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  1. A name I like, Eric Bieniemy. He was a collegiate All-American (Heisman finalist), and former NFLer who played for three different teams over an 8 year professional career. So he can relate to players. He was a running back coach for MIN during the Adrian Peterson hay-days, and KC during Jamal Charles reign. So he might help lure that highly prized free agent running back. Currently, OC of the Chiefs, he’s in line to become the next Andy Reid disciple to make the OC-to-HC transition (like Pederson who just won a SB, and Matt Nagy, who’s doing alright with a second year, Mitch Trubisky). Get this guy and the Taylor twins; sign a DC with HC experience, for support. Call it a day.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/videos/good-morning-football/0ap3000000934653/Get-to-know-Chiefs-offensive-coordinator-Eric-Bieniemy
  3. Greenseed4

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    LT, unless Bosa falls.
  4. Greenseed4

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    Whoever prevents us from winning meaningless games.
  5. Greenseed4

    Draft Position Thread

    NYG play SF, tomorrow OAK play ARI, next week we have a shot at #3 overall
  6. The Giants play San Francisco on MNF. The Cardinals play Oakland next week. We pick #3 maybe.
  7. Greenseed4

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    I would defer to them and support.
  8. Greenseed4

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    I’m for it. Age aside, mileage aside, he’s a generational talent. Adrian Peterson, 33, is the 5th leading rusher this year (80 yards less than Kareem Hunt, or Ezekiel Elliot), on a failing WAS team with Alex Smith at the helm. He’s worth the dice roll.
  9. Proof he was a Demi-God. Held by his achilles, he was dipped into the river Styx to be made immortal, a logistical error, which left him vulnerable to a single weakness. That one damn tendon.
  10. Greenseed4

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    I think the only thing that’s “obvious” is that we NEED a pass rusher. That Macc pursued the best of what’s available tells me that Dee Ford, an UFA is definitely worth a looksie.
  11. Greenseed4

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    Dee Ford, and Le’Veon Bell. Draft OL. Sounds good.
  12. Greenseed4

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    Well played, SJ.
  13. Greenseed4

    49ers vs Raiders

    It’s that spaghetti song.

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