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  1. He is 35 years old. That means he is older than our offensive coordinator.
  2. This is now being discussed in its own thread. Thanks
  3. To you guys making fun of errand/errant… …that guy taught me: cap/no cap, kizzy, and bean. Maybe YOU’RE the nerds spelling it wrong.
  4. And here I thought you were just really good at basketball.
  5. In other news, Moses will be wearing #78, and Fant will retain his number #76. No regerts
  6. Stark: drunk on good tequila Barry: drunk on Vizzy Jville: too drunk to post Ape: quit job, drunk JiF: drunk in Miami bitch ——— Everyone questioning the sober guy’s logic. This would make for a hilarious whodunnit movie.
  7. Zero sense? ZERO?! I think there’s more than one scum left. I think Ape is scum. The last time a scum was “lynched” Ape was the first person to vote on that train (80). Following Ape will lead to scum as he likes to bus early. Now, Stark might flip town, and at this point a mislynch doesn’t devastate our chance at a victory. But he’s been saying some questionable sh*t- hence other townies voting him in addition to Ape. So to say this makes “zero” sense makes me question your alignment.
  8. Follow the votes. If I think Ape is scum, and he has a tendency to be first vote on a scum train, and if I believe JC and Nyn to be Town. It’s actually pretty Unpingy.
  9. Well you didn’t give it to yourself. And it wasn’t given to you by anyone with an active train. When your N1 visitor wants to come out, I can confirm him. I know 80 is already dead, but If someone else tries to fake claim the visited-you-role I can deny it.
  10. The results were not hard to understand. It was the way you presented them in this sentence above. Geez man. Without the "not- not" I wouldn't if you were, but it says other.
  11. WTF does this mean?! It's a negatively framed double-negative. What did your results say?
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