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  1. This makes no sense. If you stop the run, the opponent will stop running...and pass more. How does that help out our CBs?
  2. Madden ratings just came out, give him a day or two to realize we have the fourth worst team in the NFL.
  3. Link please, from this exhaustive list it would appear ESPN just copy/pasted the Madden 20 team ratings.
  4. Is OP going to update the thread title every day?
  5. Has never played a full season, check. Has never surpassed 1,000 yards, check. Has never caught more than 50 passes in a season, check. Not even officially eligible to be on an NFL roster due to behavioral issues. JN: "we should kick the tires"
  6. TEAM RATINGS Overall: Jets (78) is tied for 3rd worst in NFL along with Cardinals, Bills, Buccaneers (78). Worse than us: Giants (77); Dolphins (74). Defense: Jets (80) is tied for 8th worst in NFL along with Steelers, Redskins, Seahawks, Lions, Cardinals, and Bills (80). Worse than us: Bengals, Chiefs, Colts (78); Buccaneers, Raiders (74); Dolphins, Giants (72). Offense: Jets (73) is tied for 4th worst in NFL along with Cardinals (73). Worse than us: Jaguars, Bills (71); Dolphins (69). ...seems pretty biased, or maybe I was just expecting better results because I'm a homer Jets fan that perennially gets his hopes up for no reason.
  7. All he has to do is run for his life and throw to one of the seventeen receivers they have on roster.
  8. I must have missed this. Rosen isn’t on the Cardinals?! Where did he go? I’m going to start a thread.
  9. (Right to left) Crowder, Anderson, Darnold, Herndon, Enunwa, Webb, Burnett and Dortch cool turn out
  10. That’s over 100 yards after contact. That doesn’t sound right.
  11. Smart betters will wait until Madden20 comes out to see the team rankings, and wager accordingly.
  12. That’s like saying people from Jacksonville are from Florida. While technically true, luring someone to Fresno county without using a meth pipe is as easy as “tempting” someone to spend their summer vacay in the Travelocity hotspot that is Wyoming.

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