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  1. Ok, I'll get back on if we are both in the playoffs.
  2. I do, your just like the Chowds and the Phags. When your team is in it, your here running your mouth, when they aren't, your no where to found. Yeah I haven't been here since after the Colts won the AFCCG last year
  3. As long as it isn't Manning, We have a shot. I wouldn't trade him for the entire Jets team
  4. That is great. This is seriously all in fun. Stirring it up, you know
  5. Right after rex choked on Caldwells balls
  6. Why cause your coach sucks? Total Affirmative Action hiring by Dungy. Who has a better record? Caldwell or Ryan?. Honest question, I don't know
  7. I'm worried about the Colts. Thats why I 'm not acting as if we have the number 1 seed locked up
  8. I live five minutes from Lucas Oil Stadium and went to Colts Jets games when Clarence Verdin was tearing you guys up. Colts fan, yes. but far from fair weather. I hate the Cowboys, too though, if it helps
  9. You guys are way ahead of yourselves. Your schedule gets tough, and your division will be won by the Patriots or Dolphins.
  10. Is it just the Jets organization or is it a "New York mentality" to believe that the Jets are a great team? The brash, overbearing false confidence that is shown to the country is starting to take it's toll on me, I'm sorry. The team is okay, but they have a long way to go before they win a SB. Tired of your obnoxious Coach, and Sanchez should have gotten Most Overrated Player
  11. [QUOTE=Jetfan13;1512926]why even bother playing the game if you give the calls to the glamour boys? Come on Refs, my coach's expectations are this big!
  12. Hey guys, Colts fan here, I thought all week if you guys lost I would be the first one to rip up on the Jets and Jets fans. I just can't. After the game I thought, man this was a lot closer of a game than I thought it would be, and closer than the final score read. You guys have a good base to build on. An all around good shot at success next year, and a fairly young team. It was a good game guys, and you have nothing to be upset about because it could have went either way. I thought we would blow you out of the stadium, and the Jets came out swinging. Can't say I'm upset that we are going to the big game, but better luck next year (Unless you are playing the Colts!)
  13. Yeah, I've heard that, if only he could grow a patchy dirty looking beard, then he would be cool on top of being the best quarterback who ever lived. Just saying
  14. Colts 38 Jets 10 This team is quietly hearing what the world has to say, and it is pissing them off

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