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  1. I believe you, I’m taking JJ at #4 in my post-Ekwonu mocks.
  2. We pick #35 in the second round. Teams with the same record rotate draft position in every round. Weird that PFF doesn't have that correct. We must all reject any mock draft conducted on their site.
  3. In. (please note: I'll be unavailable 3/25-3/27 while attending a weekend retreat without access to electronics)
  4. Brisker's comp is Malcolm Jenkins... Not sure if that would be horrible. That said, I think prioritizing Marcus Williams in FA and aiming for Sterling Weatherford in later rounds is a better way to go.
  5. I find myself stepping off the Ekwonu bandwagon, and largely getting on board with drafting Edge3 (or better) at #4. I think when it's all said and done, that will be Jermaine Johnson, he's just too good at setting the edge. At pick #10 however, I can see a very real scenario where JD trades back, recoups a mid-rounder, and then stares at the board and pulls the trigger on Tyler Linderbaum; supposedly the best OC prospect ever evaluated ever. That may ruffle some McGovern feathers, but we have a nice out in his contract should we decide to let him walk. Say we sign a Laken Tomlinson in free agency to play RG. What say you to drafting another OL in the first round if he's the centerpiece (literally) for the next decade, and we get him in the teens?
  6. All of the Super Bowl winners over the last 50 years had at least two guards on their OL. #facts.
  7. JC Jackson and Marcus Williams is the most expensive way possible to overhaul this secondary. Yet worth it.
  8. How TF do we go from "bubble of safety" to inviting the masses to sit lower field level?
  9. I prefer to be called a "lady," thank you very much.
  10. This is true, if by “turn it around” you mean put up great stats…. It also has absolute nothing to do with the picture you found and posted.
  11. This is a great way to see which posters actually read through a thread before commenting!
  12. I think regardless of your intention, it would be awesome if you posted this article at the beginning of every off-season for the foreseeable future.
  13. Just going to drop this here... 2021 Wide Receiver Stats (extrapolated for 15 games) Jameson Williams, 79 rec., 1572 yards, 15 TDs Garrett Wilson, 95 rec., 1,442 yards, 17 TDs Drake London, 165 rec., 2,032 yards, 13 TDs Chris Olave, 88 rec., 1,276 yards, 17 TDs Treylon Burks, 82 rec., 1,380 yards, 15 TDs
  14. CB: Akhello Witherspoon, has experience with Saleh from his 49er days, would be cheap, and is growing into his own (9 games played for PIT, 3 INT, 9 PDs) S: Marcus Williams, just pay him. OG: Laken Tomlinson, gives flexibility in draft. TE: David Njoku, missing free agent WRs is okay if we bring back Berrios, and dedicate draft capital to WRs and pass catching TEs. ————— 4. Thibodeaux, or Jermaine Johnson (Edge) 10. Tyler Linderbaum. (McGovern/LDT = plus depth) 35. Trey McBride. (TE that is our WR2) 38. John Metchie III. (WR1 that is our WR4) 69. Chad Muma. (a LB) 109. Jesse Luketa. (a LB that plays Edge) 115. Sterling Weathford. (a Safety that plays LB). 145. Charlie Kolar (TE3). 162. Jerome Ford, Hassan Haskins, D Pierce, or Allgeier (Power RB to compliment MC1)
  15. 1,150 yards from scrimmage and 11 TDs?! No, **** that. 52 career pass deflections?! **** that too. We need to get some of those FAs that are young, productive pro-bowlers, that are cheap, immune to injuries, and want to play for a perennial loser. If I’m JD, that is the ONLY type of player I’m setting my sights on, and then I’m going to low-ball the S*** outta them!!
  16. None of you ****s go to church?! No wonder we can’t win any games…
  17. Can’t blame them, imagine running a 40 in one of these!
  18. LB depth in this draft is pretty legit. I’d rather go WR in the second, get LB in the third, and get a power-RB in the fifth.
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