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  1. With pick 123, the Eagles select: Edge from Penn State, Shaka Toney @choon328 OTC @King P On Deck
  2. This is what the spreadsheet is for (linked on the first post of the thread). Players are categorized by “best available” and by position. The guys who run this are really well organized!
  3. Thanks @Jetsfan80!!! You did a great job keeping track of the madness/confusion.
  4. Interesting that you’re the only player to claim knowledge of receiving an active vaccine. I think 80 only told me because of end game and it didn’t affect the game/me dying. How do you explain that? vote BUM
  5. I was informed that my vaccine had expired and I have TESTED POSITIVE. I will die during N8 phase of the game. I didn't realize that I had been vaccinated, or that it could expire. **** this game, 80. @Pac if that was you who attempted to save me, thank you sir. If you're not who you say you are and have been playing us all along, GFY. @JiF I doubt you'll see this as you spend your weekends getting stoned on the beach or course. But I wish I could've Mason'd up with you and Crush. You guys are the most fun in this game. @BUM-KNEE, Congrats on a gam
  6. JVOR's self-lynch has shades of Ape playing chicken, encouraging us to lynch him. I say we give him his wish and end this game. vote JVOR
  7. I read it as though you weren't really shocked. Your reaction and its timing seemed fake.
  8. @Pac @JiF @Jets Voice of Reason @Verbal This came across as playing dumb to me. I was ready to vote JVOR and be done with this game, but now I'm not sure if it's BUM this whole time. I could go either way. Thoughts? also, glad to hear the positive news about your results, BK. (even if you are scum)
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