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  1. Chad Johnson was one of the hardest-working players on the Bengals in his tenure there, hopefully that's all the influence he imparts upon Geno. Otherwise, meh. He was a no-brainer 2nd rounder with no brain.
  2. Insult fail. I won't hold it against you, unless we're slow dancing that is.
  3. No knucklehead. He is not real. He is not fat or jolly. Proof. http://megaswf.com/serve/1052122
  4. That's cause he is a gigantic fat puke. Disgusting. Not jolly at all. Just a fat mean spirited doosh. Why they made him a mod is beyond me. I would have chosen Pac or Hess. Those guys are quality.
  5. Leave Cindy alone!!! Crusher is a fat turd and his enormous ass and flatulence if destroying the ozone.
  6. I feel your pain baby. I hate Crusher he's fat and sucks.
  7. I know right? I hate that **** ****ing pig.
  8. vote monkey poop belongs in toilets not flying thru the air.
  9. True. It just shakes more when certain posters walk on it.
  10. Kellen has potential and old fashion country boy good looks. We will all be sad when he go's to another team and becomes a perennial pro-bowler. So do you have any single girlfriends that like hairy men?
  11. No. I actually dislike you just as much. But at least you do contribute something worthwhile in the football threads. So is the building still standing after your charitable stair climb? Very nice of you.
  12. I hate Klecko. He's not nice and he banned me from JI. I don;t care what strangers think. You have adorable kids your blessed. Too bad abou tour hair though. Ever consider Rogain? Im naturally hairy, I get it from my moms side. I don;t have to worry about going bald but I am prone to tooth decay.
  13. Im not a racist but fried chicken is gross. Don't worry about the 10 pounds you loss, Im sure the Colonel will help you find it. I do think it's nice your happy with yourself and have someone in your life. Im currently single. Does your sister have a sister or a brother? (joking) Shoulder surgery? Glad it's ok. But maybe you should try using silverware instead of a coal shovel to eat and this will decrease the chance of injury. You go to the gym 3x's a week. I go 7 you should try going more. Most gyms have a juice bar but no KFC, Nothing wrong with being inbred.
  14. Gee what a surprise. Lit Special is making people feel right at home as usual. Yet I do have to be honest that Im considered to be one of your facorite posters. I knew you loved me. By the way, I'd rather be inbred than fat. Hey Tnjet Ive always enjoyed your post. I look forward to when your ready to commit to more than 2 a day.
  15. Thank you. One of my favorite posters.
  16. Dude I already explained this. Im a commercial plumber, very successful by the way. I found that funny toilet picture and decided the name would be funny. You might worship your fat friend but I don't.
  17. Why are you spamming my thread? Thats a disgusting show. Do you enjoy other peoples misery that much? Honestly?
  18. No it's just I workout three times a day and injured my rotator cuff and had to cut back. I usually print out the good football threads and read them on my treadmill. You know the ones where you never have anything to add.
  19. Are you really asking me that question. Read this thread. I've been nothing but attack since I got here. Doesn't it make you uncomfortable referring to a man as your Muffin Top? I'm ok with homosexuality but that's just strange. Besides that guy is so overplayed. We know your fat, we get it.
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