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  1. Who cares? It's not like his wife doesn't have access to millions of dollars..
  2. No, No, No, No!!!!!! How can anybody NOT be outraged by this??????? I mean come the **** on!!!!! Jason Taylor bad mouthed Jets fans for years.... The Jets should find someone else....
  3. I live in Philly.... Trust me guys, don't listen to the national media. McNabb's time is over in Philly.... The team went as far as they are going to go with him, and the fans want him gone... I'm surprised they traded him to DC, but all that tells me is that the Eagles really didn't think much of him... Kolb>McNabb
  4. The defensive line is the most important part of the 3-4 defense, and we need to get younger. The problem is I doubt Odrick is there are 29. If that's the case I think the pick will be either a WR or DE/OLB to replace Bryan Thomas/Gholston.... Personally I think Golden Tate would be a nice fit in this offense... What do y'all think?
  5. The only way they should go after Marshall is if they get rid of Edwards. At this point I think they are best served just to give Edwards the season. We are a ground and pound team. e
  6. Ugh.... Cromartie is not the type of player the Jets should be pursuing. He got scorched numerous times over the past two season, and he can't tackle a lick as we all saw in the playoffs. Lets not forget that this guy has 7 kids with 5 different woman. He's sure sounds like a quality person:confused: Why are the Jets always willing to give up draft picks for underachievers???? There is a reason why players Cromartie and Edwards get jettisoned.
  7. Ugh... This came out wrong LOL I meant write football games at MLB stadiums. The Giants used to play at Candlestick is what I meant to say.
  8. Everyone is copying the NHL (I think the winter classic is kind of cool)... Northwestern and Illinois are playing their game in Wrigley Field this year.. Idk... I just think it's publicity stunt to get on national tv..... The 49ers played at Candlestick for years...
  9. Who knows? I know for one that they would have to be healthy. If Greene and 2-3 DB's go down during the 2nd half of Cincy we aren't even having this convo. I do think that we would have smoked Atlanta back 1998
  10. Wow? So now getting to the AFC Championship game makes you a great QB?
  11. Be smart buddy... Stafford came from to an 0-16 team... His numbers were similar to Sanchez despite playing in less games and with a much worse supporting cast. Stafford might be the best prospect that came out since Carson Palmer... He's a big time player IMO. He was hurt most of the season as well and showed great toughness... I'm not knocking Mark... I'm just not sold on him yet..... I think there is a better chance of him being the next Rex Grossman than the next Steve Young. As for Chad Henne, I like what I have seen from him. He seems like a smart QB with a good arm. Ther
  12. I don't know how you can say Flacco sucks? He carried that team this season for most of the year. The guy is 6'6 235 with mobility and a howitzer for a right arm. He is the next Ben Roethlisberger IMO When Sanchez starts completing 60% of his passes then I can use his name in the same sentence as Joe Flacco.
  13. 1. Joe Flacco- Best sideline to sideline thrower in the NFL 2. Matt Ryan- Played hurt most of the season. Great prospect and future great 3. Matthew Stafford- Big time arm... Will be a great player when he gets some talent around him 4. Chad Henne- Big time arm with smarts and moxy.... The way he cut up the Jets defense in his first start says a lot about him 5. Mark Sanchez- Has the tools to be an NFL starter 6. Josh Freeman- high ceiling
  14. Two games I a GUARANTEE we will lose are: @ Cleveland- We NEVER beat Cleveland, and Mangini will have that one marked on his calendar @ Denver- Another place/team the Jets simply can't play
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