnen has an average motor. He doesn’t chase plays outside the pocket, Richardson has a great motor and he was constantly chasing plays away from him.
  3. kdels62

    PFF Big Board

    In another video they mention that tho they have Oliver rated at a certain place it isn’t the whole story on Oliver. Then they isolated Oliver’s snaps to adjust for how often he played NT, and found that he played there more often than any other DT prospect. They took those snaps out and found that Oliver’s pass rush grade increased to 3rd best in NCAA for an interior lineman. It’s interesting and shows that Oliver’s potential was buried under scheme and coaching.
  4. kdels62

    Stick and Pick

    If the scouts and the pre-draft hype are in sync then Ferrell might fall deep into the teens and then he’s a real value. Drafting a 7-10 sack a year guy that can play every down isn’t a terrible fate.
  5. kdels62

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    I think this is a case for QW. He'll be able to get pressure at higher rate than Leo and Leo already is a good pressure guy. Q is going to be a good player but so are Allen, Bosa and Oliver. Oliver however has the ability to be more than just a good pressure guy, he could be one of the best in the league.
  6. kdels62

    Stick and Pick

    Ferrell lacks athleticism to a degree that is alarming. He'd be a good prospect if he was a 3rd round guy making a late push into 2nd round chatter but he's a first round guy who gets less appealing the longer you look at him. I think Winovich goes before Gary. Winovich is super versatile and can be an edge or an off the ball and has Patriots written all over him.
  7. kdels62

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    I do love all the NFL prospects all along the LSU o-line and the the Tennesee o-line. How'd Q do against the legitimate NFL prospects on the Sooner o-line? Or against the Clemson o-line? Or the Texas A&M o-line? I like Quinnen Williams, I think he's worth top 5 chatter and he'll be at least Gerald McCoy but he won't be and doesn't have the tools to be JJ Watt.
  8. kdels62

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    Does watching tape add 4 inches to QWs vertical and 4 inches to his broad jump?
  9. kdels62

    Stick and Pick

    I've come around to the stick and pick. Because the only way that a trade down works out for us in terms of "value" is if we are blown away by an offer (2 firsts and a second) or if we manage to trade back and get the second wave defenders (Burns, Sweat, Simmons, Tillery). After them the plus- athlete w/ pass rushing talent diminishes to average athletes (WIlkins, Ferrell) or purely potential guys (Banogu, Winovich, Crosby).
  10. kdels62

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    Quinnen cannot be as good as Watt. He’s not nearly explosive enough. His workouts were nice but that next level explosion that Watt possesses is absent from Quinnen’s body.
  11. I don’t buy it. He met with Adams and Darnold even tho they were presumed to be drafted before our picks.
  12. I agree and just looking at this team’s composition after free agency I think we’re investing hard in a 3-3-5 base. Mosley was signed as the primary read and react guy in the middle. Poole will play a hybrid slot/ safety/ viper role. Adams already is a rover/safety/lb/ slot guy. This also explains why some safeties have come in for pre-draft visits since the 3-3-5 needs a true center fielder and Maye might not be that. I think the Jets are waiting for the draft to decide what to do with Lee and if they don’t take Allen, they’ll give Lee a shot to win the WLB/ blitzer role. Again this makes sense of why they’re really diligent on Oliver, Williams, Allen and not Bosa.
  13. So let’s say I said the Jets are gonna play out of a 3-3-5 base and you responded to that instead of bringing up something entirely unrelated . The 3-3-5 will allow the Jets to take Oliver or Q, play their 3 best lineman and let them penetrate. It should work considering they’d have 3 above average rushers from the DT position. If they go to a 3-4 base then McClendon comes in at NT as he did for most of the last 3 seasons. If they go 4-3, Copeland or Luvu play outside with Q/EO and Leo/ Anderson. But the 3-3-5 is gonna be their base because the draft player available couples with signing Mosley to allow them to excel in this formation.
  14. kdels62

    All Jets fans do is complain

    How do you feel about the uniforms?
  15. The tea leaves point to us using a 3-3-5 as our base. I think this is why we haven’t really looked at Bosa. A 3-3-5 with Leo, Anderson and either Williams or Oliver on the line or Allen as the pass rushing LB is the decision our coaching staff is trying make. So yes, I think they might take Q but they also want to keep Leo

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