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  • Birthday 09/19/1955

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    Spring Lake NJ
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    Beating Pats on opening day 2009.
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    So many... Losing to Browns in playoffs in 86. Roughing the passer penalty killed us/
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    in front of my new zenith tv that i bought w my paper route money.
  1. i got my psl. Originally, I was gonna go upstairs without a PSL because I had enough seniority to do it, then I started getting calls from my "agent". I am a sucker when it comes to the Jets so I put my 10 per cent down and agreed to a ten year (I think) payout. Then in December I got a call about my second payment being overdue. When I asked what would happen if I changed my mind the guy said they would put me in collections. That was before the Atlanta game when the playoffs seemed an impossibility. Now I am all caught up on my payments (even though I hate the concept of PSLs) and I am excited to see the new stadium. Go Jets!!!!
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