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  1. Mayfield throws off his back foot, or with both feet down, more than anyone else I’ve seen since Sanchez. How he pulls off his accuracy is beyond me, he must kill it in the weight room. It works. Just weird to watch.
  2. Guys. Hear me out. Old ass Bledsoe was replaced by a second-year Brady following his injury (endured in a Jets/Pats game). Brady went on to win the Super Bowl. We play NE in week-17. By then we’ll probably be 10-5, and old ass McCown will go down with an injury. After which second-year Hackenberg will step in and lose us the game.
  3. 2018 NFL Mock Draft: By Albert Breer

    I’m sure Cousins will be stoked if we draft OL in the first. ...to protect him.
  4. First Three Picks of 2018

    It’s way too early to do this. Not knowing draft order, college injuries, free agency fallout, combine drop-offs, pre-draft arrests, and freakish out-of-nowhere risers, it’s impossible to gauge next seasons roster changes. But for fun, I can see one of two distinct “directions” to take the team: (The First) If we sign a big money FA QB (i.e., Cousins) 1. OT, Mike McGlinchey. (play him at RT for his first season or two, or move Beachum there). 2a. OC/OG, Billy Price. (2006 all over again, tackle/center...but if we’re going to invest 15% of our cap space into the QB position, let’s protect him). 2b. WR, Auden Tate. Give Cousins another big-bodied target to pair w Enunwa on the outside...make that investment in Cousins look like a really good decision. ——— (The Second) we draft our FQB 1. QB, Baker Mayfield. He’s too Brees-like & Jamal Adamsly for this front office to pass on. 2a. OC/OG, Billy Price. Wesley Johnson is the biggest liability on our entire offense, regardless of who plays UNDER center, we need to upgrade his snapper. 2b. WR, Auden Tate. So, the only real difference between scenario 1 & 2, is the first pick. I like Tate’s size & body control. Plus, I still anticipate having Kearse & Anderson on the field as we transition to an almost exclusive 3 and 4 WR set offense. Tate is our new bmarsh. We need the 2015 bmarsh back. ——— With our other picks we need to draft another QB flier.
  5. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    This was amazing.
  6. Fourth game with a lead in the 4th.
  7. That play was our first round pick holding a player while our second round pick stripped the ball.
  8. BOTH of our coordinators are up in the box?
  9. If we are passing on players because of Macc’s ego, we should prepare for a FA QB.
  10. Hopefully this move helps San Francisco win 4 or more games so we draft in front of them anyway
  11. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Mayfield. I’m in.