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  1. Did you see HOW Williamson got hurt? Wasn’t it friendly fire? how do you prevent that?
  2. So, right around the time he turns 22 and gets his braces off. Nice!
  3. Bronson was playing pretty late in the game, I want to say deep 3rd qtr, AND he was in on the first lineup. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s being dangled or apart of a Clowney trade.
  4. At what point do we start blaming the holder? #laces #out
  5. It’s not like the starting Falcons DL are a bunch of slouches either. They have a legit pass rush.
  6. Douglas clearly doesn’t know Neal Sterling is a FA.
  7. He “dropped” to the FOURTH pick of the 3rd round. Even though he “failed to meet Gator standards,” (which means he’s not Tim Tebow) he still managed to tally 17.5 TFL, 11 sacks, and 6 FFs while starting just 5 of 13 games played as a junior.
  8. I downvoted because you didn’t quote the article, not because your opinion is retarded.
  9. @joewilly12 Don't waste your time, I didn't see a single boner.
  10. This is like losing Davis Webb to a season ending injury.
  11. I was hoping this would be a “yes” “no” poll.
  12. I’m not responding to this post in hopes that my inaction will discourage future stupid threads.
  13. You don’t like Jonas Brothers?
  14. ...shortly after scooting the chair to the refrigerator to nab that cookie, it was stolen by some five year old girls he had invited over to play.
  15. That “crappy” song has set records and is either 3x multi-platinum, or the first song to hit diamond in 22 years depending on what source you believe. Some y’all are just old farts.
  16. He said Gase wouldn’t risk rushing him back. He’s not inactive. Half the league is on the PUP/ non-injury list. Check out the Patriots roster. Everybody take a breath, it’s going to be okay.
  17. This makes no sense. If you stop the run, the opponent will stop running...and pass more. How does that help out our CBs?
  18. Madden ratings just came out, give him a day or two to realize we have the fourth worst team in the NFL.
  19. Link please, from this exhaustive list it would appear ESPN just copy/pasted the Madden 20 team ratings.

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