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  1. 2 hours ago, 56mehl56 said:

    Or you wait him out longer and perhaps he gets nervous and drops his price.  This is of course contingent on Mitchell or Edoga showing fairly well as a stop gap. 

    Possible but right now the ball is in his court.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Bowles Movement said:

    He hasnt signed so to this point he hasnt made a cent.  If Mitchell looks great in Fridays game, that offer could be rescinded or decreased.

    The deal he would’ve signed on Saturday is less valuable than the deal he’ll sign if he sign now because there is more need, that’s just how it works. Also if Max Mitchell does well against Philly nothing really changes except he’ll probably make McDermott or Edoga expendable.

  3. 1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

    My guess is that Brown knows he can wait a week and let teams start panicking about their OL situation, and then just pick the situation he wants.

    Duane Brown can wait. By simply not signing on Saturday and waiting for the Becton injury he made extra money. 

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  4. 49 minutes ago, bitonti said:


    or even during training camp 


    necro-ing this thread because, well, as it says in the title, Max Mitchell is a possible stud 

    2nd rd talent at 4th rd prices 



    The guy was particularly bad during the Senior Bowl. He also had a lot of good performances in college. At his best he could be a good starter. Sorry for liking a mid round prospect before we drafted him.

  5. I mean we just sign Duane Brown and be done with it. Chuma and Mitchell as backups gives you some experience and potential. Reassess the position at that time.

    Also Ikem Ekwonu would’ve meant no Sauce. The real gem was Charles Cross, but that would’ve meant no Garrett Wilson. The other gem was Abraham Lucas but that would’ve meant no Jermaine Johnson.

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