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  1. SF trades 2nd round pick for QB. He hurts knee. Prior to this, they lose their big free agent RB acquisition (knee), and then two starting OL (knee, knee)... So they would give New Orleans a FIRST ROUND PICK FIR TEDDY THE KNEE BRIDGEWATER?! No.
  2. How ironic if we land him... Bell’s patented move is the skip-step stop & go. Our OL’s favorite move is the skip-snap go & stop.
  3. Greenseed4


    I’m just glad the youth infusion of QBs in the NFL (over the past 3 years) is making for good football. Its about f’ing time!
  4. It sucks that Sam’s BEST attribute: the scramble/near sack/completion ...is the same stress-inducing skill set that’s going to be the death of me.
  5. Greenseed4

    Jets Waive ArDarius Stewart

    @Maxman can we do something about the image sizing (mobile) for all the JetNation posts?
  6. +1, I was thinking “Gun Metal Gray” as our primary...you know, like actual jets?
  7. Greenseed4

    Watching Mack again

    We made an offer that the Raiders liked less than Chicago’s.
  8. Greenseed4

    Is Q a #1?

  9. Somehow both teams have negative momentum right now.
  10. My ability to move my hand toward my ass vs. toward my left ankle: 100% accurate. not bragging.

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