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  1. Hmm. I loved Wirfs and Andrew Thomas that year. I could live with Wills’s low ceiling and Becton’s low floor. I hated Austin Jackson. Good year for me.
  2. This is a nice pick up in a position of weakness. He also completely maximized his value. Good job by all.
  3. Herbig, Feeney, Edoga and then a vet practice squad spot for McDermott
  4. Signing Duane Brown as a panic move right now means over paying. JD is smart to wait.
  5. Possible but right now the ball is in his court.
  6. The deal he would’ve signed on Saturday is less valuable than the deal he’ll sign if he sign now because there is more need, that’s just how it works. Also if Max Mitchell does well against Philly nothing really changes except he’ll probably make McDermott or Edoga expendable.
  7. Duane Brown can wait. By simply not signing on Saturday and waiting for the Becton injury he made extra money.
  8. Sauce Gardner definitely got transfer portal/ NIL offers his last year in college. Him staying in Cincy says something about his character.
  9. It is also my interpretation so it must be true.
  10. The guy was particularly bad during the Senior Bowl. He also had a lot of good performances in college. At his best he could be a good starter. Sorry for liking a mid round prospect before we drafted him.
  11. I know but I’m lamenting the lack of info especially since fans care about more than QBs and injuries.
  12. I think the beat reporters get bored going into preseason game 1 but the fans don’t. Give us more
  13. Sometimes Zach delivers wobblers but I think his arm is so strong the ball gets there anyways.
  14. The big problem is that right now the Jets have no starting center or LT on the roster next year and the RT hasn’t played meaningful snaps in 2 years. Not great
  15. I wonder if Mitchell will slight in at LT when Fant needs a breather.
  16. Hey maybe this thread can be free of the Mekhi Becton bitching.
  17. I mean we just sign Duane Brown and be done with it. Chuma and Mitchell as backups gives you some experience and potential. Reassess the position at that time. Also Ikem Ekwonu would’ve meant no Sauce. The real gem was Charles Cross, but that would’ve meant no Garrett Wilson. The other gem was Abraham Lucas but that would’ve meant no Jermaine Johnson.
  18. Yeah, last year he was a disaster at the Green and White scrimmage. It deflated me how bad he was. This year it moved slightly.
  19. Definitely true in his Int not true for the night as a whole,
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