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  1. Field sobriety tests getting tricky!
  2. @FidelioJet see, we could have this sort of back and forth!
  3. He punts 85-yarders, makes his own tackles, and doesn’t rape. What’s not to like?
  4. We have been exchanging thoughts and ideas with each other for over eight years now. I thought you could take some playful ribbing. I don’t think you’re dumb, or an idiot, and I apologize if that hurt your feelings.
  5. This. And I think it’s baked in to the overarching strategy for the season. I was watching a 49ers game and saw some pick plays to get a WR open, and thought, we haven’t done that much this season. I think we’re saving wrinkles like that for later in the season to take teams by surprise. That’s on offense, I’d imagine the defense is holding back some trick plays too.
  6. Lighten up, Francis. Welcome to the board. You’re going to need thicker skin to hang around.
  7. This is twisting words, but I’ll play. Losing a game in the first few minutes is a completely different experience than losing it in the last few seconds. That’s because I am a fan that actually watches all the games. When the Jets lose, I tend to have a dumpy day and feel like I got kicked in the nuts. I question how I can spend so much time cheering for a team that isn’t even trying to win, and that in a way, makes ME a loser. After the Vikings game I was disappointed, sure, but I didn’t like a loser because we marched down the field again and again, and for the first time in a long time I had a voice in my head tell me “OMG we’re actually going to win this thing”. Would I have preferred a win? Yes, you dumb idiot. But more important, the team is transitioning itself into a competitive football team. If you can’t see that and be excited, I don’t know what to tell you.
  8. You’re really going to pretend like you’re not named after a premium breakfast sausage? #stayhumble
  9. What’s wrong with sausage Jimmy?
  10. Flukey wins are how you end up with 4 win seasons watching intolerable football; not edge-of-your-seat 4th qtrs, but you do you boo.
  11. I think the team is (and should be) happy about playing competitive football for the first time in a long time.
  12. OP’s name is Jim Dean, what are you guys talking about?
  13. This is on the coaching. Specially, the WR coach that taught Berrios to catch with his forearms.
  14. This has been our team slogan since 1969.
  15. The nyjets subreddit shared a Twitter poll on which color pants we should wear this weekend. The top comment was, “no pants,” and I thought of you.
  16. “Personal matters” is code for wanting to be traded for not getting thrown at often enough. Come on guys, we learned this with the Elijah shenanigans.
  17. Greenseed4

    2023 QBs

    Where does Zach Wilson rank among this years QB class? If available, would a team prefer to trade draft assets for him AFTER Bryce Young and CJ Stroud, but maybe BEFORE Will Levis?
  18. This is exactly how you develop a fragile QB with the yips.
  19. If anything, this shows the value of developing from the sidelines. Yeah, he can only go up from here, there really is no other possibility. He’ll just keep getting better and better and better until he explodes. The benefit to having a lack of game film is that NFL defenses don’t have a record of playing tendencies on tape. Once those get exposed, it takes next-level arm talent, athleticism, or mentality to stay successful in this league. The jury is still out on MW because of sample size, but for now, let’s enjoy having a competent signal-caller who can play within a system and let the other players do the heavy lifting.
  20. This is proof that Connor Hughes delegates his Twitter management to his wife.
  21. Not the way I see it. Having White run the offense correctly makes it look like Zach is inept at running a really great offensive scheme with excellent play calls. if anything, it’s his “See! It wasn’t Me!!” moment.
  22. Wait wait wait, Carson Wentz was also drafted at #2 overall.
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