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    Making money, making music, and making love...but not in that order. Also, I dabble in stand-up.

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    Reading, golfing, beaching
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    Chad Pennington play action, with his back turned to the defense, walking non-chalantly before turning around and throwing a dart to Curtis Martin.
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    The butt-fumble becoming a verb.
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  1. Sucks. I hear he could help move furniture faster than anyone.
  2. EVERYBODY LOOK!!! THEY ALLOW US TO CONTRIBUTE POSITIVE, MEANINGFUL CONTENT WITHOUT DOWNVOTING IT..... I'm getting emotional. (This reminds me of JetNation before the Great JI Exodus)
  3. Wait. Wait. Wait. THREE positive posts in a row?!!! 3 POSITIVE AND SOMEWHAT UPLIFTING POSTS IN A ROWWW
  4. Well look how tiny your initial post was... it looks like our undersized punter.
  5. You want your skin dick in a rubber cock? That’s a first. The tension in your posting suddenly makes a lot of sense. Good day sir.
  6. Doesn’t the “tag & trade” require a signed tag?
  7. Wasn’t Sam a linebacker in high school? So he already has experience playing Jamals natural position.
  8. Judon is a pro-bowl pass rusher who had 9.5 sacks, 4 FF, 33 QB hits, and 14 TFL last year.
  9. Wasn’t there talk about a potential tag & trade for Judon? I wonder if him and a high draft pick would get this done?
  10. I’ve found it is easier to just make a list of stupid posters and keep it on my desk. After making this thread, you’re on the list.
  11. Let’s make it a USC reunion: sign Juju, then draft Amon-Ra St. Brown down in the 20s where we’ll be drafting

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