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  1. Good measuring stick game for Petty. He was efficient against the blitz and man coverage last week and now he has to go against a good 4-man rush which he struggled against and probably high safeties all day. Final result won't matter but can he take a hit and not go into a shell. Can he play the short field with man coverage in front of him? Should be fun.
  2. I get a strong sense that the beat writers are putting out feelers for what the narrative of the offseason should be.
  3. Do you feel encouraged with Petty as a prospect after taking a more in depth look at him?
  4. Also would this be considered an up and down game or a game that trended upwards after a rough start? I feel like he wavered and then righted his performance.
  5. Wesley Johnson might be the guy and I look forward to seeing Shell at rt this week. The one thing I don't worry about with Petty is Sanchez's biggest flaw, Petty isn't a front runner. He can take a lick, make a mistake and his head doesn't hang. He has the same "I'm having fun" look on his face after every play, good or bad.
  6. That's basically it. He looks like a qb and acts like one both in play and outside of the field.
  7. He's improved since last season and improved from start to start. Gailey has a reputation of getting results from Qbs and is not a noted qb killer. Consistency matters at this point in qb development.
  8. Yep because the best way to develop a young, promising, developmental prospect is to change his coaching staff.
  9. It's hard to believe that there's a Geno thread and even worse how many of the same posters sit here crying for a not very good player. Ignoring the idiotic premise of "only talk serious about our injured irrelevant qb that the team hates," I honestly believe he could end up here. If Petty does well enough to be considered for the starting position but not well enough to outright win it, then Geno and Petty is a solid camp competition. Just given success in preseason Petty should win there, and Geno will be a good backup to have.
  10. He has to build on his second half. He made every throw in those two quarters. Lasers in tight windows from the pocket, outside touch passes, out routes to the flat, scrambling darts downfield they all happened in that second half and he only took 2 sacks. He needs to figure out his long ball and some back shoulder stuff but there is enough to be encouraged about.
  11. So him struggling in the pocket is 60% completion percentage at 11 yards a completion? He needs to trust his reads more but the kid has talent and intangibles out the ass.
  12. Marshall's body language before his injury makes it clear that he hasn't really bought into Petty yet. That first throw where he didn't drag his foot was lazy on his part and the throw was great.
  13. I love that his idol is Favre, if he can be the gunslinger but also show knowledge of the system then we'll have our qb. His scrambles and throws downfield look very Favre/ Rodgers. Watching Mo and ASJ come out and celebrate with Petty shows something about this kid.
  14. At least we know that Bryce Petty is better than Kaep and we can put that to rest.
  15. Marshall isn't running routes and seemed disinterested before his injury. Sit him down play someone that can actually move.
  16. This oline is mostly backups and it is getting destroyed
  17. Last throw was a throwaway, he's settling slightly. Guy at his knees and he didn't panic. Baby steps until game 4 then you see how it all worked out.
  18. Skrine is awful. Of all the players on this team I hate watching him try the most.
  19. Bad play call... doomed from the huddle
  20. Please let Petty show enough to be the guy. That interview makes it seem like he has the right temperament, he looks the part, he walks around with confidence and smirk on the field. It feels right let it be.
  21. 2 straight MLBs in the first round is not good asset management.
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