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    Any errors in my posts I submit to the correction of the Catholic Church.

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    Being at the 2009 home opener against the patriots, my second jets game.
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    Doug Brien's field goal misses in the 2004 playoffs.
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  1. I hope we deliver the beatdown of the ages on these guys opening night
  2. id rather have upgrades to calvin pace and bryan thomas first.
  3. the lions are such a dirty team coming from the titans style of play, I wouldn't be surprised is one of them lunges at bradys knees.
  4. ill be satisfied if calvin pace rips brandon jacobs head off, escalating from last years gash he gave to eli lol.
  5. we don't need anymore running backs, ESPECIALLY YOU FRED JACKSON!
  6. theres a difference between being injured and not being superman. plaxico is not the last son of krypton I'm afraid, and his back may hurt without the application of kryptonite.
  7. Yea, all the green should be the same tone, and the font should be changed to Jets font.
  8. its hilarious when tisch speaks out; I think he is a closet jet fan, he was publicly rooting for us the past two post seasons and all the giant fans were throwing hissy fits.
  9. so we are associated with wilford brimley merely because he is apparently a jet fan? I thought it would be a little more creative than that lol.
  10. Yes, it was parcells, but parcells would not have been here if not for the poor state of the franchise under this guy: So, yes, all the success we are having now is owed to Rich Kotite.
  11. time for someone to photoshop a new version of the logo to make it say Jetlife
  12. he's really fast, but...way too skinny, dudes gotta gain some weight to play LB, looks like a safety out there.
  13. Riding the wave of success of the 2011 offseason championship, the New England Patriots will move to LA and change their name to the Los Angeles Dwarves, spear headed by such players as danny woodhead and wes welker who exemplify the teams new namesake.
  14. The same thing was said last year and we had every type of locker room problem besides ego problems lol.
  15. wow #50, the only genius on the team who actually decided to cover the RB when no one did on similar plays.
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