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  1. I didn’t really understand why you were comparing the Macaggnan trade in 2018 to a hypothetical Douglass one in 2021 either, but I can assure you I understand how the trade value chart works. You using a trade where we clearly overcompensated to move up to #3, as a benchmark for trade value doesn’t mean dropping to #12 isn’t worth what has been proposed in the OP.
  2. And yet Joe Douglas, needing a WR, was willing to drop 11 spots in the 2nd last year just to recoup a 3rd. It depends on who we are targeting and what comparable value is for say the OT at #2 vs. the OL at #12 (plus 4 impact players). Or the QB/WR at #2 vs. the QB/WR/TE at #12 (plus 4 impact players).
  3. I think getting back an extra 1, 2, 3, and Dee Ford, just for moving down ten spots to #12 would be very generous. I might have gone a different direction with the picks (Rashawn Slater at 12, Zaven Collins at 23...but who knows this early).
  4. IMG_2597.MP4 FullSizeRender.mov
  5. I can help. Lev Bell just ran for .5 yards after a couple 20 yard plays from Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman. The Browns are running at 5 yards a clip, but insist on passing for incompletions and looking incredulous.
  6. What do the numbers mean? “0-4 last 5 years”
  7. Bingo. He’s Darren Waller, which isn’t something to scoff at, I just don’t think he’s a building block... he’s the cherry. If he hits and stays healthy, you look great picking him. If he Evan Engrams & teeters on IR you’re going to wish you went with a more premium position pick.
  8. Yeah, I’m being douchey. As talented as he is, if you take out his Ole Miss performance (8 rec, 170 yards, 4 TDs) he’s just an athletic dude who catches accurate passes. I just don’t see a top-10 pick in him.
  9. So then last year he had well over 50 catches, right?
  10. Please tell me he had at least 50 receptions last year. If we are taking a first round “playmaker” he should have at least 50 receptions at the college level.
  11. Right now, I think it will either be the Packers, Saints, or Bucs playing against the Ravens, Bills, Browns or Chiefs
  12. Yes. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that 2 quarters of a game will define a coach’s ability.

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