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    I don't like anything. I don't even really like the Jets.

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    Chad Pennington play action.
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    The butt-fumble becoming a verb.
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  1. I’m on page 21. First person to say “scoragami” is getting punched.
  2. I need to find my compass and work out an exit strategy. In the meantime, what the **** is this game and did I win yet?
  3. I am in a circle of “loved ones” staring at me, and it’s been pointed out that I am wearing face paint.
  4. I just broke nine months of sobriety with a nice little bender.
  5. No. The way things go for the Jets would be to have him come back week 15, play sooo lights out that we don’t draft/sign anyone to compete for his spot. Then, he blows out his Achilles the week after the last suitable free agent gets signed.
  6. RB, yes WR, yes FB, ok maybe... we know he and his girl are bonding with our young QB. We need to build the wall; then add one more skill player, and we might actually have an offense. TE? another WR? I don't care, something.
  7. Also, I’d like to point out that WTF IS GOING ON?!!
  8. @Nolder do I have to unvote the speed test to change my vote?
  9. Wait. Her name is “cherry”? You might be onto something here. Who among us would impregnate a young woman thinking she was actually a pie? Vote Crusher
  10. Oh. There is confusion. Did JC ever vote? Did Pac really take him out? Did Nolder just cluster**** another one of his twisted games?! More to come…after this commercial break.
  11. Derek Stingley had an incredible freshman year, then took half of a year off, and has had zero stats since. I would think taking him at 2 is too much of a gamble.
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