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  1. Chad Johnson was one of the hardest-working players on the Bengals in his tenure there, hopefully that's all the influence he imparts upon Geno. Otherwise, meh. He was a no-brainer 2nd rounder with no brain.
  2. Insult fail. I won't hold it against you, unless we're slow dancing that is.
  3. No knucklehead. He is not real. He is not fat or jolly. Proof. http://megaswf.com/serve/1052122
  4. That's cause he is a gigantic fat puke. Disgusting. Not jolly at all. Just a fat mean spirited doosh. Why they made him a mod is beyond me. I would have chosen Pac or Hess. Those guys are quality.
  5. Leave Cindy alone!!! Crusher is a fat turd and his enormous ass and flatulence if destroying the ozone.
  6. I feel your pain baby. I hate Crusher he's fat and sucks.
  7. I know right? I hate that **** ****ing pig.
  8. vote monkey poop belongs in toilets not flying thru the air.
  9. True. It just shakes more when certain posters walk on it.
  10. Kellen has potential and old fashion country boy good looks. We will all be sad when he go's to another team and becomes a perennial pro-bowler. So do you have any single girlfriends that like hairy men?
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