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  1. Key vs Turay?

    Stay away from Key. He plays sloppy, he lacks pass rushing moves, and in addition to having questionable character he lacks discipline (he’s 6’6, 240) but after quitting on his team for personal reasons, ballooned up to 270. He’s a “name” guy who was once talked about as a high first rounder, but there’s a reason he’s getting Day 3 whispers. Potential 3rd rd pass rushers: Okronkwo, Holland, Nwosu, Armstrong, Sweat, Fitts, and even Turay (though I see a lot of Mauldin in his game, so I wouldn’t go that route). I even like the idea of waiting until rd.4 and seeing who (from above) drops, and/or “settling” for Trevon Young or Mata’afa.
  2. Draft Day Movie Discussion

    Sums up a lot of posters here since the JI exodus. “I have no grounds to make an opinionated comment, but here’s my definitive stance” lol
  3. Just saw something on TV, I’d like to change my answers to Josh Rosen.
  4. Royce Freeman is the back to have in this draft. That said, in the 3rd frame we need to priritize Pass Rush, OL, and if a blue chip TE falls, consider going that route.
  5. Chad Reuter NFL.com 7 round mock...

    Thread about a 7 round mock. OP only lists the first round pick and some face palm gifs
  6. Anyone else like all 4?

    At this point, I’m almost rooting for the pick to be based more on entertainment value than win/loss potential. In that sense, I have: 1. Baker, TD dances/sideline antics 2. Allen, freak show deep balls 3. Darnold, Houdini routines 4. Rosen, smooth throwing motion = boring
  7. Second overall pick is...

    Oh. Hey, I wonder if they said the same thing about Gholston, Mingo, Dion Jordan, and Solomon Thomas?
  8. Second overall pick is...

    The truth is, nobody knows. I think (maybe) three college teams run a legit 3-4 base defense; NC State isn't one of them. When you take a player that only has experience moving forward, and ask him to play in space, you run a higher risk of busting, a la Vernon Gholston, Barkevious Mingo, Dion Jordan, (I guess the jury is still out on) Solomon Thomas, but you get the idea.
  9. Fanspeak mocks

    @T0mShane shared a link that is helpful in picking a realistic Big Board https://zonecoverage.com/2018/featured/who-constructed-the-best-big-board-of-the-2015-nfl-draft/ (NFL Rough Draft, and NFL Draft Scout, have the best record for ranking player boards). That said... (I did the “double-dip” technique again, but this year it’s at pass rusher, and I triple dipped) (or, OL)
  10. Second overall pick is...

    To his credit, a lot of GMs have had high picks and I’ve never heard of the gold jacket barometer from ANYONE.
  11. Connecting the Draft Dots

    YOUR point is that he had his greatest success with Cutler-player. MY point is that he had Cutler when he had his greatest success running the Shanny-system. Together, OUR points are that a strong-armed gunslinger with a 50% completion rate (whether from Vanderbilt or Laramie), doesn’t matter in the “west coast” system we’re installing. The worst part of Cutler’s game is his ‘crybaby’ attitude, and if you take the Rosen out of Cutler, you’re left with Josh Allen.
  12. Second overall pick is...

    I went Barkley. Gold jacket player, lack of depth at RB, OBJ is being a dick, Saquon brings a playmaker element to the offense if they decide to part ways with said dick, and because Chubb in a 3-4 is not a perfect fit.
  13. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Cutler was the QB he coached when he ran the offense he’s about to install for the Jets.
  14. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    Mayfield is pure entertainment tho. Winning is cool, but if you have two prospects rated closely together (and in this draft, there’s three or four), then you have to go with the guy who brings the fan base back to the stadium with his Wiley antics. It’s the secret formula to getting prime time games and favorable calls, because if viewership goes up, the suits are going to make sure our visibility benefits the league. Rosen is cool if you want to have an economics debate over a game of fortnight.