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    Chad Pennington play action, with his back turned to the defense, walking non-chalantly before turning around and throwing a dart to Curtis Martin.
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    The butt-fumble becoming a verb.
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  1. Meh. It’s a Jets message board. Some people come here to talk Jets, others come to talk about themselves with a bunch of “look at me” behavior. ...and HOW DARE YOU get ME to look up ‘pinky winky’! (On edit: it means beautiful flower)
  2. Lucky for us, if Becton has to play on one leg from a kneeling position he’d still be 6’4 and be able to stall most pass rushers. It’s not like we ran behind him anyway.
  3. I’m going to pretend that the absent Richard Sherman is “locking down” the WR1 we don’t have.
  4. Wrong. Chris Hogan: 7-Eleven, always open JetNation posters: Waffle House, a breeding house for high cholesterol
  5. I like it but I’ll go with 49ers 24, Jets 21 ...your score hits the over at 44 ...mine hits the under at 43
  6. Has anyone pointed out that HALF of the games in week 1 we’re lost by 10 points or more? That’s 8 out of 16 games...and of them, 6 of those 10+ point victories were at the hand of a 2019 playoff team. Could it be that those teams required less preparation (training camp, preseason, etc.), or that they were more talented/better coaching? I don’t know.
  7. I’m going to list them by perceived hair length: 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Jamal Adams 3. Sam Darnold 4. Baker Mayfield 5. Runny Allens 6. Josh Rosenbloom
  8. Let’s wait to get @Paradis’s take on this. That guy is never wrong.
  9. The narcissism in this thread is magnificent. Unless it isn't; we should ask someone who boldly claims that he's never wrong.
  10. This is a funny topic because I was thinking about what teams might potentially trade for Sam if we ended up drafting Trevor Lawrence, and replacing Stafford in Detroit was the best fit I came up with due to mechanics and demeanor.

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