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  1. Hey INDYGIRL, being local do you know the best lot for visiting fans to tailgate? A bunch of us will be at the parking lot at 500 Madison Ave (Indianapolis, IN, 46225). Its three blocks from Lucas Oil and is $25 for parking. The lot opens at 9am and we heard it fills up quick. It'll be BYOB, look for the Jets flag to find us!
  2. Haha, thanks man. Hey, just as a FYI for those of you who intend to tailgate outside as opposed to cramming into a bar, YOU CAN'T BUY BEER ON SUNDAYS IN INDY. So be sure to stock up on Saturday, I know I will!!
  3. Hey MAX, that'd be great if you can post the tailgate spot when you firm all that up. I know some are looking to set up near the Slippery Noodle and a few others near the Bean Factory (freakin Indy and these names). Would be great if we can get all of us together and really show these Colts fans whats up!
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