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    I don't like anything. I don't even really like the Jets.

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    I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
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    I like engaging with strangers online.
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    Chad Pennington play action.
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    The butt-fumble becoming a verb.
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  1. Hell yeah, happy birthday dude
  2. What’s the over/under on D1 posts before someone does a complete role reveal?
  3. Not to “game the mod” or anything…. But the premise of this game is off. The Jets seem equally adept at stopping decent QB play as any scum mole.
  4. I’d like to point out that I only pound the table for good QBs.
  5. This. Part of the allure for me is the idea that Zach models his game after AR, has had player comparisons to AR, and already has a working rapport with Aaron Rodgers. They’re both 6’2, 215 gunslingers with crazy arm talent. Getting the opportunity to learn from his hero/mentor, and grow from the bench for 1-2 years is what makes this deal really fantastic. Just as Aaron moves into his retirement phase we could have his replacement doppelgänger in tow, ready to go, and make us a legit contender for the next decade plus.
  6. Yeah, the take-offs are really smooth. It’s the crash landings that drop those Yelp reviews.
  7. Don’t we have enough CJs on the team already?
  8. Ben Jones had multiple concussions that sent him to IR last year. Aside from that, yeah, he’s good.
  9. I have nothing of worth to post. But I wanted to share that, so I too, could be a part of this thread.
  10. Berrios reminds me of this girl I was in love with in high school, who dated all of my friends. In this analogy, my friends and I are the AFC-East, and I am Buffalo.
  11. I believe Mike White was technically the first.
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