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    Making money, making music, and making love...but not in that order. Also, I dabble in stand-up.

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    Chad Pennington play action, with his back turned to the defense, walking non-chalantly before turning around and throwing a dart to Curtis Martin.
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    The butt-fumble becoming a verb.
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  1. Greenseed4

    Building a team through free agency

    Easy peezy. sign LT, Trent Brown. Move Beachum to RT. Two spots, solid. sign C Matt Paradis. Move Harrison to the fry cooker at Arby’s. sign Dee Ford, play him at LG since he lines up there anyway. Keep Winters. Draft Josh Allen in the first.
  2. Greenseed4

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    Aaand this is what 4.56 looks like. amirite @T0mShane
  3. Greenseed4

    Building a team through free agency

    Yes. But your point is that you can’t solely build through the draft, teams need to be active in free agency, when in reality UDFAs account for a large sourcing pool for rosters. Splitting hairs, I know. I really just wanted to make a joke about the “easy math” comment coupled with the “6 rounds” gaffe.
  4. Greenseed4

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    So funny.
  5. Greenseed4

    Building a team through free agency

    I know they keep changing it, but I thought offseason rosters got as high as 90 before cut downs.
  6. Greenseed4

    Building a team through free agency

    This post has two numbers, and they’re both wrong.
  7. Greenseed4

    **** the Saints

    At what point should we tell OP that our new defensive coordinator was the mastermind behind the bountygate scandal? So really, this thread should be “**** the Jets”. (You know, like every other thread)
  8. Greenseed4

    **** the Saints

    @nico002 You’re just hearing about this?
  9. The likeliest result from this will be a rule change that allows coaches to challenge pass interference, and other calls that aren’t reviewable.
  10. Greenseed4

    Quinnen Williams

    I liked QW, but the interviews and highlights are wearing thin on me....especially given last year’s double-dipping at DT with Shep and Fok I’d prefer going DE (if Josh Allen is available) or shutdown CB.
  11. Greenseed4

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    Cool story bro. Ask me HOW many of his seven sacks happened when we sent 4 or more pass rushers, and where he was LINED up. THEN ask me how many players on our team had MORE than 7 sacks. Actually don’t. I must be STOOPID because I don’t agree with you. *dumb emoji from the 90s*
  12. Greenseed4

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    Who knows why Indy traded him, but methinks it was def not bc of ability. Anderson (6’6, 295) was a third round draft pick in the 2015 draft. His rookie season he was put on IR due to a knee injury, and prior to our trade for him he was recovering from a laryngeal fracture which had him IR’d for the 2017 season. The Colts drafted two DEs in the second round, Kemoko Turay and Tyquan Lewis, making him expendable. He cost the team $2.1M in 2017, (and I don’t know what he was scheduled to earn in 2018) but the Indy front office may have been riding their draft buzz (they already had 10 draft picks turned in prior to trading for our 7th), perhaps they just wanted to save money on an “injury prone” player (IR 2 of 3 years), maybe they just really wanted that extra draft pick, who knows? But I’ll say this. Kid can play, and he can play on a 3-man front or a 40. And even if he’s just kept for rotation to spell Leo (6’5, 300) I think he’s earned a spot on our roster and we’d be fools to not reward his 2018 play.
  13. Greenseed4

    Bizzaro Jets: EVERYTHING is different

    True. But the ability to gain chunk plays that move the ball 50+ yards is also valuable, especially for December dome games. It would be nice to have the ability to do both by having a field-stretching WR, AND a dominant running attack!

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