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  1. Prove that the data is useful? 2 years of pro football performance condensed into stats and data definitely tells you something useful. Rookie year performance is generally useless and doesn’t help to extrapolate long term success or even create performance baselines. It is less useful or relevant than College analytics and it’s much less useful than 2nd year professional stats. You’re a smart poster. If I’m wrong then you can prove it and show me there’s a baseline performance that is indicative of a QBs future outcomes specifically that there’s a threshold that determines guaranteed or near guaranteed bust status. Otherwise we can agree that most QBs drafted, 81%, bust and rookie performance doesn’t give you anymore insight into who does and doesn’t fit into that category.
  2. 1) you’re being dishonest about where I stand on this position 2) you’re the only one that mentioned Josh Allen 3) the argument has been we don’t know anything more about Zach Wilson now than we did when he was drafted and anyone who points to rookie numbers is not pointing to a relevant dataset
  3. This is fair. I think the sentiment you’re seeing is a result of having a competent offense last year and while fielding a league’s worst defense. Add in the defensive guru HC, the injuries to QB1 and LT1-3 and I think there’s some reason to expect a turnaround for the offense. The defense though shouldn’t be this bad especially since there are some really good players on that side of the ball.
  4. Kurt Warner the older street free agent who became a back up? That’s already improbable. Streveler is a practice squad QB not a back up so your example already fails. Hackenberg is representative of a large majority of NFL QBs who will make a roster but never see the field. Warner is an outlier. So what did you prove?
  5. So fire Saleh and Ulbrich, promote LaFleur to HC and bring in a vet DC.
  6. Another good marker of whether or not a QB is good is if he is rostered and given a chance to start. Coaches and front offices are not in the business of self sabotage. Or should we pretend that Hackenberg might be something with his sample size of 0?
  7. But it is data you simply throw out. If Lawrence is good this year his rookie year is irrelevant. No one is gonna go back and say well if you look at both seasons he’s probably not good. There is no rookie performance that projects out to success for QBs. It’s also foolish to say “Peyton Manning sucked as a rookie therefore other QBs that suck can be Peyton Manning.” We mentioned that 81% of QBs drafted suck and identifying the functional 19% is not anymore or less easy after a rookie season.
  8. “Fields will emerge once he’s out from under Matt Nagy” ”Trey Lance is walking onto the best roster and coaching staff in the league” ”Mac Jones is the best rookie and should’ve gone top 5” ”Urban Meyer hampered Lawrence’s development” None of that means anything. Rookie stats are not indicative of anything otherwise teams would’ve figured out this QB thing much quicker.
  9. I’m not disagreeing with this. However, if Lawrence keeps performing at this level we agree that his rookie year told you nothing of value.
  10. 2nd year of practice reports were generally positive and noted he had improved so I’m not really sure what’s learned from those reports. The injury stuff is a concern but knowing that rookie performance is indicative of nothing Wilson’s statistical profile and breakout age in college is enough reason to take a gamble on his talent at 2 overall in most drafts.
  11. Saleh has a way of making me feel worse about everything everytime he talks.
  12. Less garbage time stats more stats when they actually matter.
  13. 4th string Tackle who is not as good as Max Mitchell would not have been good asset allocation.
  14. Drake London being Drake London in the pros is heartwarming for me.
  15. This is where you’re wrong. If he plays well they get to celebrate and enjoy the day. You are not rewarded for your loyalty on the message board. As captain I suggest you instate a plan to kick all the naysayers and doubters in the balls if Zach Wilson thrives.
  16. This take now is the same amount of correct as it would’ve been week 1 of last year. Rookie performance generally tells you nothing about a prospect either way.
  17. He was one of the most sacked QBs in the league last year and just had that one injury where a guy fell on him awkwardly.
  18. Yes. 98% of QBs drafted are straight trash so being an edge lord of negativity is the only way to be right. And if they’re wrong then they get to celebrate with everyone else.
  19. The trade up for JJ hurts. It’s been 3 games but he looks exactly how I expected him to look. The kid had Bryan Thomas written all over him, a good player but not much more.
  20. This is the craziest post of the week
  21. I mean yes… losing 3 tackles by week 4 is a wild reality and if they rushed Fant back that’s on the coaches.
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