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  1. Greenseed4

    Only two Jets picked in SI fantasy mock

    @SAR I report this please
  2. Greenseed4

    July Madness sign up

    Thank God!!
  3. Greenseed4

    Which end do Jets warm up on?

    After the toss which way do they take it?
  4. Greenseed4


    I feel like if I was more outgoing, people would refer to me by MY first name.
  5. Last year’s 53 by position: QB (3) RB(4) TE (3) OL (9) WR (7) DL (6) LB (8) CB (6) S (4) ST (3) PS (10) ———— I think we go 7 CBs and 6 WRs this year.
  6. Yeah, I get it. Shiny new bike, let’s take it to the half pipe. I’m excited to see what it can do also; but let’s wait until the helmet arrives from Amazon in six weeks before cracking our skull open and losing interest in bikes forever.
  7. Let him sit until Game-6. The three-game stretch in 10 days to start the season, followed by “Saxonville” in week 4 and DEN (w/ Chubb in tow) in week 5, make INDY (week 6) an ideal start. Let him watch & learn while the OL gels, and then let him play & learn, when the DL heat wears off some.
  8. Greenseed4

    July Madness sign up

    Let’s talk about it.
  9. Greenseed4

    OG J.R Sweezy released

    Sweezy for Sheezy.
  10. I think beside the whole “talent” argument, we really need to ask ourselves if they’re “good” guys (like, personality-wise). i think wes is a really good guy, and that should be what really matters.
  11. Yeah, like is it still, “puff, puff, pass” or, do you get extra time when you’re wearing the bong on your face?
  12. The truth is, for our team to compete this year; we can’t concern ourselves with player earnings. The top-10 earners don’t necessarily equate to our top-10 performers. We need to see production from mid-round draft picks and UDFA. Period.
  13. I wouldn’t discount the defenses of DET, MIA, or CLE. Their deficiencies aren’t on the DL. They all have talented defenses, it’s their offenses that keep them down.