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  1. Honest question: did Grandy sign the Revis helmet?
  2. Autographed Revis Helmet For Sale

    I guess he didn’t really specify WHO autographed the helmet Revis wore. Looks like some guy named, “ DC fagy”
  3. I agree with this ^ We’ve been drafting/developing CBs for a while now. We drafted 2 last year (Clark, Jones), plus we traded an ‘18 pick mid-season (Robinson), and drafted (Burris) the year before that. You’d think ONE of them would be ready to step up already and man the #2 spot. If not, then maybe McCaggs SHOULDNT be drafting one in the top round!
  4. Patrick Mahomes is going to be a star

    @Zerovoltz Do you seriously think that getting a franchise QB is better than getting a box safety who is probably better than the other safety we drafted one round later?
  5. Should the Jets sign Le'Veon Bell

    This was a thread two months ago, and a day and a half after I decided it would be a good idea, Le’Veon tweeted he wouldn’t play here. So, no.
  6. John Brown AND Paul Richardson.
  7. Some other ideas at Center

    Drop a knee, Tebow style.
  8. 1. Saquon Barkley, CLE 2. Josh Rosen, NYG 3. Sam Darnold, DEN *trade* 4. Baker Mayfield, CLE 5. Quenton Nelson, IND *trade 6. We take Chubb, top OT, or trade pick to BUF so they can draft Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson (we get #20, #21, and draft OT, and Billy Price)
  9. Some other ideas at Center

    Whats up with 6'5 centers? Ragnow, and now Rankin? I'm barely 6'2 and admittedly, not a big knee-bender, but I cant squat down for nothing. If I cant lean over to get it, it stays on the floor.
  10. Off-Season Target: Paul Richardson

    If Kirk Cousins happens, it would be nice to surround him with (familiar type) weapons and his favorite target last year was Jamison Crowder, a very Paul Richardsony type receiver; So yeah, target him in FA. If we miss out, DJ Moore is a nice consolation prize. Also like the idea of drafting TE Dallas Goedert, to be our Jordan Reedsy joker back.
  11. Seriously, this Chase Edmonds RB

    Suit yourself. He has 70 something receptions this last year and can run it for 5 yards a clip. Getting an all purpose back like that in the 4th round would be solid!
  12. Seriously, this Chase Edmonds RB

    Jaylen Samuels, FB/TE//RB/H-Back https://youtu.be/wL5EIUFQ5E8
  13. Kiper's BIG Board

    It’s not the size of the board that matters.
  14. Davenport - best player at Sr Bowl

    FWIW, this same sh*t was said the last two times we picked at 6. 1. CLE, Saquon Barkley 2. NYG, Josh Rosen 3. DEN, Sam Darnold *trade* 4. CLE, Baker Mayfield/Josh Allen 5. IND, Nelson/McGlinchey *trade* 6. NYJ, Chubbster at six