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  1. I wouldn’t make eye contact with Carl Lawson he’s crazy toned. Zach Wilson warming up separately from the rest of the team. Might be something, might be nothing
  2. Sauce is large. Contrary to board slander his buns look substantial
  3. MC2 off to the side with a trainer because he either got a piece of turf in his eye or his contact fell out
  4. Zachary Kapono is noticeably bigger I expected more turnout but it’s also crazy that most of the lower bowl is full
  5. Sauce is in this photo
  6. Update: I am sweating profusely
  7. My new goal is to start a bad cover band and perform outside MetLife
  8. And yet I saw him and thought he’s kinda small. Not necessarily short but definitely small. I expect to see him this year and be like “Oh he’s bigger, that’s nice”
  9. I’m an attention whore
  10. Fun fact. I went to the this practice last year as Zach’s biggest fan. At the practice I noted struggles and a distinct lack of size from the guy. Those struggles carried into the season.
  11. I was going to provide live updates but you seem desperate and I don’t want to condition you in a way that encourages such behavior.
  12. Some bad play from Jeff Smith. I thought the Int was gonna look worse
  13. If the Jets were focusing on low success percentage situation I can understand this.
  14. I’m not going to answer this question since the answer can be easily found on Twitter
  15. Jeff Smith must be so good when no one is watching. He gets so many first team reps
  16. Can’t wait til November when we’re 24th in the league in pressures
  17. Important to note since so many people took Becton’s struggles against Lawson last year to mean something
  18. Context good but some execution would be nice
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