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  1. Hey INDYGIRL, being local do you know the best lot for visiting fans to tailgate?

    A bunch of us will be at the parking lot at 500 Madison Ave (Indianapolis, IN, 46225). Its three blocks from Lucas Oil and is $25 for parking. The lot opens at 9am and we heard it fills up quick. It'll be BYOB, look for the Jets flag to find us!

  2. I have to say I am proud. This is a great day for Jet Nation. You were able to work Slippery Noodle and Bean Factory into your first post. That is definitely a double word score.

    I have a message out the Todd from Stadium Events. Hope to get the info tonight.

    Thanks for signing up here btw.

    Haha, thanks man.

    Hey, just as a FYI for those of you who intend to tailgate outside as opposed to cramming into a bar, YOU CAN'T BUY BEER ON SUNDAYS IN INDY. So be sure to stock up on Saturday, I know I will!!

  3. Hey MAX, that'd be great if you can post the tailgate spot when you firm all that up. I know some are looking to set up near the Slippery Noodle and a few others near the Bean Factory (freakin Indy and these names). Would be great if we can get all of us together and really show these Colts fans whats up!

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